Map of Dubai Metro (2020)

Page update - Nov 30, 2020

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This map includes 5 stations renamed 25/11/2020 and also 3 stations renamed at May 2020.

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Map of Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro is the city's most convenient and cheap transport. With the metro you can reach most of attractions, trading centers, hotels and the JBR beach. Dubai International Airport (DXB) is connected with metro line 1 (red).

Now there are three lines in Dubai Metro - red line, green line, and new Route 2000 was built for fast access to Expo 2020 exhibition center. All the three lines and interchanging stations are shown on our map.

We have shown 28 main attractions on our map. List of the attractions is at the right-bottom corner. Attractions are shown as the blue circles. If some place is far from a station, then it is shown as line with bus number of taxi cost. © 2020-2024