Best Beaches in Dubai

Page update - Sep 29, 2022

The city of Dubai stretches for 45 miles (70 kilometers) along the coast, and more than half of the coastline of the city are beaches. There are paid and free, there are quite wild and perfectly equipped, there are always crowded and almost deserted.

In this review, we will talk about the most interesting, famous, and comfortable beaches for tourists.

The good news. Starting February 26 and September 28, 2022, the requirement to wear masks outdoors (starting February) and in cafes and restaurants (starting September) has been canceled in all the UAE. Accordingly, masks are no longer officially required on beaches and in beach cafes. And that's great.

Important news

On January 3, 2022, the Arab Emirates switched to a new form of working week. Weekends are now Friday from 12 noon, Saturday, Sunday. Popular beaches on weekends are usually crowded. But fortunately, not all beaches in Dubai are popular. Some beaches remain relatively free. We'll talk in detail later in this review.

Free and paid

We will talk mostly about free beaches in this review. We will touch only the two most famous paid beaches.

There are dozens of paid beach clubs in Dubai. These are usually private beaches of expensive hotels, where everyone is allowed for a fee. Such beach clubs are especially common on the The Palm Jumeirah artificial island. The price for a day visit is from 100 UAE dirhams (AED). See our review "UAE currency" for the current exchange rates.

Someday we will get around to a detailed review of paid beaches. In the meantime, we will tell you about all the most interesting free beaches.

Dress-code and rules

There is a dress-code, but not strict at all.

Men are allowed on the beach in swimming shorts, but not thongs.

Women are allowed open swimsuits (bikinis), but not too revealing. Being topless is strictly prohibited. Some women tourists sunbathe upside down, untying straps for an even tan. Beach guards do not usually pay attention to such, although the law prohibits it.

Swimsuits are allowed only near beaches and pools. If you decide to go out of a beach area, you need to dress up. The phrases like "just for a minute to buy water" or similar does not exempt from responsibility.

However, tourists very rarely bear any responsibility. Security guards and police in the vast majority of cases only warn violators, but do not detain and do not fine. Read all the details in our review "What is not allowed in Dubai and the UAE".

Since the beach is a public place, drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. If the police catch the offender there will be a fine of 600 dirhams minimum (if you are lucky) and imprisonment as maximum. Read more in our review "Alcohol in Dubai and the UAE".

Smoking on the beach is not forbidden by law. However, try to smoke so as not to disturb other people. Read about the rules of smoking in our review "Smoking and Cigarettes in Dubai and the UAE".

The map of Dubai with beaches

See the public beaches map below. Click on the map to enlarge it to full screen.

We have marked only the developed or famous areas on the map, which will be discussed below.

Best beaches in Dubai

The quality of all the beaches in Dubai is about the same. All are sandy, with beautiful white or golden sand. Everywhere there is a gentle entrance to the water, the depth is shallow. The only difference is the infrastructure, amenities, location.

We move from east to west.

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Al Mamzar (Deira)

Paid and free

Located on the eastern edge of Dubai City, in the district of Deira. It is the only beach in Deira. Al Mamzar has a paid and a free part.

The paid part of Al-Mamzar Park is a magnificent park with beaches with all facilities, hundreds of palm trees, playgrounds for children, barbecue area, snack bars. Admission price is 5 dirhams, which is very inexpensive by Dubai standards.

The free part is south of the park, divided into western and eastern sections. The western section is best maintained as there are toilets, benches and tables under umbrellas, lifeguards, toilets. The eastern section is worse developed - the toilet and changing room are only on the northern edge, and mostly there are only trash cans.

Getting to Al Mamzar is inconvenient because there are no subway stations nearby. The only way to get there is by cab or bus C28. If you are staying in Deira and this bus stops next to the hotel, it's convenient. In other cases it is better to take the subway and go to another beach.

Read all the details in our review "Al Mamzar".

Bur Dubai district

There are no beaches in the Bur Dubai district at all. If you're staying at a local hotel, take the subway and go to the beach in another district.

Jumeirah Beach


The phrase "Jumeirah Beach" refers to the 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) of beachfront between the Burj Al Arab Hotel in the west and the Jumeirah Mosque in the east. Several parts of this beachfront have their own names, features, and developed infrastructure. But most of those 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) are semi-wild beaches or private zones.

Read about all the sections in detail, prices, ways to get there in our review "Beaches of Jumeirah". On this page, we will tell you very briefly.

Take buses 8 from Al Ghubaiba or bus 81 from Mall of the Emirates Metro Stations. Or take a cab. See our "Dubai Metro" review for the subway map with all last updates.

La Mer Beach is a shopping and entertainment center on the beach. There are more than 100 stores, cafes, restaurants, and entertainment areas for children. Admission is free, but all the entertainment is for a fee. Naturally, sun loungers and umbrellas are also for a fee.

Jumeirah Open Beach, aka "Russian". This is a nice beach with all amenities. Divided into 3 zones - the central for windsurfing and kitesurfing, left and right for swimming. This place is popular with the residents of Dubai, so there are a lot of people on holidays and weekends.

Kite Beach is the main beach for water sports in Dubai. Even the name "kite" is associated with kitesurfing. Nearby, there is a skate park, rope ride, and trampoline park. There are all the amenities, including "smart palm trees" that give out Wi-Fi.

Sunset Beach (Umm Suqeim) is the most technically advanced beach in Dubai, and maybe in the whole world. It even has a system of towers that illuminate the sand and the sea and you can swim there at night, but only until midnight. Sunset Beach is the closest to the Burj Al Arab hotel, and taking pictures in the background is the main attraction for tourists.

Find your hotel

Jumeirah Beach Hotel


This is the private beach of Dubai's two most famous hotels, the Burj Al Arab Hotel (the sail-shaped building) and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel (the wave-shaped building). The beach is reserved for guests of these hotels, but other people can get there for a fee. A ticket must be purchased at the entrance of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The entrance fee for weekdays (Monday through Thursday) is 250 dirhams for adults and 150 dirhams for children.

The entrance fee for holidays and weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) is 300 dirhams for adults, 200 dirhams for children.

Please note that weekends in the UAE are Friday from 12 noon, Saturday and Sunday, as Friday is the holy day of the week in Islam. Read our review "Friday in the UAE", and the schedule of holidays in the review "National holidays in Dubai and the UAE".

The price includes the use of sun loungers and umbrellas, discounts on spa treatments and water sports equipment rentals. Jumeirah Beach Hotel's beach is considered one of the best in the UAE.

An important point! Wild Wadi water park is located nearby. A ticket to this water park does NOT give you access to the beach. Also the beach ticket does NOT give you access to the water park.

Madinat Jumeirah Resort


This is the private beach of the upscale Madinat Resort, located west across the street from the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It is also considered one of the best in the UAE. Madinat Resort has 3 hotels, 29 summer houses, and 7 luxury villas. The resort's beach is 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) long. You can get there for a fee without booking the room.

The entrance fee for weekdays (Monday to Thursday) is 295 dirhams for adults, 195 dirhams for children.

The entrance fee for holidays and weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): 395 dirhams for adults, 295 dirhams for children.

The use of sun loungers and umbrellas is included in the price. Tickets can be purchased at the reception of Jumeirah Al Qasr and Jumeirah Mina A'Salam hotels.

Naturally, it's clean and has all the amenities: changing rooms, toilets, showers, and food and drinks are brought right to the chaise lounge. You can also walk around the resort Madinat, there are 100 acres (40 hectares) of gardens and parks.

By the way, a little note. Both of these beaches are private, but that does not mean that you can sunbathe topless, it is forbidden there. But you can drink alcohol, but only if you buy it from a local bar.

Read more in our detailed review "Madinat Jumeirah".

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Al Sufouh Beach, aka Black Palace Beach


This is the beach between the resort of Madinat and The Palm Jumeirah artificial island. Now the area is almost completely built up, and only a section of about 2,300 feet (700 meters) long is left for ordinary visitors.

There are no changing rooms, no showers, no snack bars or bars, no sun loungers and umbrellas. And most importantly, there are no toilets and no greenery. Going to the toilet there is a huge problem, because the whole beach is open to the public. If you are going to Al Sufouh Beach, be sure to go to the bathroom beforehand. The only thing there is the trash cans, and that's for the best, otherwise the beach would have become a big dump by now.

The only plus is the opportunity to take pictures against the neighboring Burj Al Arab and The Palm island. However, even this plus is questionable because these sites are quite far away.

Al Sufouh Beach is popular with the locals, so on weekends and holidays it can be quite crowded. On weekdays, it is always free.

To get there, take bus 8 from Ibn Battuta or Al Ghubaiba subway stations. Bus 88 from Dubai Internet City metro station to the Dubai College stop is faster. From the stop you have to walk about 1,300 feet (400 meters) along a sandy road.

Palm West Beach

Conditional free

A great beach, but with one important feature. It is CONDITIONAL free. Palm West Beach is 1.4 kilometers long and you can walk on this long beach for free, but you cannot sunbathe or swim.

You can only sunbathe and swim in several areas that are assigned to hotels and restaurants. There is a charge for entry, but this money goes towards food and drinks at the restaurant. Sun loungers and umbrellas are included in the admission price.

For example, at Koko Bay restaurant, you pay AED 100 on weekdays or AED 150 on weekends and can eat and drink with this money. AED 100 at Koko Bay is enough for one either signature cocktail, or two beers, or five Pepsi cans, or one small dish from the menu.

Palm West Beach is located almost at the base of the island. It is most convenient to take the monorail one station to Al Ittihad Park. Read about how to use the monorail and how to transfer to the monorail from the subway (it's not that easy) in our detailed review "Dubai Monorail". After exiting the station, go left (if you are facing the direction of the monorail), go under the overpass, then across the road and between the buildings go to the beach.

Working hours are from 8 am to midnight (8-00 to 00-00). Swimming is prohibited after sunset.

The restaurants and hotels list: Adagio Premium, Aprons & Hammers, FIVE Palm Jumeirah, Fairmont The Palm, Koko Bay, Lucky Fish.

Adventure Beach

Conditional free

This is the private beach of Atlantis Hotel. It is divided into two areas. The first is for hotel guests only. The second is for guests of Aquaventure Waterpark. And it's not bad, because for one ticket you can not only ride the slides, but also relax on the magnificent beach.

Admission to the water park now (September 2022) is not cheap - 299 dirhams for adults and 249 for children. That price includes unlimited beach access, umbrellas and sun loungers throughout the day. Naturally, everything you need is there: changing rooms, showers, toilets.

Drinks at the bar and food in the snack bars are for a fee. It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks, but exceptions are made for baby water and baby food.

Since Adventure Beach is only for visitors of the water park, there are usually not many people there. The beach is long enough - about 1,600 feet (500 meters). Free sun loungers and umbrellas are always available.

An important point! A ticket to the nearby The Lost Chambers aquarium does NOT give you access to the beach. Any ticket to the nearby Dolphin Bay gives the access.

The interesting thing about this beach is that you can get to it in a very unusual way - take a zip-line from the Neptune Tower at the water park. The price of this pleasure is 125 dirhams.

JBR Beach


This is the beach of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and the entire Dubai Marina area. It is about 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) long and completely public.

JBR Beach is considered one of the best in Dubai. It has everything you need: changing rooms, toilets, showers. Sun loungers are paid - 110 dirhams, but lying on your own towel is allowed. Along the beach area is a shopping complex "The Beach" with stores, cafes, snack bars. There are many activities - playgrounds for children, trampolines, splash park.

JBR Beach is interesting for tourists primarily because of inexpensive hotels within walking distance.

It is easy to get from the subway station DMCC, then walk 15-20 minutes. It is faster if you take the Dubai Tram.

All of these advantages come with a downside. JBR Beach is always full of people, even on weekdays, and on weekends it can be very crowded. And it gets worse every year. Check out the photo near or this photo, and if this situation does not scare you, then feel free to go to JBR Beach.

Read all the details in our review "Dubai Marina and JBR Beach".

Jebel Ali Beach


The Jebel Ali district is located to the west of JBR. The Jebel Ali district is not a tourist area at all, but rather an industrial one. There is only one tourist area there, located at the base of The Palm Jebel Ali bulk island. There are several hotels, golf courses, a go-kart track, and a small beach.

It is very uncomfortable and expensive to get to. You have to go to the end of the red subway line (UAE Exchange station) and take a cab. The price for the cab ride is about 40 dirhams.

Jebel Ali Beach is considered not very good, as there is a cargo port nearby and drains of industrial plants at the east. There are no toilets, no changing rooms, no showers. That is the end of our story about Jebel Ali Beach.

Which beach to choose in Dubai?

Some tourists do not even think about the choice. Their hotel organizes a free shuttle service, that's where they go to bathe and sunbathe. And it is not bad, at least cheap.

If you still have to choose, we recommend:

- For vacation with children will suit any;

- If a large number of people does not scare you, then the JBR Beach. The beach is well maintained, has all you need, and it is comfortably to get to;

- If you want solitude, go to Jumeirah Beach. This area is almost deserted. A very interesting section is Mercato Beach, which is right next to Mercato Mall;

- If you want to combine the day on the beach with water slides, choose Adventure Beach. Of course, the pleasure is not cheap, but the day will be very busy;

- If you want to entertain yourself and your children on the beach, choose JBR, Kite Beach, or La Mer. These beaches have the widest range of additional entertainment. But remember that having fun in Dubai is not cheap.

Good and important to know

- It is more convenient and faster to get to the beaches by cab. However, it can cost a lot of money. Read about the rates in our review "Taxis in Dubai and other emirates";

- If you are going to take the subway and/or buses, it is useful to know about the features of Dubai transport cards. Read our detailed review "NOL Cards";

- And if you do not want to go anywhere, read our review "Hotels in the UAE with its own beach".

Have a great vacation in Dubai, and read our interesting pages about the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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