Jumeirah Beach (Russian) in Dubai

Page update - Sep 29, 2022

Where are the beaches of Jumeirah? What's the best way to get there? Is it convenient to swim and sunbathe there? Which of them is called "Russian"? Which to choose, and what is the difference between beach areas? Read the answers in this review.

Warning! From September 28 and February 26, 2022, all the United Arab Emirates have abolished the requirement to wear masks outdoors and inside cafes and restaurants. Consequently, masks are no longer officially required on beaches and at beach cafes. And that's great.

Important news

As of January 3, 2022, the UAE has changed the format of the work week. Now the weekends are Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday. Mentally prepare that the popular beaches will be crowded on these days. However, the good news is that some beaches in Jumeirah are not so popular and are free even on weekends. All the details are below in this review.

What is meant by the phrase "Jumeirah Beach"?

Jumeirah is an area of the city of Dubai that stretches for 13 miles (21 kilometers) along the coast. For the relative location of Jumeirah and other areas of the city, see this map.

There are 8.5 miles (14 kilometers) of beaches from the Jumeirah Mosque in the northeast to the Burj Al Arab Hotel in the southwest. All these beaches are called "Jumeirah Beach". Some areas have their own names, such as Sunset, Kite, Open, Mercato, La Mer, which we will talk about in detail in this review. But most of the beaches are unnamed.

The beaches are very different - private and public, with all amenities and semi-wild. It is difficult to choose the best of them as each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The more facilities on the beach, the more people. If you want privacy then choose any semi-wild unnamed beach.

Which of the beaches are called "Russian"?

It is the alternative name of Jumeirah Open Beach, which is located opposite the island of Daria. The name does not mean that there are a lot of Russian tourists there. It is just the name.

By the way, other beaches in Dubai are also called "Russian". For example, this is sometimes the name of the JBR beach in the Dubai Marina area. And sometimes the whole group of beaches in Jumeirah is called "Russian".

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Careful with the reviews

If you decide to read people's reviews about Jumeirah beach areas then you should be very careful. Tourists don't distinguish these beaches well, so most of the reviews are completely mixed up. The photos are also mixed up very much.

Google maps are also full of confusion. There are up to a dozen sites on the maps called "Jumeirah Beach", "Jumeirah Public Beach", and similar names, all in different parts of Jumeirah. Geolocation of most of the photos is also wrong.

To understand exactly which beach area is where, see the map nearby, click on the map to enlarge. We've also marked on the map the bus routes 8 and 81, which are convenient to get to from the subway stations.


Women can be in a bikini, but no topless. Men must be in swim trunks, but certainly not in a thong. Nudism in the UAE is strictly prohibited. For more information on this ban you can read our review "What is not allowed in Dubai and the UAE".

Despite the ban women sunbathing topless, but only with their backs up and the straps on their backs undone. Beach guards usually do not pay attention to this.

You can be in a bathing suit only on the beach. As soon as you go outside the beach, you need to dress.

How to get there

The easiest and most obvious option. Many hotels in Dubai offer their guests a free shuttle to one of the beaches of Jumeirah. Take advantage of it.

Option 1. The cheapest. Take the subway to Al Ghubaiba station or Gold Souq (until May 2020 was called Palm Deira) station, next to the Gold Market. See our "Dubai Metro" review for the subway map.

From there, take bus 8, which runs along the entire beachfront of the Jumeirah area. Read our review "Buses in the UAE" about buses.

Option 2. Take the subway to Ibn Battuta station. Take bus 8 there.

Bus 8 is a universal option, and takes you to ANY beach area in Jumeirah. Some beaches can also be reached by other buses which we'll talk about below.

Option 3. Take the subway to any station between Mall of the Emirates and World Trade Centre and take a cab to the coast. It is about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) away, you will get there for about 12 dirhams - the minimal price for a cab ride in Dubai. See our review "UAE currency" for the current exchange rates.

Option 4. Just take a cab from your hotel. The ride cost may vary from 12 to 80 dirhams, depending on the location of the hotel. For the fares see our review "Taxis in Dubai and other Emirates".

The most famous beaches and what is the difference

The quality of all beaches in Jumeirah is about the same. Everywhere, there are: soft golden or white sand, gentle entrance to the water, and shallow depth, which is great for children.

There are shells in the sand on some beaches. In addition, the sand temperature can get up to 120°F (+50°C) and above in the summer months, and it hurts to walk on it. For these reasons, we strongly recommend wearing beach shoes.

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Going from west to east

Sunset Beach, aka Umm Suqeim Beach

Located on the west side, close to the Burj Al Arab Hotel and Wild Wadi Waterpark. Tourists love having their photos taken against the backdrop of the Burj Al Arab as it is an iconic landmark in Dubai. The best photos are taken at sunset when the sun sets just behind the Burj Al Arab.

Sunset Beach is well equipped with toilets, changing rooms, showers, and lifeguards on duty. Also "smart palm trees" are installed there - special structures with solar panels, which distribute free Wi-Fi, as well as charge your phone. Nearby is Umm Suqeim Park, where there is a children's playground. There are several cafes along the shoreline.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are charged at 50 dirhams. However, no one forbids to lie and sunbathe on your own towel. The local dangerous creatures are not found in the sand. But there are some dangerous animals in the sea. In January 2010, Sunset Beach became notorious for a sad incident when an Australian surfer was bitten by a shark. Read more in our review "Sharks in Dubai and the UAE".

Sunset Beach has a system of "smart towers". These are special towers 40 feet (12 meters) high. They are equipped with wind generators and solar panels. In the daytime, the towers accumulate energy. And at night, they light the beach area about 100 feet (30 meters) of the sea from the shore. Such towers are so far unique in the world, we can say that it is a landmark. As it looks, see the photo above, click on the photo to enlarge.

It is allowed to swim there at night. However, the batteries of the towers are not so capacious as to shine all night. At midnight, the lights turn off and swimming becomes prohibited.

Officials in the UAE say Sunset is the UAE's and the world's first "smart beach".

The nearest subway station is First Gulf Bank on the red (first) line. The distance from the station is 2.5 miles (4 kilometers). You can get there not only by bus 8, but also by bus 81 from the Mall of the Emirates subway station.

Kite Beach

This place was once loved by kite surfers and wind surfers, hence the name. Surfers are very popular now so be careful and watch your step in the sea not to bump with them.

Kite Beach is considered an active beach. There are plenty of outlets to rent surfboards, boats, and other sports equipment. Nearby, there are volleyball courts, Adventure Park attraction, skate park, and trampolines.

Kite Beach has a very well-developed infrastructure. There are more than a dozen cafes and eateries. There are toilets, changing rooms, lifeguards on duty. Sun beds and umbrellas are charged at a price of 50 dirhams. It is allowed to sunbathe on your own towel.

There are "smart palm trees" that give free WiFi, and you can charge your phone from them.

The nearest subway station is Al Safa (called "Noor Islamic Bank" until 11/25/2020) on the red line. The distance from the station is 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).

You can get there not only by bus 8, but also by bus 81 from the Mall of the Emirates subway station.

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Jumeirah Open Beach

This beach is called "Russian" even though there are not and never have been a lot of Russian tourists there. An interesting point is that the name was glued on more than 10 years ago when there was no visa-free regime for tourists from Russia and were very few in the UAE. Probably the name was glued for brightness.

Jumeirah Open Beach is divided into three parts. The central part is designed for kite-surfing, the right and left only for swimming.

All facilities are there: toilets, showers, changing rooms. There is only one snack bar on the beach. However, if you walk 300 feet (100 meters) from the beach to Jumeirah Street, you will find a dozen cafes and restaurants.

There are no "smart palm trees" installations at Jumeirah Open Beach yet (status as of 2022), but there are plans to do so soon.

Jumeirah Open Beach is more popular with locals than tourists. On weekends and holidays, they come with their colorful umbrellas, and the beach resembles a mushroom meadow. See our review "Holidays in the United Arab Emirates" for the holidays schedule.

The nearest metro station is "Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall" on the red line. The distance from the station is 3 miles (5 kilometers).

You can get there not only by bus 8, but also by bus 81 from the Mall of the Emirates subway station.

Fishing Port

The fishing port is located between Jumeirah Open and Mercato beaches. There are several fish restaurants there that you should definitely check out if you get hungry. Look at the photos, it's a beauty!

Mercato Beach

Mercato Beach is located to the northeast of Jumeirah Open Beach, just behind the fishing port. There are no stores or cafes, no sun loungers or umbrellas to rent, no changing rooms, showers or toilets. Naturally, there are no "smart palm trees" and no ordinary palm trees either. That is why this beach is always free and there are no crowds of people there even on weekends and holidays.

Just 300 feets (100 meters) from the beach there is the best Italian-style Mercato Mall in Jumeirah. There are restrooms, a food court, and a supermarket where you can buy drinks and snacks. It is very convenient.

So if you decide to rest at Mercato Beach, go to the mall first. There, buy everything you need - drinks and snacks. And then proceed to the beach.

The nearest metro station is "Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall" on the red line. The distance from the station is 3 miles (5 kilometers).

La Mer Beach

This is Dubai's flagship beach. It is an entire project that has been under construction since 2015 by Meraas. In 2017, the first part of it opened for visitors.

You can say that it is a beach, shopping and entertainment center. More than 130 eateries, cafes, restaurants, stores are already open there. There is also a trampoline park, children's playgrounds, and a full range of beach activities. There's even a water park and a movie theater.

La Mer Beach consists of three parts - La Mer South, La Mer North, and Laguna. All the entertainment is in the center, in the Laguna area. There is Hawa Hawa - a large inflatable playground for children and adults, which simulates the sand dunes. Another very interesting place for children is called "DIGGERS LAB", a large sandbox with miniature excavators.

Along the beach line, there are 12 art installations. Molages of boats, pirate chests and the like are placed everywhere for visitors to take pictures.

The beach is free, but sun loungers and umbrellas are charged at 200 dirhams per set per day.

There are no "smart palm trees" at La Maire Beach. However, there is free WiFi for all guests, and there are special devices to charge phones for free.

The nearest subway station is Emirates Towers on the red line. The distance from the station is 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).

What beach should you choose?

If you want privacy and are ready to do without a deck chair and a changing room, and are ready to go to the toilet in a cafe 300 feets (100 meters) away, then choose Mercato Beach or any undeveloped beach. Furtunately, the Jumeirah area has the majority of such beaches.

If you want to have a rest with all conveniences, then we recommend Sunset Beach or La Mer Beach. If only you have enough money for such a rest.

Important tips for tourists

- Drinking alcoholic beverages on beaches is strictly prohibited. Read our review "Alcohol in Dubai and the UAE" about the responsibility for the violation;

- Smoking is not forbidden unless it disturbs others. Read our review "Smoking in Dubai and the UAE";

- Almost all of Jumeirah's beach areas have fencing buoys, beyond which swimming is prohibited. The depth near the buoys is usually no more than 5 feets (1.5 meters);

- There are garbage cans along the entire beachfront of Jumeirah. Please, throw garbage in the cans and do not litter on the sand;

- For information on what to expect from the weather and what the water temperature will be in the Gulf, read our review "Weather in Dubai and the UAE by month".

Have a great holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting pages about this country (see the list of the pages below).


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