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Page update - Sep 29, 2022

There are three large water parks in the Emirate of Dubai, and each is trying to attract visitors with unique attractions or interesting stylization. Wild Wadi Waterpark doesn't excel at stylization, but it clearly outdoes its competitors in terms of slides.

As of September 2022, Wild Wadi Waterpark is open to the public. Opened after renovations on February 13, 2022. There are changes. The most advantageous "Visa Offer" promotion remains, but has been moved from Sunday to Monday. Starting September 28, 2022, it is no longer necessary to wear masks in cafes and restaurants. Accordingly, the entire Wild Wadi area is now mask-free.

There are over 30 water rides (including small for kids). The only MASTER BLASTERS slide in the UAE, the largest artificial wave pool in the Middle East, a river with waves up to 3 feet (one meter) high, a 1,200 feet (360 meters) long "lazy river" and many other interesting things.

Where is located and how to get

Wild Wadi Waterpark is located in Jumeirah district and can be reached on foot from some hotels in the area. Some hotels (we will give you the list later on this page) nearby have waterpark admission included in their room rates. The park is only 1,300 feet (400 meters) from the Burj Al Arab Hotel so there will be an opportunity to see this famous hotel up close.

For vacationers in other areas of Dubai:

The first option is a cab. Since Dubai is a big city, it is impossible to predict the cost of the trip from the hotel, can be from 12 to 80 dirhams (AED), depending on the distance. For the cab fares see our review "Taxis in Dubai and other emirates". For the exchange rates of dirham see our review "UAE Dirham".

The second option - subway + cab. Take the subway and get off at the Mall of the Emirates station (red line), then take a cab to the Wild Wadi water park, the trip will cost 12 dirhams. For the detailed subway map see our review "Dubai Metro".

The third option - subway + bus. Get off at the Mall of the Emirates station, then take bus 81 to the water park, the bus stop is called "Wild Wadi". If you use the "30 minutes" rule, then the bus ride is free, read about it in our review "NOL cards - features".

The fourth option is subway + walking. Only for those who really like to walk. You can walk from Mall of the Emirates station for 1.25 miles (2 kilometers). Just walk towards the Burj Al Arab hotel, you won't miss the waterpark.

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Operating hours

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (10-00 to 18-00)

Please note: The working hours have changed. The change is due to the transition of the UAE to a new 4½-day work week starting January 3, 2022. See our review "Weekends and Fridays in the UAE" for details.

Please note: It used to sanitary day of Tuesdays, but now (September 2022) there is no sanitary day at all. The aquapark is working 7 days a week.

Ticket price

Access to the water park is free and unlimited for guests of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The last hotel is very memorable for its unusual architecture, you can see it in the photo near (click on the photo to enlarge to full screen) in the background.

Access to the water park is free (but only once) if staying at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Jumeirah Living World Trade Center or Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Royal hotels.

You can buy your ticket online at or at the ticket counter (as of September 2022, the ticket counter is open). On the website, tickets are 50 dirhams cheaper. In addition, only the website has special offers. Right now there is a ticket offer for 109 dirhams with a VISA card, but only for Mondays.

Prices (including VAT):

The price varies depending on the visitor's height. The adult ticket for persons over 1.1 meters (3 feet 7.3 inches).

If purchased at the ticket office at the entrance:

- AED 299 per adult (over 1.1 meter tall).

- AED 249 for a child (under 1.1 meter tall).

If purchased online:

- AED 269 per adult (over 1.1 meter tall).

- AED 199 per child (below 1.1 meter tall).

- Children 2 years old and under are free, but you must show proof of the child's age.

Many tourists think that these prices are too high. But by the standards of the United Arab Emirates, the prices are quite normal. The entertainment in general is expensive in Dubai. Do you want it cheaper? Then read our review "How to save on tickets to water parks in Dubai".

A beach towel rental is AED 39, a locker rental is AED 39, AED 49 or AED 69, the price depends on the size of the locker.

Those who wish can purchase an annual pass for AED 999. Such an annual ticket includes unlimited visits to the park, discounts in bars and restaurants. It is a good option for those who vacation in the UAE twice a year.

At the official website, you can "catch" seasonal offers that allow you to save a little money. The site is only available in Arabic and English. The address is

Excursions (Guided tours)

An organized trip to Wild Wadi Waterpark costs between USD 85 and 110. This is comparable to the price of the entrance ticket combined with the cost of transportation. What is more convenient? That's for everyone to decide for themselves.


The park is stylized under the theme of adventures of a famous character of Arab folklore named "Juha". Most Europeans do not know this character, and even searching on the Internet does not save tourists. In fact, some may know this character well, but under the name "Nasreddin".

The stylization is not particularly noticeable to visitors. We give Wild Wadi water park a bad score in the category of stylization.

Ladies Night

Due to covid-safety measures, ladies' evenings are not yet being held. The next block of information is temporarily out of date, scroll on.

They don't do this at the other water parks in Dubai. From April to September every Thursday at 7 pm Wild Wadi is closed, and at 8 pm open again, but only for women.

The administration guarantees that during this time, the staff on the territory will only be female, and the surveillance cameras will only be monitored by women. Admission is AED 195 for visitors over 1.1 meters and AED 145 for visitors under 1.1 meters. Boys under the age of 8 are allowed, but have your documents ready to prove your age.

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Slides, rides, attractions


This is the slide where the visitor does not only go down by gravity, but upwards, pushed by the water jets from the pumps.

Weight limit - 120kg (264lb), height - from 1.1m (3 ft 7.3 in).

Children under 1.1 meters (3 ft 7.3 in) tall or under 50 kilograms (110lb) in weight can ride, but on the double tubing accompanied by an adult.

To be honest, tourists don't get any unique experience on this slide. This slide should be called an "image slide", because there are very few in the world. It is worth a ride at least once "just for a try". In the picture near (click on the photo to enlarge) you can see a part of the ride.

Due to exclusivity, there is always a line.


This slide is 105 feet (32 meters) high and 390 feet (120 meters) long. The visitor falls down almost vertically, gaining speeds of up to 56 miles per hour (80 kilometers per hour). An interesting technology of the start adds spice to the experience: first the visitor is locked in a small capsule, and then the floor in the capsule opens, and the visitor falls down. The slide is closed so the adrenaline is higher. This slide is really scary!

Height limit - from 1.1 meters (3 ft 7.3 in). Weight limit is up to 300 pounds (136.4 kilograms). This attraction closes 45 minutes before the park closes.

The administration of the water park is very proud of this slide, it's hard to say why. A few years ago it was completely reconstructed, declaring it the scariest water ride in the UAE. Is it true? Check it out for yourself and make your own conclusions.


This is a whole water fun zone for kids that includes 5 slides, waterfalls, water cannons and large vats that tumble over the visitor. Kids will never be bored at Wild Wadi Waterpark. See the photo near (click on the photo to enlarge).


This is a group ride. It is a very long slide with a wide channel on which visitors are riding a large tubing. The tubing fits up to 5 people, the total weight can not exceed 800 pounds (365 kilograms).

Unfortunately, the Wild Wadi administration does not give exact figures for the length and height of the slide. According to a feeling, 500 feet (150 meters) long it certainly is, and maybe even more.

The height limit is from 1.1 meters (3 ft 7.3 in).


The ride is similar to the previous one. Visitors sit on a special 4-passenger tubing and roll down a wide channel. There are three places along the way that are called "tornadoes", which are sharp turns where the tubing roll up and down along the walls.

The height limit is from 1.1 meters (3 ft 7.3 in). Weight limit - up to 1,090 pounds (495 kilograms) for four riders.

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Such an attraction is called the "lazy river". It is very long - 1,200 feet (360 meters). In addition, quite deep - in some places up to 7 feet (2 meters).

Children should be under the supervision of adults on this attraction. Also, the administration recommends that children wear life jackets, which are issued free of charge. As you can see from the photo near (click on the photo to enlarge), few visitors follow this recommendation.


This is a river with waterfalls, rapids and waves up to 3 feet (1 meter) high. Accessible to all visitors, but children must be supervised by an adult. It is recommended that the child wear a life jacket.


A pool with artificial waves up to 5 feet (1.5 meters) high. It is the largest such attraction in the UAE and the entire Middle East. All visitors are allowed in regardless of their height.


A wave surfing pool. Only visitors taller than 1.1m (3 ft 7.3 in) are allowed. See the photo near, click to enlarge. It is said that this wave-simulation system is one of the four most powerful in the world. The numbers are really impressive - the pumps pump 7 tons of water every second.

Overall impression

There are not many rides in the Wild Wadi water park, but all are impressive in scale. This park takes quality, not quantity. If you compare it with other parks, it is difficult to determine the winner, as prices for admission are about the same everywhere, and the slides are too diverse.

We will neither single out Wild Wadi among the others, nor belittle its merits, we will leave the tourists to make their own choice.

Useful tips

- If you are not impressed with Wild Wadi, then check other aquaparks in Dubai. Read our pages "Aquaventure Waterpark" and "LEGOLAND Waterpark";

- Come better on weekdays so you don't have to queue. Holidays and weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) - the worst time in the water parks of Dubai. For the schedule of holidays see the review "National holidays in the UAE", about the weekend read the review "Friday and Weekends in the UAE";

- For all the important nuances of holidays with children, read our review "Vacation in the UAE with a child".

Have great fun at the water parks in Dubai, and read our helpful pages about the UAE (see the link list below).


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