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Page update - Oct 30, 2022

Ferrari World Park is the central entertainment complex of Yas Island in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. You can ride the world's fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa at 150 mi/h (240 km/h), the Flying Aces with the biggest loop of 170 feet (52 meters), and the unique Turbo Track vertical roller coaster.

But are these experiences worth the extremely high ticket price and the difficulty of transportation to the park? We will try to find out, give a lot of useful tips and tell you the most interesting things about the park Ferrari World.

Attention! By the situation of October 2022, Ferrari World park is already working as usual. The ticket counter at the entrance is open. All the rides are already open (previously 4 of them were temporarily closed). The prices and schedules have changed slightly. Free buses to the park are running again, but only 2 out of 5. Read all the details below on this page.

Regarding masks. Starting September 28, 2022, the UAE has canceled the requirement to wear masks indoors in: restaurants, cafes, malls, stores, hotels. However, indoor amusement parks and other entertainment venues were definitely not told. As a result, parks make their own rules. Some parks require masks, some do not. Ferrari World park does NOT require masks. However, it is advisable to have a mask with you, because masks are still required in transport.

New rides

In 2020, Ferrari World Park turned 10 years old. Congratulations! The park administration needed to launch something new for the anniversary. But how to do it when there was no money because of the coronavirus and no space inside the park? A solution was found! Two new rides opened in October 2020.

First, the new Roof Walk attraction was launched. Those who wish can walk on the roof of the park. The price is 125 dirhams.

Secondly, the new ride Zip Line was launched. Those wishing can ride a cable through the ring of one of the tracks of the roller coaster. The price is 95 dirhams. The combo ticket price for both rides is 175 dirhams.

It's certainly not super entertainment, but still. Both attractions are available without purchasing a basic ticket. Tickets for the new rides are available at the official website

Where is located and how to get

Ferrari World Park is located in the center of Yas Island, next to Warner Bros. amusement park, YAS WaterWorld, and YAS Mall.

From Abu Dhabi

It is easiest for those tourists who are staying in one of the hotels on Yas Island. You can use the free bus Yas Express, which will take you directly to the park. If the weather allows, you can walk 1.25 miles (2 kilometers). Or take a cab for 12 dirhams.

If you are staying in a hotel in the central part of Abu Dhabi, the situation is more complicated. The thing is that Yas Island is quite far - 20 miles (30 kilometers). The most convenient way is to take a cab. The trip cost depends on the location of the hotel - from 35 to 70 dirhams, and the trip will take 20-30 minutes. See our page "Money in the UAE" for the current exchange rates of dirham. For the cab fares, see our page "Taxis in the UAE".

If you want to save money, you can take a bus for just 4 dirhams.

In 2020, the Abu Dhabi authorities redesigned the bus routes network in the city. The 180 and 190 buses used to go to Yas Island, but now they have been cancelled altogether. But the good news is that there are three routes now.

Bus 102. It goes through the whole city of Abu Dhabi almost to the Corniche promenade, then to Saadiyat Island, then to Yas Island. Chances are good that it stops somewhere near your hotel. Ask at the hotel reception desk, they usually know. If the bus doesn't stop near then take a cab to Zayed Sport City or Abu Dhabi Bus Station and take bus 102.

Bus 216. It runs in the eastern part of Abu Dhabi City and is rarely useful for tourists.

Bus A19. It goes from the airport to Yas Island and then to Saadiyat Island. Very convenient for those tourists who want to go to Ferrari World between flights. Or for those who have booked a hotel on Yas Island. As of October 2022, A19 is not running temporarily yet.

Find your flight

From Dubai

The easiest and most profitable way to get from the Emirate of Dubai is to book a tour. We understand that many readers are surprised, so we will explain and make the calcucation.

A ticket to Ferrari World Park costs 310 dirhams, that is, USD 84.5. Even with the most economical way to get there, you will spend 64 dirhams, i.e. USD 18 for transportation.

Total: At the cheapest way to get on your own it will cost USD 100. A tour costs USD 100-125.

If you book a tour, a tour bus will pick you up from your hotel and take you to the park in 1-1.5 hours. If you travel independently, you will have to take buses for 2.5-3.5 hours. Or take a cab, but in this case the trip will be more expensive than the tour.

Now think with what mood you will come to Ferrari World Park, if you just spent 3 hours in buses? That is why we say the guided tour is better.

If you want to get there on your own, here are your options.

The first option. Take a cab from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. A cab will take you from the hotel to the park in 1-1.5 hours. It costs 200-300 dirhams one way.

The second option. Get from the hotel to the nearest subway station. Take the subway to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station and take the E100 bus to Abu Dhabi, or take to Ibn Battuta Bus Station and take the E101 bus to Abu Dhabi. For the subway map, see our review "Dubai Metro".

Next is a complicated moment. Bus routes E100 and E101 go far from the Ferrari World park and do not stop at nearby stops. You can ask the driver to stop at the nearest major stop Al-Shahama, but he might not agree (which he is entitled to) or just forget about the request.

Find your hotel

If you can get off at Al-Shahama, take a cab to Ferrari World, it will cost 25-30 dirhams and take 15 minutes. If not, you will be at the terminus of the E100 and E101 buses - Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station - where you can take a cab to the park for 40 dirhams, or an hour by bus 102.

We've talked about this options in detail in our review "How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back".

Now (October 2022) the free buses to Yas Island parks have already been relaunched. Read about how to get there for free in our review "Free buses Dubai-Abu Dhabi".

From Sharjah, Ajman and other emirates

The independent trip is longer, more complicated, more expensive than from Dubai. We do not recommend even trying to get on your own. Buy a tour. What is the point of going to Ferrari World 4-5 hours, and then going back 4-5 hours?

You can go on your own if you have spare: 400 dirhams from Sharjah, 450 from Ajman, 500 from Umm Al Quwain, 650 from Ras Al Khaimah, 800 from Fujairah. These are prices for the one-way cab trip.

Ticket and attraction prices

With the purchase of a ticket, you can ride unlimitedly for the rest of the day on all rides except Scuderia Challenge and Karting Academy. According to the new rules, a visitor may NOT return to the park on the same day if left. This is only possible in exceptional circumstances, and you must contact Guest Services to get special permission.

Warning! As with all major amusement parks in the UAE, only name tickets are sold at the website. At the entrance you may be asked for your passport or ID.

Any ticket will be accompanied by the free park map. See the photo above, click on the photo to enlarge.

Tickets are dated - valid for a certain date. There are flexible - open-dated, valid for 6 months from purchase, but not yet available due to covid-security rules.

There is an adult ticket - for a visitor above 1.3 meters (4 feet 3.2 inches) tall, there is a child's ticket - for a visitor under 1.3 meters (4 feet 3 inches).

Children under 4 years of age get in for free, but there's not much to ride inside for these kids. It is required to confirm the age of the child for free passage.

Prices inc. VAT in UAE dirhams: Adult (over 1.3 meters) Child (below 1.3 meters) Children under 4 years of age
Ticket at the box office on the day of your visit 325-345 (depend on season) 255-275 (depend on season) Free of charge
Ticket on website (dated) 310 240 Free of charge
Ticket on website (flexible) Not yet available Not yet available Not yet available


Quick Pass, which allows you to enter the attractions without waiting in line - 150 or 250 dirhams (depending on season).

Locker (located in the Plaza area) - 35.

Combo Lunch - 60.

Scuderia Challenge ticket - 100.

VIP experience - 1995.

How to save money?

The address of the purchase page on the official site is Watch the offers! They are usually interesting.

Another option to save much money is to buy the combo-tickets to Ferrari World, Yas WaterWorld, Warner Bros. parks.

There are ways to buy cheaper tickets or get a "1+1" discount. Read about these ways in our in-depth review "How to buy cheaper tickets to UAE parks".

You can save money on a snack, because the prices inside the cafes and restaurants are exorbitant. It is better to come well-fed. Some tourists take cakes from the supermarket or sandwiches and eat them right before entering the park or inside the bus.

Hours of operation

The schedule changed on January 3, 2022, when the UAE switched to a new 4½-day work week. See our review "Weekends and Fridays in the UAE" for details. Hours of operation have been reduced for now due to reduced capacity due covid safety measures.

Wednesday - from 10 am to 8 pm (10-00 to 20-00).

Other days (except Wednesday) - from 12 pm (midday) to 8 pm (12-00 to 20-00).

Find your transfer

Important tips

- Do not come to Ferrari World on weekends as there will be long lines. National holidays are also a bad idea. See the schedule of holidays in our review "National holidays in the UAE";

- Come Monday to Thursday, there will be a minimum of visitors;

- At the most popular attraction Formula Rossa there is almost always a queue, even on weekdays. On weekends, there is a line of Quick Pass holders! The normal line at these moments does not move at all! The problem is that the capacity of Formula Rossa is small - only 16 people;

- Get there by the opening time (midday) and go straight to Formula Rossa, you'll save time;

- If you see that the line is long, you can buy a Quick Pass. Come to the information center and pay add;

- Every attraction has a height restriction (pictured right, click to enlarge). Anyone who is 1.4 meters (4 feet 7.2 inches) or taller can follow all rides. Visitors who are 1.3-1.4 meters (4 feet 3.2 inches - 4 feet 7.2 inches tall), full ticket price, can ride all but Formula Rossa;

- The park has 2,000 parking places. There is sure to be room. The cost of parking for the full day is 42 dirhams;

- You can leave your belongings in the locker at the entrance for 35 dirhams. But it is better not to have any big luggage at all so not to waste time and money;

- There is a luggage room for large luggage which costs 50 dirhams;

- Baby carriages are available for 40 dirhams;

- Only dirhams are accepted. If you have not changed money in advance then you will need to go to the nearby Yas Mall. Don't waste time. Read our review "How to change money in the UAE";

- It is prohibited to bring food and drinks inside. Exceptions are made only for children's water and food;

- Smoking in the park building is prohibited according to the latest UAE anti-tobacco regulations, read our review "Smoking in the UAE". There are smoking areas outside on the Plaza level;

- Being under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited, as it is throughout the UAE. Read our review "Alcohol in the UAE";

- Naturally, the same dress code and rules of conduct apply in Ferrari World Park as in the entire Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Read our review "What you can't do in the UAE".


Ferrari World has 4 big roller coasters and 14 smaller rides. There are attractions for the youngest visitors, for adrenaline lovers, and for fun for the whole family. We will tell you about each one in detail.

Formula Rossa

The Formula Rossa roller coaster is the highlight of Ferrari World. The fastest in the world. It reaches speeds of up to 150 mi/h (240 km/h). It is the 6th longest in the world with 6560 feet (2,000 meters) long track. Visitors pass this distance in just 92 seconds.

For the Formula Rossa attraction, we have dedicated a detailed review "Formula Rossa".

Flying Aces

The second big roller coaster. It is stylized as an airplane from the beginning of the 20th century by the famous fighter ace Francesco Baracca. It is much easier to get on than Formula Rossa, because of a higher capacity of 28 people and a much smaller queue as a result.

This attraction (just like Formula Rossa) has the peculiarity that it is located outside the indoor park. In high winds it is dangerous to run the ride and they just close it until the wind dies down. With wind speeds of 10 m/c (20 knots) and more, the ride is precisely shut down. At speeds between 5 and 10 m/s at the discretion of the park staff.

The launch is not a catapult like Formula Rossa but the traditional way of pulling the carriages up the slope at 51 degrees to a height of 206 feet (63 meters).

Flying Aces boasts a record-breaking dead loop of 170 feet (52 meters) (pictured above, click to enlarge), 10 zero-gravity points and speeds of up to 75 miles per hour (120 kilometers per hour). The carriages are made in the style of an airplane from World War I. The length of the track is 4,920 feet (1,500 meters). The Flying Aces attraction opened relatively recently - in February 2016.

The allowed height of the rider is from 1.3 to 1.96 meters (4 feet 3.2 inches to 6 feet 5.2 inches). The maximum acceleration is 4.8G. Ride time is 2.5 minutes. Be warned that the ride is not for the faint of heart.

Turbo Track

The third pride of Ferrari World. It is a combination of roller coaster and freefall ride. The train accommodates 12 people, of which 6 sit face to starting direction, 6 sit back to start direction. The train accelerates quickly and get onto a vertical rail that also wriggles around its axis.

If you have seen photos of the park Ferrari World from above, you probably noticed in the center of the funnel. The riders of this attraction appear from this funnel (in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge). At the height it will be about 3 seconds to look around, and then the train falls down the same vertical rail.

Not many visitors realize what just happened the first time. We recommend riding Turbo Track at least twice.

The height of the track is 210 feet (64 meters) and the train reaches speeds of 63 mi/h (102 km/h). It is the newest attraction at Ferrari World, only opened in March 2017. Until then, there was the usual "freefall" attraction, it was called G-Force. The G-Force was much more convenient for viewing the neighborhood from above as visitors sat upright on it. The new Turbo Track is more interesting in terms of thrills.

The Swiss company Intamin took over a year to build and test Turbo Track. The ride was fully tested with mannequins with built-in sensors. Safety is guaranteed.

The allowed rider height is from 1.3 to 1.96 meters (4 feet 3.2 inches to 6 feet 5.2 inches). People who are overweight can be removed from the ride before the start if the passenger restraint equipment cannot be secured. Before the ride, you must remove all items from your pockets and leave cell phones at the entrance. Ride time - 30 seconds. The total length of the tracks is 590 feet (180 meters).

Fiorano GT Challenge

This is a parallel roller coaster ride. That is, two tracks are laid next to each other, two trains go along them in parallel. The cars imitate the famous Ferrari F430 Spider sports car. The track is arranged in such a way that the trains alternately surge forward, creating a sense of race between them. Naturally, they come to the finish line almost simultaneously.

The track runs outside of the indoor park, and can be closed in case of high winds.

This is the simplest roller coaster at Ferrari World Park. If you're afraid to go straight to Formula Rossa or Flying Aces, we recommend starting with the Fiorano GT Challenge. There are no dead loops, steep turns, sharp descents or climbs.

It's one of the oldest rides in the park and has been there since it opened. It once seemed to be the pinnacle of engineering. Acceleration is done by linear electric motors, braking by magnets. Fiorano GT Challenge was built by the Maurer company from Germany (Munich).

It's the most fun to ride in two different trains, because one finishes at least a fraction of a second faster. There is a queue, but not a long one. The ride seats 24 people each.

The maximum speed is 59 mi/h (95 km/h). The length of the track is 3,540 feet (1,080 meters). The maximum overload is 2G. Ride time is 1 minute and 20 seconds. Height restriction - from 1.3 to 1.95 meters (4 feet 3.2 inches to 6 feet 5.2 inches).

Ferrari Museum

This museum is called "Galleria Ferrari". It is the second largest exhibition of Ferrari cars and trophies after the museum in Maranello. The composition of the exhibition changes from time to time, but you can always see real Formula 1 cars there.

Read our detailed review "The Ferrari Museum in Abu Dhabi".

Attractions for an additional fee

Scuderia Challenge is a Formula 1 race simulator. The visitor is seated in a special frame that rises, lowers and moves sideways depending on the situation on the track. An advertisement for Ferrari World says that Formula 1 drivers are trained on a similar simulator. The Scuderia Challenge simulator includes a ride around the Yas Marina Circuit, which is located right there on Yas Island.

The Scuderia Challenge ride must be paid separately. Each visitor is offered to do so at the entrance for an additional fee of 100 dirhams. Seating is limited so if you arrive late you may not be able to make it. Height limit - from 1.5 meters (4 feet 11 inches).

Karting Academy is a kart ride, nothing more to add. The photo on the left, click on the photo to enlarge.

The length of the track is 950 feet (290 meters). VIP-ticket holders have one ride included in the price. The rest will cost 100 dirhams. Height limit - from 1.5 to 2.1 meters (from 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 10.6 inches).

Other attractions

There is no point in going into detail about each attraction. We will speak in brief.

Bell'Italia. Visitors sit in a small car, which slowly drives forward on rails, around the views of Italy. The positive side of this attraction - there is no restriction on height or age, but children under 1.2 meters (3 feet 11.2 inches) must be accompanied by an adult.

Tyre Twist. Visitors sit in round gondolas with up to five people each. Gondolas ride in a circle and rotate around an axis. The height limit is 1.05 meters (3 feet 5.3 inches). From 1.05 to 1.2 (from 3 feet 5.3 inches to 3 feet 11.2 inches) only when accompanied by an adult.

Benno's Great Race. Family attraction. Visitors ride in a car and use special remotes in the form of wrenches to interact with the attraction. The scenario is to help the forest animals assemble the race car and defeat the fox. A race with the fox awaits at the end. The story is told in English. Height restriction - from 0.9 meters (2 feet 11.4 inches).

Driving with the Champion is a 4D cinema, the audience watches the Formula 1 race through the eyes of a pilot. Height limit is from 1.07 meters (3 feet 6.1 inches).

Speed of Magic is another 4D cinema, the audience is in a moving van. The height limit is from 1 meter (3 feet 3.3 inches). From 1 to 1.2 meters (from 3 feet 3.3 inches to 3 feet 11.2 inches) only when accompanied by an adult. For the movie for the attraction Speed of Magic even came up with a special main character, in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Viaggio in Italia is another 4D movie theater, the largest. On this ride, the second row of viewers rises above the first, the third above the second. That is, the audience rows are arranged in a vertical wall of three floors. What's the fun in that for the audience? It's an open question. The audience gets a bird's-eye view of Italy. The height limit is 1 meter (3 feet 3.3 inches). From 1 to 1.3 meters (from 3 feet 3.3 inches to 4 feet 3.1 inches) only when accompanied by an adult.

Made in Maranello - a ride on a small wagon. During the route, viewers are told about the car brand Ferrari and how Ferrari cars are made. The ride is actually an advertisement. There are no height and age restrictions, but children under 1.2 meters (3 feet 11.2 inches) must be accompanied by an adult.

Junior GT - this is a ride for children on a special autodrome on electric cars. Nothing special as almost any mall has such attraction nowadays. Allowed children are from 1 to 1.4 meters (from 3 feet 3.3 inches to 4 feet 7.1 inches) tall.

Junior Grand Prix is similar to the previous one - rides on electric cars for children. But the cars are made in the form of Formula 1 racing cars (scale of 2:1). Allowed children of height from 1 to 1.5 meters (from 3 feet 3.3 inches to 4 feet 11 inches).

Khalil's Car Wash is a playground for kids. No restrictions by age or height.

Junior Training Camp is an obstacle course for kids. Climbing on the net, passing through the maze and much more. Height limit - from 1.2 meters (3 feet 11.2 inches).

Fast Lane is a quiz on Ferrari knowledge, with valuable prizes.

Figures and facts

- The indoor area of Ferrari World Park is 900,000 square feet (86,000 square meters). When it opened, it was the largest indoor theme park in the world. Of course, the record was a bit of a stretch, because the tracks of the main rides are outside. In 2016, the record was taken away by IMG Worlds park in Dubai (1,500,000 square feet, 140,000 square meters);

- The roof used 12,370 tons of steel, it is the largest truss structure in the world, it was built in 14 months. The structure contains 172,000 beams and 43,100 nodes;

- On the roof is the largest Ferrari logo in the world - 213x159 feet (65x48.5 meters);

- The construction took 3 years - the foundation stone was laid on November 3, 2007 and the grand opening took place on November 4, 2010;

- The building spent 2,640,000 gallons (100,000 cubic meters) of concrete;

- Fernando Alonso and Filipe Massa were present at the opening. In the photo near, Fernando on the left, Philippe on the right. In the center is Stefano Domenicali, general manager of Ferrari F1 team;

- Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan opened the ceremony.

- Fernando Alonso and Filipe Massa naturally drove the Formula Rossa. They loved it, and we hope that you will enjoy it too.

Good to know

- If you use Etihad, you can get miles for spending money on park tickets. This promotion is advertised as seasonal, but in fact it has been in effect for many years;

- If you are going on vacation with a child, read our review "To the UAE with children - important points";

- If you are going to use the bus in Abu Dhabi, then read our review "Buses in the UAE" about the features.

Have fun at Ferrari World, and read our interesting pages about Abu Dhabi and the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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