Formula Rossa Roller Coaster

Page update - Oct 22, 2022

The Formula Rossa roller coaster is the main attraction of Ferrari World park on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It took Intamin Switzerland a full 4 years to design, build, install and test the Formula Rossa roller coaster.

By the situation of October 2022, the attraction is operating normally. Starting September 28, 2022, the UAE has canceled the requirement of masks in stores, malls, hotels, and restaurants. However, the situation with amusement parks has not been precisely defined. Therefore, each amusement park now determines its own rules. Ferrari World Park does not require you to wear masks, including on the Formula Rossa attraction.

The initial design of the attraction was called "F1 Coaster". From the beginning, its main goal was to give visitors the feeling of being a Formula 1 car pilot.

The maximum speed is 150 mi/h (240 km/h), overloads up to 4.8G, acceleration in 2 seconds to 62 mi/h (100 km/h) and in 4.8 seconds to 150 mi/h (240 km/h) are comparable to the most powerful supercars of our time. So far, not one tourist has yet said, "I have rode in Formula Rossa, nothing special".

How to get there, ticket price, opening hours

We talked about all this in detail in the main review "Ferrari World".

Important Tips

Almost the entire track is outdoors, which gives some limitations. Strong winds can be dangerous so Formula Rossa is closed sometimes. In winds of 10 m/sec (20 knots) and higher the ride does not work. In winds of 5 to 10 m/sec (10 to 20 knots) it is at the discretion of the responsible park staff.

It happens that during a day it can open and close several times. You can, before buying a ticket, go to the park staff at the entrance and ask if Formula Rossa is working or not. If the ride is not working then decide whether to buy a ticket or come another day.

Question! Is it worth buying a ticket if Formula Rossa is not working?

It's very subjective, because Formula Rossa is the main attraction of the park. For some tourists, visiting it is the main goal. For some tourists, other attractions are more interesting. The answer is up to you.

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Our opinion is that there is no point in buying a ticket if the Formula Rossa is not working. The point is that the other two top-attractions also have their tracks outdoors, they are the Flying Aces and the Fiorano GT Challenge. Another attraction, the Turbo Track, may be closed due to the wind. As a result, if strong winds, the park will not operate the 4 main rides at once. In this situation, it does not make sense to buy an admission ticket.

Be sure to watch the weather forecast. It is better to go to the Ferrari World park, if the wind speed does not exceed 5 m/c (10 knots).

Of course, if you came with a guided tour then you have to go in, you can't refuse. But if you come on your own, you can go to the nearby Warner Bros indoor amusement park, Yas Waterworld waterpark, Yas Mall, or take a local bus to Yas Beach.

To ride Formula Rossa comfortably, come to Ferrari World on weekdays, Monday through Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, Sunday there is a huge line of people who stand for 1-2 hours just to take a ride. The capacity of the Formula Rossa cars is only 16 people - 4 cars with 4 people in each.

Recall that the Ferrari World sells Fast Track that allows the owners to pass out of line. On weekends one can observe an amazing phenomenon - a second queue of those who can pass without queuing. The queue of "mere mortals" does not move at all, and you can stand in such a queue for a day.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the limitation of capacity as a result, there are minimal people in the park right now. Even on weekends, there are no big lines. But the overall activity of people is recovering quickly, and the long line will appear soon.

Height restriction

The height of the rider should be from 1.4 to 1.95 meters (from 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 4 inches).

Are the advertisements true?

It's almost true. The advertisements say that the Formula Rossa experience is the same as Formula 1 drivers. The acceleration of the F1 car reaches 2G, on the Formula Rossa ride it is the same. The F1 car will accelerate to 62 mi/h (100 km/h) in 1.9 seconds, the Formula Rossa will accelerate in 2 seconds. Only the speed of the F1 car is higher - up to 210 mi/h (340 km/h), the Formula Rossa has only 150 mi/h (240 km/h).

Not true. In the ads they say that Formula Rossa cars are accelerated by a hydraulic catapult similar to those used on aircraft carriers (pictured right, click on the photo to enlarge to full screen). We doubt that the experience will be the same as an airplane pilot taking off from an aircraft carrier. This is not true.

First, aircraft carriers use a steam catapult several times more powerful. Formula Rossa's catapult is claimed to have 20,800 horsepower, and it is clearly not being used to its full potential. In aircraft catapult model C13-2 (such installed on aircraft carriers U.S. class Nimitz) capacity in working mode - from 82 000 horsepower.

Formula Rossa cars accelerate in 2 seconds to 62 mi/h (100 km/h), and the aircraft on the aircraft carrier for 2 seconds accelerates to 125-155 mi/h (200-250 km/h). The overload at the start of the Formula Rossa visitors is 1.9G, and the aircraft pilot at the start of the aircraft carrier experiences 6G. As you can see, the numbers are incomparable.

Steam catapults are very dangerous, and there have been cases of explosions and fires on these catapults on aircraft carriers. For example, in 1954, a steam catapult exploded on the aircraft carrier Bennington, killing 103 people and injuring 201. It makes sense that a steam catapult has no place in an amusement park. By the way, the U.S. has abandoned steam catapults. The new Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers will already be equipped with magnetic catapults.

Doubtful. It is written that the lap of the Formula Rossa track repeats the famous Monza track in Italy. In fact they have little in common, here at best it is possible to apply the phrase "on motives".

This fact is doubtful, purely from a logical point of view. Think about it, if the creators of Ferrari World set out to replicate any existing racetrack, which one would they choose? The Yas Marina Circus in Abu Dhabi, of course!

It's true. The ads enthusiastically tell us that Formula Rossa is designed by Intamin AG, and they do it in such a tone as if it's already a great honor and glory to take a ride on an Intamin AG creation.

There is no doubt that Intamin AG is a very famous company. They are the authors of three fastest roller coasters in the world - Formula Rossa (UAE), Kingda Ka (USA) and Top Thrill Dragster (USA).

Do not be surprised, advertising does not aim to tell only the truth. Its purpose is to urge customers to consume the product. However, this does not make Formula Rossa any less interesting. Let us tell you how the race takes place.

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How the ride goes

Everyone is given safety glasses on boarding (see photo below, click to enlarge to full screen). At high speed, moisture actively evaporates from the surface of the eyes, and the eyes begin to tear as a protective reaction. Goggles will protect against this as well as insects. If a fly flies into your eye at speeds over 125 mi/h (200 km/h), you could be left without an eye.

The race lasts 92 seconds and the length of the track is 6,725 feet (2050 meters). Formula Rossa is now the 6th longest ride in the world. The record holder is the Steel Dragon 2000 (Japan).

First acceleration

Carriages are picked up by a hydraulic catapult and acceleration begins - up to 62 mi/h (100 km/h) in the first 2 seconds, up to 150 mi/h (240 km/h) in 4.9 seconds. Overload during the acceleration reaches 2G.

In 5 seconds the carriages move with the speed of 150 mi/h (240 km/h), and this is the only moment of such speed, further on the track speed is no more than 125 mi/h (200 km/h). Remember this moment, then you can tell your friends and relatives.

Before the construction of Formula Rossa, the record holder was the Kingda Ka (New Jersey, USA), where the speed reaches 128 mi/h (206 km/h). Frankly speaking, the Kingda Ka is times more terrifying than the Formula Rossa (see the photo, click on the photo to enlarge).

Visitors have less than a second to be impressed by the record speed of 150 mi/h (240 km/h), then there is a tough climb.

Getting up to the highest point

After developing maximum speed, the track goes sharply upwards. Carriages "take off" along the track to a height of 170 feet (52 meters) in just 5 seconds. At the top is the first point of "zero gravity".


Next, the track consists of 4 large curves. This part is not as exciting, but at some points the momentary overload can reach 5G.

You can watch the full run in the video below.


Braking is smooth on several climbs and descents. There is no "extreme smell" in this part.

Useful to know

- The minimum height for riding is 4 feet 8 inches (1.4 meters). Visitors are measured in shoes, so there is an opportunity to "cheat" a little by wearing platform shoes;

- Next to Ferrari World there is a second theme park, Warner Bros. It also has interesting rides, although not as adrenaline-pumping. Take a closer look, maybe you should visit both parks. Read our in-depth review "Warner Bros. Park";

- The neighboring Emirate of Dubai has two parks with interesting roller coasters. Read about them in our reviews "IMG Worlds" and "MOTIONGATE".

We wish you an amazing Formula Rossa experience, and read our interesting pages about the United Arab Emirates (find the list of the links below).


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