How to save on entertainment in Dubai

Page update - Sep 6, 2022

The Emirate of Dubai is a home for the famous Wild Wadi and Aquaventure water parks, LegoLand, IMG World, Motiongate, Bollywood theme parks and even an indoor ski resort Ski Dubai. There is no shortage of entertainment in Dubai, but there is a shortage of money in the pockets of tourists because of the high prices for tickets to these attractions.

We will talk on this page about all the ways to save money - discounts, promotions, combo-tickets. We will talk in detail about Wild Wadi and Aquaventure water parks, but the described methods will work perfectly for any entertainment parks in the UAE, museums, Burj Khalifa and other observation decks.

The information on this page was updated in September 2022.

How much is the visiting water and amusement parks in Dubai

The average price to visit a large entertainment park in the UAE is 300 dirhams (USD 82). The vast majority of parks do not allow you to bring your own drinks and food inside. If you want to spend a long time inside then count on at least a snack and water for 50 dirhams (USD 14) or a full meal for 100 dirhams (USD 28).

For the current exchange rates see our review "What money in the UAE".

Most of the entertainment parks are far from subway stations. Some of the parks have free shuttles from the nearest subway stations or popular hotels, but most do not. Plan the cost of the transport in the budget also.

For example, if you will go to Aquaventure, you will have to take the subway and then a taxi (the cheapest way). This cost 35-45 dirhams for two people. Or if you go to the Wild Wadi Water Park. You need to ride by metro+taxi or alternative way by metro+bus 8 or 81, this costs from 5 to 20 dirhams per person.

For ease of calculation, consider the standard price for each entertainment is USD 100 per person. And you surely would like to reduce this figure! Let's talk about ways to do it.

How to save money

The surest way to save money is not to go anywhere (just kidding).

The option is not permanently on our list - My Emirates Pass

Works only for Emirates Airlines passengers and only until September 30, 2022.

You can get discounts on tickets to many amusement parks with your Emirates boarding pass. Discounts vary - some are really interesting, some are pseudo-discounts.

In most cases, Emirates discounts don't apply to combo-tickets. In most cases, they don't add up to current promotions. And what's most inconvenient, the discounts are given only on tickets at the ticket office and do not apply to the purchase of tickets online.

The important conclusion! Study carefully each My Emirates Pass discount you plan to take advantage of. There are more profitable options listed below in most cases. Need to check, need to calculate what is better.

Look for the current list of promotions on the Emirates Airline website -

The first option - promotions of the parks

Many parks arrange discounts and promotions. Especially in summer, when the flow of tourists to the UAE naturally decreases. Read about the tourist season in our review "Weather in the UAE by month".

For example, at the moment this page was updated (September 2022), you can buy the Aquaventure waterpark + The Lost Chambers aquarium combo-ticket for 329 dirhams. That means a visit to the aquarium will cost 30 dirhams instead of 115. Good offer!

The promotions page:

Or Wild Wadi has a special offer: admission on Monday for 109 dirhams if you buy a ticket with a Visa card. You can see this offer in the screenshot near, click on the picture to enlarge to full screen.

The promotions page: . You have to click on the button at the top "book now", and then the site will show promotions.

Naturally, no one guarantees that there will be any promotions or discounts. If there is a discount on the day of your visit, you can save money. There won't be, don't be upset.

Although there is one promotion on any day and at any time of the year - it is a special low price for residents of the UAE, but it does not apply to tourists.

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The second option - Klook

The website is a classic coupon website. That is, it's a collection of discounts and promo codes. For a long time, only worked with attractions in Southeast Asia, but recently they have been working with Dubai and Abu Dhabi parks as well.

Now you can use Klook not only with the website. There is the app "Klook: Travel, Leisure, Hotels". Available for iOs and Android in English and another 12 languages.

At the time this page was updated (September 2022), there is a 269 dirhams Klook price for an Aquaventure ticket (official price is 299). Wild Wadi has a promotional ticket price of 229 dirhams (official price is 269). 30 or 40 dirhams is also money.

Using Klook is very easy. Go to the main page of, there will be a big input box for the search phrase. Enter the word "dubai" into this box, and you'll see all the hot offers in Dubai. Or just enter the name of the park or attraction you're interested in, even better.

Mentally prepare that the discount on the site will be, but the price will be on par with the official or the discount will be "penny". This happens often on Klook, as they are not very responsive to changes in official prices.

Again, there are no guarantees at If there will be a discount on the day you visit then you can save money. If there won't be, don't be upset.

The third option - ENTERTAINER GO

This is a discount and coupon service for Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The service is chargeable.

In the case of water parks and amusement parks, there is usually an offer called "1+1". That is, you buy the first ticket at full price and you get the second ticket for free. It is very profitable, but many tourists are greedy and don't want to pay. And in vain, because already the first purchase of tickets "pays off" the money.

By the time this page was updated, there are already more than 10,000 regular deals and discounts in the ENTERTAINER GO catalog. These include attractions, cinemas, paid playgrounds for children, restaurants and bars, trendy stores and much more.

You can see in advance if ENTERTAINER GO has a promotion for the park (facility) you are interested in. To do this, visit website, enter the name of the park (facility) of interest in the search bar (at the top). The system will show if there is a special offer or discount, and will give a list of packages, which have such an offer. Click on the screenshot below for an example, click on the picture to enlarge it to full screen.

And now for the super news. From the summer of 2022 you will be able to pay for ENTERTAINER GO monthly. That is, you can buy a monthly subscription to the application for 35 dirhams for the "Standard - Dubai" package, or for 35 dirhams for the "Premium - Abu Dhabi" package, or for 54 dirhams for the "Global" package, which includes offers in all the emirates and around the world. Previously (until the summer of 2022) you had to buy a one-year subscription for 300-500 dirhams.

Also! Now there are "Lite - Dubai" and "Lite - Abu Dhabi" versions, which are free at all! It is possible (though unlikely) that the discount you're interested in will be present in the free version.

Everything looks great on the outside, BUT!!! ENTERTAINER GO will turn on the subscription and will charge you 35 dirhams every month, even though you are no longer using its services. The terms and conditions clearly state that you agree to 12 months of service.

And now even more! At the end of the 12 months, the system will re-subscribe you again for another 12 months if you don't sign a cancellation in advance. Be very careful!

So. To avoid having to pay every month, you can do a little "trick". Get a new debit card, use it in Dubai, and when you come back ask the bank to close the card or just leave it with a zero balance, but it is safer to close it.

There is one more option. There is a package called "ENTERTAINER tourist - UAE". It works for 30 days. The price is 205 dirhams. This is a flat fee offer for tourists, and in this case there is already no subscription and no problems.

Anyway, ENTERTAINER GO saves more than its price. There are discounts for almost all fast food and chain restaurants. The main thing is to remember to use the app.

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The fourth option - SMILE ETISALAT

This app is very similar to ENTERTAINER GO, but the list of offers is smaller.

The app used to be available only to customers of the mobile operator ETISALAT, but as of summer 2019 it's available to everyone for a subscription fee.

When you buy an ETISALAT Visitor Line SIM-card they give you a subscription to this app for free. Read more about ETISALAT Visitor Line in our detailed review "Internet in the UAE - how is cheap".

The main plus is that SMILE ETISALAT can be paid monthly for 20 dirhams. That is, for a tourist enough to pay one month (20 dirhams) and you can fully enjoy it.

And also in this case, as with ENTERTAINER GO, there will be a SUBSCRIPTION. With all the consequences that come with it. Be careful!

The main disadvantage is that you can't find out in advance if SMILE ETISALAT has offers for the park you want. That is, you pay 20 dirhams in the beginning and only after payment you get the list.

And even if the park you want isn't there then you'll be able to choose useful promotions from more than the 3,000 offers. These 20 dirhams can easily be recouped at least on fast food or restaurants.

The fifth option - choose the right day

This is not a way to save money, but it is a way to get the most for your money.

It makes a difference if you pay 300 dirhams and have a great time on the water slides, or if you pay 300 dirhams and have a long queue!

In order not to queue you need to come on weekdays, not on week-ends, and especially not on holidays. See the schedule of holidays in our review "National Holidays in the UAE".

Weekends in the UAE are now different (as of January 3, 2022). Previously the weekends were Friday and Saturday. Recall that Friday is the holy day of the week for Muslims. Now a 4½-day workweek has been introduced, and the weekends are now Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday. Read our review "Friday and Weekends in the UAE" for details.

The best days to visit the amusement parks are Monday-Thursday. There will be less people and no queues.

The worst days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On these days you will definitely be standing in line for rides or slides.

It is very nice to go to the water parks in Ramadan, because in the fasting Muslims are forbidden to swim, Muslims do not go to water parks. However, the schedule of the parks is likely to be changed during Ramadan. Some entertainment venues have Ramadan bans even for tourists. Read about it in our review "Ramadan in the UAE".

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The sixth option - free access for hotels guests

Some parks provide free access for guests of neighboring hotels. It is not necessary to stay in the hotel for a long time, you can even stay one day. Some tourists take advantage of this opportunity.

For example, if you book a room at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel even for one day then you get access to the Wild Wadi water park, access to the magnificent private beach and to the five hotel pools, and there is a huge playground, workshops and a large kid's pool with mini-slides. Spend the night in one of the chic rooms (from 540 sq.feet, 50 sq.m.) overlooking the Persian Gulf.

In addition, you'll be able to show photos and brag that you have spent the vacation in one of the best and most expensive hotels in Dubai.

It costs USD 400-450 per night. Decide for yourself - is this set of entertainment and fun worth the money or not.

Guests of the following hotels have access to the Wild Wadi water park: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Royal Residences.

The Aquaventure Waterpark is free accessible to guests of the Atlantis The Palm Hotel.

In case of other water and amusement parks you need to check the list of the hotels with free guest tickets. In our reviews we always provide those lists.

The seventh option - combo-tickets

This method is suitable if you are aiming at several attractions. The savings are quite large. But unfortunately, combo-ticket offers are usually seasonal. You need to visit the official websites of the attractions and see if the combo is available or not.

The following combos are common:

- Tickets for Burj Khalifa + Dubai Mall Aquarium;

- Tickets for Burj Khalifa + Mission 828 virtual reality;

- Tickets for Burj Khalifa + viewing the Dubai Fountain show from a boat;

- Aquaventure Waterpark + The Lost Chambers Aquarium;

- Aquaventure Waterpark + sessions at Dolphin Bay.

On Yas Island in Abu Dhabi there are three large parks at once: Ferrari World, YAS WaterWorld, Warner Bros Park. You can buy a combo-ticket to 2 or 3 parks at a discount. Tickets may imply 1, 2, 3 days access. These are very good deals.

A similar situation with Dubai Parks and Resorts: MOTIONGATE, BOLLYWOOD, LEGOLAND, LEGOLAND WaterPark. Combo-tickets to 2 parks at once are available, and there are tickets to all 4 parks for an entire year. At the time this page was updated (September 2022), all 4 DPR parks are already open (LEGOLAND WaterPark was closed for a long time, but recently reopened). "1 DAY 2 PARKS" tickets are available for 355 dirhams and a single park ticket costs 295 dirhams.

The eighth option - excursions

Most tourists believe that going somewhere with an excursion is always more expensive than going on your own. However, this is not always true. In some cases, you can save money by buying an excursion.

First, some tour agencies have their own discounts from the parks and can offer tickets even cheaper than the official price.

Second, they often sell tickets for close to the official price, but add bonuses like lunch, drinks and/or shuttle service to the park. And it is sometimes profitable.

However, you will unlikely get a big profit in such a way. But. If you get something then it is better than nothing.

The services of travel agencies are usually VERY profitable if you go anywhere outside of the Emirate of Dubai. For example, if you want to visit Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World or YAS WaterWorld. Or see the city of Al Ain or the shores of the Indian Ocean in the Emirate of Fujairah. In those cases, the transfer services help to save money and time. We talked about the value of different excursions in the review "Excursions in Dubai".

In the case of parks and attractions in Dubai itself, the savings are usually "penny". And at the same time added inconvenience, because you have to leave the park according to the guide's schedule, not when you want yourself. Compare, calculate, and decide for yourself whether you can save money or not.

The ninth option - ALSAADA (Dubai)

This option works only in Dubai, but does not work in the other six emirates of the UAE. Therefore, this option is at the end of the list.

ALSAADA is a project of the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs of the Emirate of Dubai). This project was created to make Dubai more attractive to tourists.

So. Every tourist can download the ALSAADA application in Google Play or App Store. In this app, you need to enter your passport data and the time of stay in Dubai. In response, the app will issue you a special discount ALSAADA card.

The main plus. It is absolutely free.

The main minus. The set of offers is very limited. In our opinion there is nothing worthwhile there at all. Mostly represented by discounts in fashion stores. But there are also restaurants and even small bonuses at amusement parks.

But we still recommend you to download ALSAADA and take a look at the offers list. Maybe something will interest you after all. Everyone is an individual. You have your own interests. And even more so, for free.

Good to know

- Read more about bonuses when buying Etisalat Visitor Line and DU Tourist Plan SIM-cards, as well as ways to save on communications, in our reviews "Internet in the UAE - how is cheap" and "How to make cheap calls from the UAE";

- On this page we only haven't talked about the IMG Worlds of Adventure park. Read our detailed review "IMG Park" about it;

- Also we missed Ski Dubai. Read our detailed review "Ski Dubai" about it;

- Read about all other expenses during vacation in the UAE in our detailed review "How much money to take to the UAE".

Have fun in Dubai, and read our interesting pages about the UAE (find the list of the pages below).


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