TOP-10 Attractions in Dubai Mall

Page update - Sep 25, 2022

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world. You can walk there for hours and even days. In order not to waste your time, read about the 10 most interesting places inside on this page. But let's start with the best way to get there.

The information on this page was updated on September 30, 2022. As of September 28, 2022, masks are not mandatory in Dubai in stores, malls, restaurants, cafes. You can now walk around Dubai Mall without a mask. Though many used to walk around, there was a risk of getting fined. Now there is no risk.

How to get there

The convenient location in the Downtown area is the first major advantage of Dubai Mall. It can be reached quickly and comfortably.

Option 1 is the subway. Take the red (first) metro line to the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station. For the subway stations map and fares see our page "Dubai Metro".

After getting off the train, go down the escalator or elevator. In the lower floor you will see a sign "To Dubai Mall / To Burj Khalifa" and follow it. You will reach the pedestrian bridge "Metro Link Bridge". It is 828 meters long, but you do not even have to walk on it, you can ride the horizontal travelators. The bridge is covered and air-conditioned. This bridge will take you straight to Dubai Mall.

Option 2 - cab from the hotel. It is comfortable, but expensive and often long. The fact is that the junction on Sheikh Zayed Road in front of the Dubai Mall is the busiest in the whole of Dubai. The chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam are high, and during rush hour it is one hundred percent. The passenger in a cab pays for the time spent in traffic jams.

The city of Dubai is big and it is impossible to say the cost of the trip, the cost depends on the location of your hotel. It can be from 12 to 100 dirhams. For the official cab fares see our page "Taxis in UAE - fares and rules". See the current exchange rates of dirham on our page "What is the money in UAE".

Option 3 - Bus. Two buses stop at the Dubai Mall. Route 27 goes from the Gold Market. Route 29 goes from Al Ghubeiba. If any of these buses stop near your hotel, take them. The main thing is not to forget about the features of Dubai buses, details in our review "Buses in the Dubai and UAE".

Working hours

From Monday to Thursday - from 10 am to 11 pm (from 10-00 to 23-00).

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday - from 10 am to 12 am (midnight) (from 10-00 to 00-00).

The Waitrose supermarket opens one hour early at 9 am (9-00). Restaurants and fast-foods work one hour longer - until 12 am and 1 am (until 00-00 and 01-00). The cinema works even at night, when there are scheduled sessions.

We remind that since January 3, 2022 in the UAE the new weekends are Friday from noon, Saturday and Sunday. Read details in our review "Friday in the UAE".

Mobile App

The app is called "Dubai Mall" and is available for Android and iOS. First of all, the app is useful because it has navigation through the mall. You won't waste time walking and searching for the right object.

The app has a complete list of the stores. It is highly recommended to use. Don't forget, however, that the app needs the Internet to work. Read our detailed review "Cheap Internet in the UAE".

A frequent question from our readers. Where is the liquor store?

As of September 2022, there is no liquor store in the Dubai Mall.

We would like to point out that we periodically get angry feedback from readers that goes something like, "What are you lying about? There's an alcohol store at the Dubai Mall. We bought whiskey there!" And every time we investigate further, it turns out that people did NOT go to the Dubai Mall, but to the Dubai Marina Mall. They are two DIFFERENT malls, although the names are similar. And the Dubai Marina Mall does have an alcohol store called African + Eastern.

1. Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the most famous aquarium in Dubai, located inside the Dubai Mall. The main aquarium with a capacity of 2.64 million gallons (10 million liters) can be viewed for free through a record-sized plexiglass plate.

This plate of plexiglass is an attraction in itself. The plate is 108 feet (33 meters) long, 28 feet (8.5 meters) high, 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) thick and weighs 245 tons. Twice a day the aquarium divers feed sharks and rays, and this action can be seen for free too.

The rest of the services at the aquarium are paid. Read our detailed page "Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo" to find out what they are and what they cost.

The aquarium is located in the center of the mall on the ground floor. It is difficult to describe the route from the west entrance, there are too many turns. So it is best to follow the signs. Either use the navigation app or get a map at the entrance to the mall.

The aquarium is also the best landmark in Dubai Mall. In the following, we will explain the location of other entertainment venues in relation to the aquarium.

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2. Candylicious Shop

The world's largest candy store is located in the Dubai Mall - it is the sweetest 12,000 square feet (1,100 square meters) in the world.

The Candylicious store is located opposite the main aquarium glass. Just turn around 180 degrees.

Being inside, you can see the chocolate tree, find the unimaginable variety of M&Ms candies, pick up the goodies at the record-breaking Pick&Mix wall, watch the preparation, try and buy the famous candies "I love Dubai" and "I love UAE".

You can taste all the 5,000 sorts of candies on sale there. But we think that is an impossible task. You can order a chocolate bar with your portrait on it as a memento.

However, we advise not to get carried away, because the prices at Candylicious are high. Many of the exact same sweets can be bought cheaper at the local Waitrose supermarket (on the Lower Ground Floor).

See our page "Candylicious Shop at Dubai Mall" for more details.

3. Diplodocus dinosaur skeleton

It stands in the atrium in the Souq area, which is on the ground floor. Go left from the aquarium glass and turn left again at the first turn. The skeleton watching is free.

This skeleton has been there since March 2014. It is 23 feet (7 meters) high and 82 feet (25 meters) long. It makes a great impression on visitors.

This is a real dinosaur skeleton that was found in the United States and transported to Dubai for public viewing. More precisely, 90% of its bones are original, the remaining 10% are artificial, scientists finished them themselves.

This type of dinosaur is called a "Diplodocus". These giants lived during the Late Jurassic period 150-145 million years ago. They lived only in the western part of North America. There are many Diplodocus skeletons found in the United States, and it is the most well-studied dinosaur by scientists. Americans willingly share their skeletons with the world.

Museums in London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen and Paris have their own diplodoc skeletons. So the experience in Dubai is not something unique.

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4. Dubai Mall Ice Rink

To get to the Ice Rink, go further from the dinosaur in the direction of the aquarium. Turn right at the corner and there will be an Ice Rink behind Cafe Nero.

Naturally, most Europeans and Americans are not impressed with this rink. The locals have a storm of emotions by a big ice rink. Most Arabs or Indians have only seen ice in small cubes in the refrigerator. They skate with great pleasure.

If you skate well, you can rent skates and show the locals your skills. The price for skating is AED 75 or AED 100. Skate rental is included in this price. The use of "penguins" is also included for children.

This Dubai Mall Ice Rink is also one of the home rinks for the UAE hockey team. Yes! The UAE has its own hockey team, and it even won a Division III qualifying tournament in 2019. The Arab hockey players Artur Zainutdinov, Artem Karkotsky, and Vitaly Savko especially distinguished themselves. It is not a joke. The UAE authorities actively attract sportsmen from other countries, giving the citizenship to gifted sportsmen. And hockey is a bright example of this practice.

5. Waterfall with pearl divers

This is the calling card of the Dubai Mall. The waterfalls (there are two) are located in the atrium in the southeast corner of the building. If you come by subway, you will enter through the west entrance. So, the waterfalls are at the opposite end of the building. The waterfalls are about 100 feet (30 meters) from the Dubai Ice Rink.

Unfortunately, the app doesn't know about this waterfall. Apparently a technical error. We hope to have it corrected soon.

The figures on the waterfall depict pearl divers. This is a reference to an era in the history of the United Arab Emirates, when oil was not yet extracted, and the main source of income of the region was pearl hunting.

Around the waterfall there are several cafes where you can sit under the sound of water with a cup of tea or coffee. There are cafes both on the first and ground floors. Just be prepared for very high prices for these tea and coffee.

All the details in our review "The Waterfall at Dubai Mall".

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6. Creek Tower miniature

All readers have probably heard by now that Dubai is now building a new super skyscraper, Creek Tower, which will be 100 meters (330 feet) taller than the Burj Khalifa. In 2017, as part of a promotional campaign for the new skyscraper, a huge model of Creek Tower was placed in the main atrium (Grand Atrium). The model was personally introduced by the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Of course, we all understand that this is advertising for a new grand project. But what advertising! The model weighs 3 tons and is about 20 meters (66 feet) high. The main atrium became a good home for the model, because until 2017 the atrium was empty, and it looked a little ridiculous.

There is a light show on the layout, and it's free to view. Weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday): 3pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm (15-00, 17-00, 20-00, 23-00). On weekdays: 5 pm, 8 pm, 11 pm (17-00, 20-00, 23-00).

The Grand Atrium is at the main entrance. It is the entrance on the opposite side from the Dubai Fountains. From the aquarium glass go right, after 50 meters (150 feet) you will find the Grand Atrium.

7. Hysteria

This is a Haunted House attraction. Visitors walk through a scary house, special actors play monsters or maniacs, there are screams and scary noises. The Haunted Houses are very popular in the US, but they now only gain popularity in the Middle East.

The administration of Hysteria writes in the ads: "The only such attraction in the region!" They lie and don't blush! There is a similar attraction in Dubai at IMG Park, The Haunted Hotel, which is even scarier and much larger in size.

The Hysteria attraction is located in the southeast corner of the building, on the second floor, next to Kidzania and the Lego store.

The price is AED105 per person (with VAT). You can buy tickets in advance at But we recommend not to keep it in mind. You can easily buy tickets in place because there are no lines there. There can be no more than 4 people at a time Inside. Children 13-16 years old are only allowed with a parent. From 16 years old you can go without.

8. Lego Store Dubai Mall

This Lego Store Dubai Mall was once the biggest in the Middle East. But now it has lost its throne to the store in Legoland Park in Dubai. However, Lego Dubai Mall is larger than most or such stores in the US and Europe.

Here you can see a huge range of Lego sets, and some of them are sold only in the United Arab Emirates.

Inside the store, you can see big models of cars and construction kits, which you can and must be photographed with. The exposition changes periodically. There is a free play area. Even if you do not buy anything, you will not get bored.

The store is located next to Hysteria, in the southeast corner of the building, on the second floor.

An important note! If you want to put a child on some figurine for the photo, be sure to ask the store employee. You can sit on some figurines, some are not.

9. VR PARK - virtual reality park

There is nothing new in virtual reality attractions. We already have them in every major mall. But in Dubai Mall, there is a whole large park of virtual reality attractions! Such a large size and number of VR-attractions is rare.

The park is located on the second floor, next to the Lego store, in the southeast corner of the building. Entrance to the park is free, you only have to pay for the rides.

The payment system in the park is simple. You buy a card at once with credits, spend the credits on entertainment. The minimum top up is 75 dirhams (+25 bonus) The cost per ride is an average of 40 dirhams.

In general, the programs are standard. But there are two that you can see only there. The first is called "Burj Drop" - it is a simulation of falling from the Burj Khalifa. There you fall in VR headset on a real "fall" attraction.

The second program is called "Dubai Drone VR" - a flight over a futuristic Dubai as imagined by its creators in the year 2050. There you ride a mini roller coaster in VR glasses.

10. A380 Flight Simulator

Want to feel like a pilot of the world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380? The Dubai Mall offers such an opportunity, though it is not cheap at all.

And it's not just an entertainment attraction, but a real simulator. With such simulators real civil aviation pilots learn how to fly. The simulator is provided by Emirates Airline.

One session lasts 15, 30 or 60 minutes. You stay in the simulator with an instructor. The price is AED 350 per person (for 30 minutes). The simulator is located on the second floor next to the entrance to the oceanarium.

The simulator visit must be booked in advance at

The simulator has programs for take off and land at over a hundred airports worldwide. You can customize the weather conditions, including the most extreme. The simulator was renewed in September 2019.

And most importantly, don't forget to take pictures from the pilots' seats!

And don't forget! Dubai Dancing Fountains

The largest dancing and singing fountains in the world are right next to the Dubai Mall. You only need to go out on the waterfront of the Burj Khalifa Lake by one of the southern entrances.

See the show schedule and read the description in our review "Dubai's Dancing Fountain".

Where to eat?

The food court is on the second floor, approximately in the center of the building. Follow the signs "food court", you can't go wrong. There are local fast-food places as well as international ones: McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and others.

What else

There are a few places in the Dubai Mall that may be of interest to some tourists.

The 22-screens Real Cinemas is located on the east side of the building, not far from VR Park. Movies are shown in English, Arabic and Hindi (Indian).

Kidzania Game Center is a learning-playing center. All the activities are in English. The center is located on the second floor, next to Hysteria.

The Hamleys store at Dubai Mall is large and interesting. It is located in the center of the building, on the second floor.

Al Nassma store is located on the lower ground floor, in the middle between the main atrium and the west parking. You can buy the famous chocolates with camel's milk. Read more about them on our page "Camel Milk in the UAE".

Bateel store is also located on the lower ground floor, also between the atrium and the west parking lot. You can buy elite varieties of dates and the famous date candies. Read about them on our page "Dates in the UAE".

Gold Market. There's not much point in looking at the Gold Market at the Dubai Mall. It is better to go to the main Dubai Gold Market in the Deira district.

Important and useful to know

- The Waitrose supermarket is located on the lower ground floor. The supermarket is small and rather expensive. For food prices see our review "Food Prices in the UAE";

- If you need a tourist SIM-card for the Internet, then go again to the lower ground floor, where there are DU and Etisalat offices opposite the supermarket. Read about the tourist SIMs in our reviews "Cheap Internet in the UAE" and "Cheap calls from the UAE";

- Currency exchange offices and bank offices are located on the lower ground floor. To change currency go there. See our page "Currency exchange in the UAE" for details;

- If you target to buy gifts and souvenirs then read the TOP-list and prices in our detailed review "Gifts and souvenirs from Dubai and UAE".

- The iconic Sega Republic theme park has unfortunately closed for good.

Have a nice walk around the Dubai Mall, and read our interesting pages about the UAE and Dubai (see list of the pages below).


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