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Page update - Nov 24, 2022

How can the Dubai Monorail be useful for tourists? What places of interest can you reach by it? What are the ticket prices, intervals, operating hours? Read the answers and list of the stations, and see the detailed map on this page.

The prices, timetable and other information on this page was updated in November 2022. And there are two great pieces of news!

On 22 October 2022, The Pointe station finally opened. It is now convenient to travel to the Palm Fountains.

Starting 25 October 2022 it is possible to pay for the monorail with the NOL transport card. However, there are important features. Read more details below on this page.

Brief general information

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail was created to serve the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah (Jumeirah District). Trains run from the base of the island to the last point where the hotel Atlantis The Palm is located.

The length of the line is 5.45 kilometers. The line has 5 stations. The trains are fully automatic (no driver). The maximum speed is 75 km/h. Monorail was opened April 30, 2009, cost by various estimates from 600 to 1100 million dollars. It is the first and until now the only monorail in the Middle East.

Dubai Monorail map

Below is the map of the stations. This is the preview. CLICK on the map to enlarge it to full screen. We do so to save you money - your internet traffic.

If the inscriptions are too small then you can use the zoom option - by two-finger gesture for smartphones or tablets, or use mouse wheel and Control key for desktops. On the map, we have indicated all the places of interest for tourists, which can be reached by the monorail.

Important to know!

The Dubai Monorail is NOT part of the general public transport system of Dubai City. It is a private transport, owned by Nakheel. Accordingly:

1. Dubai daily and weekly passes do NOT work there.

2. The "30 minutes" rule does NOT work there. You can read about the "30 minutes" rule in our review "NOL Cards".

3. You can pay for the monorail with your NOL card (starting 25 October 2022) which you use to pay for the metro and buses. BUT! The prices are fixed and the fares are separate, i.e. the fares are not related in any way to general transport prices in Dubai.

You can buy a monorail ticket separately. One can buy tickets in advance at the official website or at the ticket counters at the stations. One can pay with a NOL card but please make sure that the card has a minimum of 30 dirhams on it.

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Children up to 110 cm: free of charge.

The prices changed slightly in October 2022, following the opening of The Pointe station.

The prices for one-way journeys are:

Palm Gateway Al Ittihad Park Nakheel Mall The Pointe Atlantis
Palm Gateway - 10 10 10 20
Al Ittihad Park 10 - 5 5 10
Nakheel Mall 10 5 - 5 10
The Pointe 10 5 5 - 5
Atlantis 20 10 10 5 -

The prices for round trips are:

Palm Gateway Al Ittihad Park Nakheel Mall The Pointe Atlantis
Palm Gateway - 15 15 15 30
Al Ittihad Park 15 - 10 10 15
Nakheel Mall 15 10 - 10 15
The Pointe 15 10 10 - 10
Atlantis 30 15 15 10 -

See our page "Money in the UAE" for the current dirham (AED) exchange rate.

There is a full day pass, called "Day Pass" for 35 dirhams. With the pass you can ride the whole day without any limits.

There is a pass called "Family Pass" for 99 dirhams. The pass allows 8 members of a family to ride between Palm Gateway and Atlantis (terminals). If a family is at least 4 people, it's already a good deal.

You can buy tickets at the ticket counter at any station or on the official website. The price is the same in both cases.

Operating time and interval

The interval is 15 minutes.

Operating hours from Palm Gateway station: from 9-00 to 21-45 (last train leaves).

Operating hours from Atlantis station: from 9-15 to 22-00 (last train leaves).

Where can you get by the monorail?

First, let's note that you will ride in comfort. In the photo near you can see the interior, click on the photo to enlarge to full screen.

Palm Gateway station (initial)

Located at the base of The Palm Jumeirah island. The artificial island is made in the form of a palm tree, which is perfectly visible on our map above and is obvious from the name.

There are no attractions near this station. It's where tourists usually board the monorail to ride to the island. The Palm Gateway station is difficult to get to. We will tell about all the ways in detail later on this page.

Al Ittihad Park station

Here you can see Al Ittihad Park which by our standards is not a park at all but just a palm-lined square. See the photo near and click on the photo to enlarge it. But there is very little green space in Dubai, so it is a real park according to Dubai standards.

Nearby is West Beach. The beach is nice and free (you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds for a fee), but it is far away and expensive to get to. So the West Beach is convenient only for those who are staying at hotels nearby.

Nearby is the Golden Mile Galleria (aka Galleria Mall). There are mostly fashionable stores, Spinneys supermarket, and a few fast-food places. There is no liquor store there. The Palm Jumeirah has no liquor stores at all.

Nakheel Mall station

Direct access to Nakheel Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai. In addition, Nakheel Mall is the newest - it opened on January 1, 2020.

Nakheel Mall has 350 stores, Waitrose supermarket, a cinema, an amusement park, Bricobilandia playground, two dozen fast food outlets, including McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway.

Nearby is The Palm Tower skyscraper. In April 2021, the new observation deck The View at The Palm at a height of 240 meters (787 feet, 52nd floor) was opened. In November 2021, the panoramic (360 degrees) high-rise poll AURA SkyPool was opened. Read more on our page "The View".

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The Pointe station

Opened on 22 October 2022. It is home to The Pointe, an open-air shopping and entertainment centre with over 80 restaurants, a couple of dozen shops and several entertainment venues.

But the main attraction at The Pointe is the recently opened record-breaking fountains. Read more on the page "The Palm Fountains".

Atlantis station (terminus)

Here is the famous Atlantis Hotel The Palm, pictured nearby, click on the photo to enlarge. However, the hotel is not affordable for most tourists, as the room costs about USD 500 per night. Tourists come there primarily for the water park.

Aquaventure Waterpark is the most famous and largest in Dubai. It is where is a slide where the visitor rushes past real sharks. For all the details see our page "Aquaventure".

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is adjacent to the water park and you can buy a combo ticket at a great discount. The aquarium is beautifully styled to resemble the sunken Atlantis, and the list of sea creatures is more than worthy. See our page "The Lost Chambers" for more details.-->

The Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium is also adjacent to the water park. They don't hold a dolphin show, but only provide a service of interaction in groups or individually. This experience is not cheap at all. See our page "Dolphin Bay" for all the details.

How to get to the Palm Gateway (initial) station?

It's long anyway. Right now there is no direct connection between the subway and the monorail. Nakheel has been saying for years that they will build an extension of the monorail to the Dubai Internet City metro station, but it's still there.

Option 1 is via tram. You should ride to DMCC or Sobha Realty (called Dubai Marina before 4.08.21) subway stations , both on the red line. Take the tram to Palm Jumeirah station. From there, walk over the bridge to Palm Gateway monorail station, it is located 400 meters away.

See our "Dubai Metro" page for the detailed map of the metro. For the map of the Dubai Tram line see our page "Tram in Dubai". The tram ride will be free of charge if you use the "30 minutes" rule that we talked about on the page "NOL Cards".

Option 2 is to walk from Al Khail station. Take the metro to Al Khail station (called Nakheel until November 25, 2020) on the red line. Then walk towards the Persian Gulf. As soon as you see the tram tracks, turn right. Walk to the Palm Jumeirah tram station. From there, walk across the bridge to the Palm Gateway monorail station (400 meters). You will need to walk for about 25 minutes in total.

Option 3 is to walk from Dubai Internet City station. Take the metro to Dubai Internet City station on the red line. Cross the Sheikh Zayed Road and go behind the Dubai Jewel Tower, it is pink and red and cannot be confused with anything else. Behind there is a wide street. Walk forward on this street until you reach the tram tracks and then continue to the Palm Jumeirah tram station. From there, walk over the bridge to the Palm Gateway monorail station, about 400 meters away. You will have to walk about 40 minutes in total.

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Is the monorail useful for tourists?

Let's not hide it, the monorail is not very useful for tourists. First of all because of the high fare. If you ride to the Aquaventure Waterpark you pay AED 20 for the monorail. A cab from the Dubai Internet City subway station to Aquaventure Waterpark cost AED 25. If you go alone then the monorail is cheaper, but if two people ride then the cab is cheaper.

In the case of three or four passengers a cab is much more profitable. But now, according to covid-safety rules it is forbidden to carry more than two passengers in a cab. Read more on our page "Taxis in Dubai".

Nakheel is positioning the monorail as an attraction. They tenderly hint that a ride on it is already a fun and unique experience. Is it? Hardly. The monorail is slow - it doesn't accelerate more than 75 km/h. There are many monorails in the world, so no unique experience.

Important and useful to know

- The monorail always runs empty or half-empty. Even on Friday and even on holidays. But do not forget that on Friday and holidays there are many people in parks and malls, and it is better to reschedule your visit for another day. Read our review "Friday and weekend in Dubai and UAE". See calendar in our review "Holidays in the UAE";

- The rules of conduct in the monorail cars are the same as in any transport in Dubai. Read more in our review "What not to do in Dubai and the UAE";

- If you're going to the water park, know that the price of the ticket includes a visit to the private Adventure Beach. See our page "Beaches in Dubai" for details.

Have a great trip to The Palm Jumeirah, and read our helpful for tourists and interesting pages about Dubai and the UAE (see list of the pages below).


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