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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Information, Facts, Figures

The most interesting things about the United Arab Emirates. Where the country is located and with whom it borders. Who lives there and what these people do.

About tourism, what attracts travelers from all over the world? What are the actual figures of the UAE tourism industry? About economics, how important is oil production's role in the UAE GDP?

Separately, we talked about the form of government of the UAE - a federation of seven monarchies. About all seven emirs, and what positions in government they occupy.

History of the UAE

Looking at the almost lifeless Arabian desert, many tourists believe that there could not have been civilization there before the era of oil production. However, this is not the case, because the climate was much milder in ancient times.

The ancient cultures of Hafit, Umm an-Nar, Wadi Suq existed on the territory of modern UAE. In the 7th century, these lands became the center of trade in the Arab Caliphate. Later there were the "Age of Pirates" and the "Age of Pearls". Read about all these interesting stages of UAE history in our detailed review.

Sheikh Zayed - father of the nation

Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan was the creator of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi from 1966 to 2004. Hundreds of sites in the Arab Emirates are named after him, and 2018 has been proclaimed "The Year of Sheikh Zayed".

We dedicated a separate page to him - his life, character, views, beliefs, achievements. Read the most interesting things about Sheikh Zayed in our review. We believe the famous quotes can show us the character of a person most of all, so we used his 14 famous quotes to show the true Sheikh Zayed.

Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates

In this review, we talked about the famous emirs of the UAE's past, the current rulers, and the successors who have yet to build the country's future. About politics and politicians in the United Arab Emirates.

At the same time, we told who has the right to carry the title "Sheikh" in the Arab countries. We described who of the emirs' families are related to whom for political purposes, who is "friends" with whom and against whom.

Population and citizens of the UAE

How many people live in the United Arab Emirates and the ethnic composition of the population. Which emirate has the most people, and where the population is the smallest. Life expectancy, gender distribution, and other features.

Did you know that Arabs (citizens) in the UAE make up only 10% of the population? The rest are guest workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries. How these people live, how they are paid for their work, what rights they have. A little bit about the life of UAE citizens and their privileges.

What language is spoken in the UAE

What is the official language in the United Arab Emirates, and which language is most commonly spoken there. You'd be surprised, but these are two different languages! Read more in our review.

What language do you need to know to communicate with locals freely? What kind of translator or dictionary should an average tourist stock up with?

UAE flag

What does the flag of the United Arab Emirates look like? What does each color symbolize? How and when did the flag appear, and who is the author of the design? Read in our review all the most interesting and important things about the UAE flag.

Also about the flags of all seven emirates, the pan-Arab colors and the memories of Abdullah Mohammed Al-Maanah, the UAE Ambassador to the Czech Republic, who won the competition for the flag design back in 1971.


What to bring to the UAE

What tourists need to take for vacation in the UAE. And what you will not need for sure. What you can buy cheaply on the spot. We are going on a trip to have everything that is needed, but the suitcase should not be too heavy.

Medicines and antiseptics, sun protection, hygiene items, gadgets, etc. Optimal clothing set for the beach, excursions, evening walks, and respectable places. See the list of all the useful little things in our review.

How much money to take for the UAE

What prices await the tourists in the United Arab Emirates? How much money to prepare for a comfortable vacation? Is a trip to the UAE affordable for an average tourist?

Prices for food in stores and restaurants. Tips on how to eat cheaply and safely. Transportation costs, cigarette and alcohol prices. How much for entertainment in the UAE, how much tickets to attractions, and what you can see for free.

Tourist taxes and charges in the UAE

What extra charges are waiting for tourists in hotels and at the UAE border? How to compare prices for hotel rooms? How to calculate the final price for a room in each emirate? Read the answers in our review.

And also, the exact rates of all taxes and analysis of pricing on the example of a specific hotel in Dubai. What do independent tourists need to consider, and what do buyers of package tours need to pay attention to.

What you can and cannot bring in the UAE

Read the list of prohibited items to bring into the United Arab Emirates. What not to put in a suitcase for vacation, and what you can bring, but in limited quantities only.

Import limits for alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco for each emirate. How much money can be brought in without declaring, and what items must be declared. Read about all this in our review.

What are the power sockets in the UAE?

What are the electrical standards in the UAE? Will our electrical plugs fit into Arabian outlets? Do you need an adapter, power transformer, or another device?

Read about all this in our review. We also talked in detail about the British Type G sockets. The page is not only useful but also informative.

Are single women allowed to enter into the UAE?

Can a young girl be refused entry if she travels alone? What are the current entry rules? What documents are useful to guarantee yourself success at the migration control? Read the answers.

And also: where did this belief that unmarried women are forbidden to enter the United Arab Emirates come from in the first place? How have the country's rules changed over the past decades?

On vacation in the UAE with a child - what you need to know

What you need to know if you're going to spend vacation in the UAE with children. What to buy? What to watch out for? How not to be denied a visa? What to feed and drink children of different ages? Read the answers in our review.

And also interesting points: at what age is a person considered an adult in the Arab tradition, how to avoid overweight luggage due to baby food, is it convenient to travel with a stroller.


UAE laws - what you can't do in the UAE

What tourists should not do in the UAE to avoid trouble, especially with the authorities. Most of the UAE laws are based on the Shariah, which is not the case in other Arab tourist countries.

The rules regarding alcohol, restrictions on clothing in public places and other rules of law. Separately, we talked about the rules of conduct during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan in the UAE

Ramadan is the holy month in Islam, a month of fasting. In the United Arab Emirates, the fasting requirements apply to all non-Muslims as well, including tourists. However, a vacation in the UAE during Ramadan has its bright sides.

Read about what tourists are not allowed to do in Ramadan and how the holy month affects the opening hours of entertainment venues. How to get your benefits from Ramadan.

Friday and weekends in the UAE

Friday is a holy day in Islam, a day of obligatory group noon prayer. Until 2022, the weekends in the UAE were Friday and Saturday, while Sunday was the first day of the working week. But since January 3, 2022, the weekends are Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday.

We told you what to do on Friday for tourists, where you can and can not go on this day, the changes in transport timetables, shopping malls and entertainment venues working hours.

Should you be afraid of sharks in the UAE?

What kind of sharks live in the Persian Gulf along the coast of the United Arab Emirates? Do they attack tourists on the beaches? Should you be scared? What precautions to take? Read the answers.

As well as statistics on shark attacks and a detailed story about all recent cases. A description of the most interesting species and interesting facts about them.

Public holidays in UAE

A complete list of national holidays in the United Arab Emirates. Calendar of secular and religious public holidays. A brief description of each.

We have paid special attention to the information for tourists - what holiday is interesting to come to the UAE, when to expect the greatest discounts on fashionable goods and entertainment, what restrictions are in force during religious holidays.


How to make cheap calls from the UAE

What SIM card to take on holiday in the UAE to make cheap calls home. Or maybe it is better to buy a SIM card from a local operator? Read the detailed answers to these questions, a comparison of tariffs, and do not overpay for communication.

We also talked about special offers for tourists from the Emirati operators Etisalat and DU. We explained the rules of dialing a number in the UAE and gave some important advice - how not to get your cell phone account zeroed out in the first hour of being in the country.

Internet in UAE cheaply

How is cheaper to use the Internet in the UAE - to buy a SIM of local operators DU and Etisalat or to activate the options of your operator while roaming? We compared all popular tariffs and chose the best options in our review.

Also read about Internet censorship in the UAE and the ban on calls via messengers. All the interesting information about the Emirati mobile operators. Did you know that the UAE is one of the ten countries with the most expensive Internet in the world?

Phone codes of the UAE

Read about what code to dial to call the United Arab Emirates and what the local codes are for different cities in the country. How to dial correctly to call from UAE to other countries and how to call within UAE. What are the codes of the local mobile operators?

And also other interesting information: what are the numbers 200, 600, 800, how to call emergency services, how to dial by Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers.

Free SIM-card in Dubai

Right at the passport control at Dubai airport, arriving tourists are given free SIM cards of the local operator DU. What kind of SIM card is it, what's its rate, how many minutes and megabytes are given? Read the answers in our review.

As well as the most frequently asked questions by tourists. Is it possible to call home with these free minutes? How to add a package of minutes and megabytes? And is it worth taking this SIM-card at all? Or throw it in the trash?


UAE currency - the UAE dirham

All the most important things tourists need to know about the currency of the United Arab Emirates - the UAE dirham and fils (1 dirham = 100 fils). Banknotes, coins, history of Arab money. Features of the currency and symbols of the dirham and the fils.

On this page, you can find the current exchange rates of the dirham to the dollar, euro, pound, and other currencies. Exchange rates data on our site are updated four times a day.

Where to change money in UAE

Where is it profitable, safe, convenient to change dollars, pounds, and euros into UAE dirhams? Is it worth going to the UAE with other currencies? What currency is better to take on vacation to lose less on exchange?

In our review, we answered all these questions and gave some very useful tips for tourists. We gave some figures for the best exchange rate.

How much does groceries cost in the UAE

What are the prices in supermarkets in the Arab Emirates? How much do bread, milk, vegetables, fruit, cereals, pulses, meat and meat products cost there? Can you save money by cooking on vacation by yourself? To what store is it better to go shopping? Read the answers to these questions.

As well as interesting facts and figures: whether the UAE residents eat a lot of bread, in what form they prefer bread, what are the "organic" vegetables and fruits, what are labneh and leban.

Alcohol in the UAE

All the important things tourists need to know about alcohol in the United Arab Emirates. The rules of sale and drinking, prices for beer, wine, and spirits.

We have talked in detail about the laws, because officially tourists do not have the right to drink alcohol. This legal problem has long been discussed by lawyers, but there is no reasonable solution for it yet.

Smoking and cigarettes in the UAE

How much do cigarettes cost in the United Arab Emirates? Is it better take with you, and how much can you take across the border? Is it legal to smoke everywhere, and what are the fines for breaking the anti-tobacco law?

Read the answers to all these questions in our review. We have talked separately about the rules of smoking during the month of Ramadan.

Vaping and IQOS in the UAE

Is vaping and IQOS allowed or prohibited in the UAE? Are tourists allowed to bring their own devices, liquids, or sticks? Where can, where can't, and what are the penalties? Read the answers in this review.

As well as interesting facts and figures. Why do customs officers in the UAE pay strong attention to vaping devices and liquids? How much does IQOS cost in Dubai and why is it so expensive?


What to bring from the UAE

Read the list of the most interesting and colorful gifts from the UAE. What you can buy cheap. What not to buy, not to lose money.

Coffee, dates, oriental sweets, bakhoor - all these are popular gifts from the UAE, about which we talked about in this review. A separate interesting topic is camel milk, dairy products, and camel meat. Prices and tips for tourists - where to buy and how to choose the best souvenirs.

What you can and cannot not take out the UAE

What can't be brought out through customs in the United Arab Emirates. And what you can take out, but in limited quantities only. Export bans and restrictions, customs regulations. The answer to the most popular question among many tourists, "May I take out sea shells?"

Separately, we talked about taking out large sums of money and valuable objects. What shall be declared at the customs when entering the UAE, so that there would be no problems when leaving the country. After passing through Arab customs, you will have to go through customs of your country, and there are certain restrictions, which we told you about in detail.

Dates in the UAE

The most popular gift from the United Arab Emirates among tourists are sweet and delicious dates. It is believed that the UAE grows some of the best dates in the world, and the number of varieties there passes the hundred mark.

How to choose the best dates? Is it better to buy at the market or in a supermarket, or to go to a real "date boutique"? Prices, descriptions of the best varieties, and tips for tourists.

Camel milk and dairy in the UAE

Another colorful gift from the UAE is camel milk and dairy products. But it can be a problem to bring home milk as it spoils quickly. Another thing is chocolate with camel milk of the famous Al Nassma brand, there is no problem with it.

In this review, we talked in detail about how to bring home camel milk and dairy products. What are the prices in supermarkets in the UAE? What to choose to surprise relatives and friends? Learn more about camel chocolate and cheese.

Bakhoor and Oud - arabian perfumes

Arabian oud and bakhoor perfumes are some of the most interesting gifts you can bring from the UAE. How to choose, where to buy, how much do these interesting gifts cost.

In this review, we talked in detail about how the agarwood is extracted, and how they make oil from it. All the most interesting things about the devices for burning bakhoor and the culture of its use in the UAE and other Persian Gulf countries.

Shopping in the UAE - why is it cheap

The United Arab Emirates is known in the world not only for its beaches and entertainment. This is also a popular destination for shopping tourism. Due to the low customs duties and extremely low taxes, prices in the UAE stores may be even lower than in the countries of origin.

We have described in detail how prices are formed and why traders in the UAE are able to trade so cheaply. Some useful tips for those who like fashionable shopping.

VAT refund in the UAE

In November 2018, tourists in Dubai and other emirates are entitled to a 5% refund on their purchases when leaving the country. The news is undoubtedly pleasant, but to get a refund you need to meet several conditions.

What is the minimum check amount for a VAT refund? Where and how to get my money at the airports? What are the fees? What are some other important nuances? Read the answers in our review.


Dubai Metro - map and fares

How much does it cost to travel in the Dubai Metro (subway). What types of tickets are available. Where to buy them and how else you can pay. How often the trains run, and what are the working hours of different lines.

For the convenience of our readers we have made a map. The stations in Dubai subway are oftenly renamed, and our map contains all the latest updates. Our map shows the main Dubai attractions also.

The NOL-card

How to use the Dubai NOL-card? What are its types? What are its features that are important for tourists to know? What is the best ticket type for tourists? What is the 30 minute rule? Read the answers to these important questions.

And also more important points: what types of daily fares are available for different types of NOLs; how to get back the balance of your account if leaving the country; what types of NOLs you can buy from an automatic ticket machine, and which are only available at ticket offices.

Cabs in the UAE - prices and rules

How much cab rides cost in the UAE, how to pay, and how to avoid cheating. Taxi fares and regulations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates. Where to catch and how to call a cab.

UAE is an Arab country with its own rules, which the western tourist may simply not understand. In our review we gave the details of these rules.

Buses in the UAE

Buses in the UAE are not the most convenient transport for tourists, but sometimes it is the only chance to save money. The local buses have many rules that tourists may not understand.

Read in our review about how much bus fare in different emirates, how to pay, what rules you need to keep in mind not to be fined. And the most important point - what are check-in and check-out.

Dubai Tram (streetcar)

The streetcar in Dubai runs only in the Dubai Marina area, but it can be useful for all tourists. What exactly is it useful for? When is it worth using? How to ride it for free? Read the answers.

And also important information: intervals and operating hours, ticket prices for different classes, the map of the stations with the interchanges to the subway and monorail. As well as dozens of useful tips for tourists.

Dubai Monorail

The monorail is the only public transport on The Palm Jumeirah island, not counting cabs. The monorail is great, but it is quite expensive. It takes you to Nakheel Mall or Aquaventure Waterpark.

How much is the fare? What are the operating hours and intervals? And the main question tourists have: how to get to the starting station of the monorail? After all, the monorail does not have a direct connection from the subway. Read the detailed answers in our review.


How to get from Dubai Airport to the city

How to get from Dubai International Airport (DXB) to a hotel in the city inexpensively and quickly? How much does it cost to take a cab to different areas of Dubai? Is it profitable to book a transfer online? Read the answers in our review.

And also other interesting options: local buses and renting a car right at the airport. What are the nuances of these ways, how to take advantage of them.

How to get from Al Maktoum Airport (Dubai) to the city

The second major airport in Dubai, Al Maktoum Airport (DWC), is located to the west of the city center. It is more difficult to get from there, as the subway does not reach it, and the distance to the city is long. However, in some cases Al Maktoum airport is even more convenient. Which ones? Read in our review.

See F55 and N55 bus timetables, route descriptions and prices. We gave approximate prices for cab rides to different areas of Dubai. We told about how to get to other emirates.

How to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to the city

What's the cheapest way to get from Abu Dhabi Airport to your hotel in th city? Which is the fastest and which is the most comfortable way? Read about all the options and prices: cabs, buses, transfers.

And whether Uber and Careem can help you save money. Which parts of the city can be reached by bus, and where you can get only by cab. Is it profitable to rent a car right at the airport, and what are the difficulties in this case.

How to get from Sharjah Airport to the city

What's the best way to get to your hotel from Sharjah Airport? What's the quickest way? How to get to Dubai and the other emirates? Read the answers, cab fares, and a list of buses from the airport in our review.

And also details about Air Arabia shuttles, whether you can save money with Careem or Uber, whether it's profitable to book a transfer online. Details on how local cab drivers cheat tourists.


From Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back

How to travel cheaply and quickly between the two main emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are many options: public and airlines owned buses, cabs, trains (not avaliable yet), and even hydroplanes.

Comparison of these options of transport for price, comfort, and speed of travel. The choice is yours, we just described all the options, their pros and cons.

From Sharjah to Dubai and back

The Sharjah emirate is popular among western tourists, primarily because of the inexpensive hotels. However, entertainment is much more interesting in neighboring Dubai, and it is still a long way to go.

Read our review about all the ways to get from Sharjah to Dubai. Buses and cabs - prices, schedules, travel time, which stations to get on and which routes are the most convenient.

From Ajman to Dubai and back

The Ajman emirate is emirate but interesting in its own way. But it is interesting enough for tourists in Ajman for only a couple of days. And where to go next to have fun? To Dubai of course.

In our review, we described in detail the options to get from Ajman to Dubai - bus and cab. How much the trip will cost, where you can take the bus, on what day is better to go.

From Fujairah to Dubai and back

The Fujairah emirate is very interesting, but remote from the main centers of the country. There are few sights in Fujairah, so it is not surprising that tourists want to go to Dubai at least once during their vacation.

Read in our review about how to get by bus, how much a cab will cost, how to save time and money.

From Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai and back

Is it possible for tourists in Ras Al Khaimah to go to Dubai to see the main attractions of the UAE for a day? It's expensive, complicated, a little tedious, but possible.

How much will it cost? How much will the bus or cab trip cost? Read the answers in our review. The most popular options: cabs, Al Hamra public buses, special buses RAK Shuttle. Prices, schedules, features of each option.

From Umm Al Quwain to Dubai and back

Is it expensive and long to go to see Dubai for those tourists vacationing in hotels in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain? Which way is the cheapest, which is the fastest?

Read a comparison of prices, travel time, comfort of cabs and buses. How much does it cost to book a transfer, does it make sense? Or maybe it's easier to go to Dubai with a guided tour?


The Emirate of Dubai

The most populated emirate in the UAE and the most popular among tourists. It is the skyscrapers of Dubai that became a symbol of the country, although the capital is located in Abu Dhabi.

Dubai can offer tourists not only its sandy beaches and a wide range of hotels for all budgets, but a lot of entertainment, as we discussed in detail in our review. Read about all the pros and cons of vacation in Dubai. And also useful tips: which area and hotel to choose.

Jumeirah area

This elite area occupies almost half of the entire coast of the Emirate of Dubai. Property and hotel rooms prices in Jumeirah are second only to Downtown. There is one of the symbols of Dubai - the Burj Al Arab.

Read the recommendations for choosing a hotel in Jumeirah. The pros and cons of vacation there. Where to go for entertainment - water parks and shopping malls, and what to see and do.

Downtown area

This is the heart of the city with the most expensive property for purchase or rent in Dubai. Unfortunately, the hotel rooms are extremely expensive too.

Learn in detail about the interesting places in the Downtown area in Dubai. How to get there and how much the rooms in the local hotels cost. What to see first and what there is no need to waste time on.

Deira area

The area is a concentration of inexpensive hotels, famous markets, and interesting shopping malls. Some tourists go to Dubai only to Deira, but some go to any area, just not Deira, depending on the purpose of the trip.

Read about what is interesting about Deira for tourists. How to get to the beach. The pros and cons of vacationing in local hotels. A review of four famous markets: Gold Souq, Spice Souq, Perfume Souq, and Fish Market. The best shopping malls in the area and local attractions.

Bur Dubai area

The historic center of Dubai City. Unlike most cities in the world, the historic center there has not become a high-end and ultra-expensive neighborhood. There are many inexpensive hotels, restaurants, cafes, and stores in Bur Dubai, and there are several interesting attractions and a large Burjaman shopping mall.

However, the Bur Dubai area has its frank disadvantages, and the main one is that there are no beaches. Read in our review about all the pros and cons of vacationing in local hotels and the most interesting places for tourists in the Bur Dubai area.

Dubai Marina area

A new area of Dubai city built around a man-made marina. Tourists are attracted by the fact that there they can find an inexpensive hotel to walk to the beach within 15 minutes. Subway stations are also not far.

Read in our review all the important and interesting things about the Dubai Marina area - hotels and prices, where to go, what to do, where to eat. We talked in detail about the local JBR beach.

Best beaches in Dubai

Which beaches in Dubai are the best for outdoor activities, and which will suit lovers of solitude? Which beaches are the busiest, which ones are usually uncrowded? Which beaches have all the amenities and which do not? Read the answers in our review.

And also a lot of interesting things: which beach in Dubai you can swim at night, which one has free WiFi, which one you can get to by subway, and which ones you have to take a bus or cab.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi

The largest emirate in the UAE and the capital of the country. Abu Dhabi is not that popular with tourists as Dubai, although there is plenty to see and the local beaches will please the seasoned traveler.

In our review, we've talked about why Abu Dhabi is attractive, where to go, and what to be surprised about. We also gave some interesting facts and figures about Abu Dhabi.

Yas Island

Yas Island is a huge construction project by the Abu Dhabi government, costing USD 40 billion. Hotels, amusement parks, shopping malls, and hundreds of villas and residences have been built on the once deserted island.

Read about is it worth to vacation in hotels on Yas Island, which hotel is best, what entertainment to choose, what excursions to take, how to get around the island. Interesting facts and figures, project history and photos.

Al Ain city

Al Ain is an oasis in the interior of the mainland, which today has grown into a blooming city in the middle of the harsh desert of Arabia. For citizens of the UAE it is a popular holiday destination and for foreign tourists it is an interesting sightseeing destination.

How to get to Al Ain on your own or what tour to choose, which hotel to stay in. What to see and where to go, the most interesting museums, parks, entertainment, and shopping centers. How to make the most interesting program to visit Al Ain.

Best beaches in Abu Dhabi

There are very few hotels with the own beaches in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Our review has a complete list. Most tourists have to go to public beaches.

Read from us which are the best beaches in Abu Dhabi free and which are paid. How much does it cost to enter, rent a sun lounger or towel. Which beaches are considered elite there, and how much it costs to sunbathe in maximum chic.

The Emirate of Sharjah

Sharjah is the emirate with the lowest vacation prices and, at the same time, the strictest laws. It is the cultural capital of the UAE with the largest concentration of museums, mosques, and parks.

In this review, we have sensibly considered all the objective pros and cons of vacationing in Sharjah. We explained the essence of the laws of the emirate and ways to avoid trouble during the vacation. We talked a little bit about hotels and prices and gave details about the history and modern life in Sharjah.

Best beaches in Sharjah

Which hotels in Sharjah have their own beach? And which beach to go to when vacationing in a hotel away from the shore? What are the most popular, comfortable, interesting beaches there? Read the answers in our review.

And also about the dress-code on the beaches of Sharjah - what swimsuits are forbidden and allowed in public. Paid and hotel beaches, how strict are the enforcement of the law, what are the fines for violators in frank swimsuits.

The Emirate of Fujairah

The Fujairah emirate is notable because it is located not on the shores of the Persian Gulf (like other six emirates), but on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The climate is milder there, which tourists love.

Fujairah is world famous for bullfighting, a sort of Arab equivalent of Portuguese bullfighting, although the comparison is clearly an unfortunate one. Read about all this in our review.

The Emirate of Ajman

Ajman is famous for two facts. Firstly, it is the most alcohol-loyal emirate in the UAE. Secondly, it is the center of the national sport - camel racing, and the largest stadium for such races is located there.

Ajman for tourists is a long line of sandy beaches, shopping malls, and proximity to Dubai with all its attractions. Read about all this in our review.

The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

The Ras Al Khaimah emirate has a rapidly developing tourism industry. Every year it is becoming more and more popular among tourists. But are the alluring promotional offers worth the attention? What are the advantages of vacation in Ras Al Khaimah hotels? Is it worth going there?

We also spoke in detail about the emirate itself. History, population composition, economy, geographical location, weather and tourist season. Read about all this in our review, as well as a review of the most interesting sights in Ras Al Khaimah.

The Emirate of Umm Al Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is the smallest emirate in the UAE in terms of population, and almost the smallest in terms of territory, only Ajman is smaller. But small does not mean boring. There is something to see and to entertain for tourists.

Umm Al Quwain boasts the largest water park in the country, amusement parks and even an important historical site - Al Dawr Excavations. Umm Al Quwain is also an eco-emirate, with large colonies of birds on the coastal islands and waters rich in interesting flora and fauna. Read about all this in our review.


Hotels with private beach in the UAE

Are there any hotels with a private beach in the UAE? How many are there? Where are they located in the emirates? What are the prices of accommodation per night and tours? Read in our review the answers and a complete list of all such hotels.

We also talked about hotels that are within walking distance of public beaches. Many tourists are quite satisfied with this option of rest. How much cheaper is this option?

Weather in the UAE by month

In what months it is comfortable to come for vacation to the UAE, and which months are too hot or cold. Can the rain spoil the vacation, and what other climatic surprises await tourists.

Statistics by month - air and water temperature in the Gulf. Climatic highs and lows in the UAE. We talked about hurricanes which are common. And you may be amazed, but there is sometimes snow in one of the emirates. In which emirate and how often, read in our review.

All Inclusive in the UAE

In the UAE you can find the All Inclusive system in hotels, although it is very rare. Tourists who buy such tours expect everything to be the same as in Egypt, Turkey, or Tunisia, but are often disappointed. Read in our review of the features of the AI system in the UAE, what to expect from it, and what you should not.

The pros and cons of AI in the UAE. Are the tours and hotels with this system worth their money, or is it easier to go to the store or eat in local cafes and restaurants?


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From Dubai to Abu-Dhabi

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Internet in the UAE

Cheap Calls from the UAE

Free SIM-card in Dubai

UAE Phone Codes




Bur Dubai

Dubai Marina



TOP Attractions in Dubai

Beaches in Dubai

Abu Dhabi

Al Ain

Yas Island

Beaches in Abu Dhabi


Beaches in Sharjah


Ras Al Khaimah

Umm Al Quwain



Best Attractions in the UAE

Free Attractions in the UAE


Burj Khalifa

Dubai Fountain

Excursions in Dubai

How to Save on Entertainment in Dubai


The Best in Dubai Mall

Dubai Aquarium

Candylicious in Dubai Mall

Waterfall in Dubai Mall


Gold Market in Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach and Park

Deira Clock Tower

City Centre Deira Mall


Burj Al Arab

Wild Wadi Water Park

Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai Marina Mall

Madinat Jumeirah

Jumeirah Beach



The Lost Chambers

Dolphin Bay

Palm Fountains

The View at the Palm






Ain Dubai

Madame Tussauds


The Dubai Frame

Dubai Dolphinarium

Al Fahidi Fort Museum

Museum of the Future


Global Village

Miracle Garden

Butterfly Garden

IMG Worlds of Adventure


Mall of the Emirates

Ski Dubai


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace

Observation Deck at 300

Sheikh Zayed Memorial

Heritage Village

Corniche Waterfront

Sir Bani Yas


Ferrari World

Formula Rossa

Galleria Ferrari

Warner Bros Park

Yas WaterWorld

Yas Marina & Formula 1

Yas Mall


Sharjah Fountains

Sharjah Aquarium

Museum of Islamic Civilization

Al Noor Mosque

Mega Mall


Ajman Fish Market

Ajman Fort and Museum

City Centre Ajman Mall


DreamLand Water Park


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