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What to see in the UAE for free

If you vacation in the UAE for a week, the entertainment and cultural program is quite possible for free. Even the TOP tourist spots in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are available for 0 dirhams.

Read in our review: what attractions you can see without paying a ticket, how to get to them, and what to see. Maybe you will be amazed, the lists of free attractions are long in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah emirates.


Burj Khalifa

The tallest building on our planet is the Burj Khalifa Tower, the height is 828 meters (2700 feet). This man-made miracle is located in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Read in our review about the tour to the observation deck of this tower, how and where to buy tickets for an independent visit. How to get there by subway, bus, or taxi. How to get the tickets cheaper. What combo-tickets are available.

See photos of the scenery from the Burj Khalifa. What you can and cannot see from the top observation deck.

Dancing Dubai Fountain

Another record-breaking attraction in the city of Dubai are the world's largest singing and dancing fountains. They are located in the man-made Burj Khalifa Lake.

Read the interesting facts and figures, the schedule and tips in our review. Where is the best place to watch the show from? From where you will see more, and how not to get wet.

Excursions in Dubai

What guided tours are available in Dubai? Which of them are valuable for tourists, and where it is cheaper and easier to go on your own? What to see for sure? Read the answers in our review.

And also interesting: how to look at Dubai from a bird's-eye view, and how much it cost. How not to overpay for tickets, not to be cheated by a guide or travel agent. How to ride the sand dunes on a board.

Where and how to get cheap tickets to Dubai waterparks and amusement parks

8 effective ways to save money when visiting amusement parks in Dubai. Where to look for deals and discounts? What are Klook, Smile, and Entertainer? Which hotels give guest access for free? Read the answers in our review.

As well as important and interesting points: how to get the most out of the money spent on tickets; what is a combo-ticket; how to buy a SIM card and get discounts on entertainment and cab rides.


The Burj Al Arab Hotel

The construction of the Burj Al Arab cost Dubai a billion US dollars. The hotel has become one of the symbols of the emirate and the tourism industry in Dubai. Now almost all tourists take pictures against the background of Burj Al Arab.

However, to see the luxury inside the Burj Al Arab is also possible, they let tourists in, although only in the lobby. You can make reservations for a table in one of the restaurants and enjoy the view of Dubai from above while sipping tea or coffee. How to do it? What to watch? Read in our review.

Madinat Jumeirah

Respectable hotels, chic villas, cozy guest houses, and all surrounded by a network of canals. The Madinat resort is called the "Venice of Dubai". But can ordinary tourists see this wonder? Or do you have to book a room at an expensive hotel?

Read in our review about what parts of the Madinat resort you can see, in what ways, how much it costs. How to get there and what to see.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

One of the most interesting water parks in Dubai is Wild Wadi, located in the Jumeirah area, near the famous Burj Al-Arab Hotel. There are several record breaking rides and MASTER BLASTERS where you go up instead of down.

Read our review on how to get to Wild Wadi, how much the tickets cost, discounts, and the most exciting and interesting slides.

Jumeirah Mosque

Considered the most beautiful mosque in Dubai, but not the largest. Conveniently located near Jumeirah public beach. Non-Muslims are allowed inside, but only with guided tours.

Read about how much it costs to take such a tour, what days and hours they are held, how to get there, what interesting things to see in the prayer hall.

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

The main beach of Dubai city with a total length of 14 kilometers (8.5 miles). What are the best and most famous sections there? What are the pros and cons of each? Which one to choose? How to get to each of Jumeirah's beach areas? Read the answers in our review.

And also other interesting points: what is the best beach for a photo against the background of the Burj Al Arab, which beach had a case of a shark attack on a man, which is the best for outdoor activities, which is called the "Russian".


LEGOLAND theme park

A children's amusement park dedicated to the LEGO constructor. Even if your child doesn't like the LEGO system, you'll still enjoy the 40 rides in the park. How to get there? How much does it cost to get in? How to buy tickets at half price? On what days is it best to come and on which days should you not? Read the answers.

And also a lot of interesting things: how many millions of construction parts it took to build the MINILAND park of miniatures; which attraction is the scariest there; what is Q-Fast and DigiPass.

LEGOLAND water park

The first and so far the only water park in Dubai and the UAE, which is aimed at children of all ages. But will it be interesting for adults? How much does it cost to enter and how to buy tickets cheaper? How is it more convenient to get there? Read the answers in our review.

And also important information: the dress-code in the water park, how not to overpay for drinks, what are the restrictions for children in the slides, what are DigiPass and Q-Fast.

MOTIONGATE theme park

The largest amusement park in Dubai, dedicated to Hollywood movies and cartoons. Fans of Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda will love the stylization, and the rest will not stay indifferent to a great set of rides.

Read in our review: how best to get there, how much is the entrance fee and how to buy tickets cheaper, opening hours and what day is the best to come. And also the most pressing question: what children age are the local attractions aimed at?


Dubai Mall

The city of Dubai is home to the largest shopping mall on the planet. It is the famous Dubai Mall.

In this review, we talked about the Dubai Mall, gave numbers and interesting facts, and briefly talked about what tourists can see inside and how to have fun. The most interesting places deserve separate pages on our website.

Dubai Mall Aquarium

The huge glass aquarium in the Dubai Mall has already become one of the calling cards of the city of Dubai and the Arab Emirates.

You can see part of this aquarium for free, but there is much more to see if you buy a ticket and go inside, where you can walk through a tunnel and see many species of marine animals.

Waterfall at Dubai Mall

Another calling card of Dubai and the UAE is the famous waterfall with pearl divers at the Dubai Mall. This waterfall is both a triumph of technology and a tribute to the country's history.

Read our review about how to find this waterfall, what to look out for, and what it is that Arabs think about and admire.

Candylicious store at Dubai Mall

Another world record in the United Arab Emirates is the world's largest candy store. It's Candylicious at the Dubai Mall, which sells over 5,000 sorts of sweets.

How much does it cost to eat candy and chocolate there, what's interesting to see inside, figures and interesting facts about the Candylicious store and the local chocolate tree.


Aquaventure Waterpark

This is one of the most interesting water parks not only in the United Arab Emirates, but also in the world. The water park is combined with an oceanarium and you can find yourself among the sharks as you ride down the slide.

The hotel and water park Atlantis are located on a man-made The Palm Island. It's pretty hard to get there. We told how to get there and showed you a video of the most interesting slides.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Atlantis Hotel Dubai offers not only a water park, but The Lost Chambers Aquarium, an interesting aquarium resembling the sunken Atlantis in a form the creators imagimed it has to be.

Stingrays, sharks, hundreds of species of tropical fish and other exotic creatures of the seas and oceans of our planet. Read more in our review.

Dolphin Bay

Atlantis The Palm Dolphinarium. It does not conduct shows, but specializes in the service of communicating with dolphins. The service is not cheap, but is it worth the money?

Read our review about what communication programs are offered at Dolphin Bay, how to get a discount and save money, and when is the best time to come to have fewer people in the group.

Palm Fountains

Who would have thought Dubai would have a second record-breaking dancing fountains? But they opened in October 2020 on the artificial island of The Palm Jumeirah, along the waterfront of The Pointe Shopping Center.

The new fountains turned out to be larger than the fountains by the Dubai Mall. But how much more interesting are they? How easy is it to get there? What's the schedule? Read the answers in our review.

The View

The View observation deck offers a view across Palm Jumeirah's man-made island. The views are spectacular from a height of 240 meters (787 feet). In addition there is a restaurant of the famous SUSHISAMBA brand and even a panoramic pool for visitors!

However, there are some serious disadvantages, as it is a long way to get to the place and the ticket prices are definitely overpriced. However, judge for yourself about the prices, and see all the details in our review.


Dubai Gold Market

The largest gold and jewelry shopping center in the United Arab Emirates is the Deira Gold Market (Souq). However, most tourists do not go there to buy, but to look.

And there is a lot to see: the gold bracelet Star of Taiba, its record is included in the Guinness Book, a dress made of gold, a giant range of chains and rings of all shapes, sizes and decor options.

Deira Clocktower

This tower was once a symbol of Dubai. It was famous for its original design, never before seen in the Middle East. Read in our review: how to get there, what to see, the history of the construction.

And also interesting points: how many times the Deira Clock Tower has been repaired and rebuilt, why it was needed, what cultural significance it has for the emirate.

City Centre Deira

The fourth largest shopping mall in Dubai, with around 350 stores and 50 food outlets. In our review, we have described the most interesting cafes and fast food, "anchor" stores, and entertainment. The Carrefour Hypermarket deserves a special mention as it sells popular souvenirs from UAE and offers cheap groceries.

Deira City Centre is accessible by free shuttle bus, but not from every hotel. For a list of hotels see our review.

Al Mamzar Beach - paid and free

The only beach in the Deira area. It has a free part, it has a paid part with a great park and all the facilities. Which part to choose? How to get there by bus, and how much will a cab cost? How much to pay to get inside the park? Read the answers.

And also see the full schedule - hours of operation on weekends, holidays, and Ramadan. When the "women's days" are held there. How much you'll have to pay for umbrellas and sun loungers.


The Dubai Frame

Where is the famous building in shape of a frame located in Dubai? How to get there? How much does it cost to go up to the observation deck on the top floor? Read the answers in our review.

And also interesting figures, facts, and useful tips: how much concrete, steel, glass took to build, what this construction symbolizes, what objects can be seen from the observation deck, what other interesting places to see nearby.

Dolphinarium in Creek Park

This is not just a dolphinarium where you can watch a dolphin show, but a large entertainment complex. There are exotic bird shows, you can walk through a mirror maze, jump on trampolines, and watch movies in 5D.

Read the most important: how to get by subway and buses, how much is the entrance to the show and how to buy tickets cheaper, what time shows are held, what you can and cannot do in the dolphinarium. And also about the scandal with Russian animal trainers.

The Al Fahidi Fort and Museum

The Al Fahidi Fort is the oldest building in Dubai and used to be the residence of the rulers of the emirate and the arsenal. Now it's a museum where you can explore Dubai's past. How people lived there before oil production began? Come and find out.

Read the most important information in our review: how to get there by subway and bus, how to walk from the subway station, how much a cab will cost. Also: opening hours, including during Ramadan, ticket prices, which things in the museum you must see.

Museum of the Future

This museum is very interesting both inside and outside. The building is shaped like a torus with a varying base circle diameter. It's hard to imagine, you have to see it. Inside, 5 exhibitions show different aspects of people's life in the future year 2071.

Read all the most important and interesting things in our review. How to get there, how much a ticket costs, where to find discounts, opening hours. And also about what the different elements of the building symbolize, and what is written on the surface of the structure.


Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

The world's largest Ferris wheel: height - 250 meters (820 feet) and a capacity of 1750 people. Ain Dubai is also called "the great Dubai's long construction project" because it has been under construction for 8 years.

How much is a ticket? How to get by cab and public transport? How to save money? What are the opening hours? What is the best time to come? What is visible and what is not visible from the top? Read the answers in our review.

Madame Tussauds Museum in Dubai

The Middle East's first Madame Tussauds museum opened in Dubai in October 2021. There you will see 60 wax figures of famous actors, singers, politicians, and athletes. Naturally, the figures are life-size and extremely realistic.

How to get there by cab or subway? How much does it cost to get in? Is the price justified in comparison to other Madame Tussauds? What are the opening hours? Read the answers and the full list of all the celebrities.


IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park

The largest indoor amusement park in Dubai, its area is 14 hectares (34.5 acres). Three roller coasters and 13 other interesting rides await inside. What kind of rides? What age are they aimed at? Read in our review.

And also a lot of useful information: whether it is expensive to get to the park, how much are the entrance tickets, how to find tickets cheaper than the official price, and on what day is better to come and not to wait in lines.

Global Village park

Some people call this park a fair, some call it an exhibition, some call it a mall. It is a large park of 90 pavilions with stores, restaurants, and street-food from around the world and an amusement park.

Many tourists are surprised by the fact that you have to pay to get into the stores, though the price is not high by Dubai standards - 15 dirhams. In addition, the park has obvious disadvantages - inconvenient location and schedule. Read our review for more details.

Miracle Garden flower park

A huge garden where 50 million flowers and plants adorn buildings, topiaries, and statues of famous characters. The Miracle Garden already has three world records. The exhibit is renewed every year.

Read in our review: how to get by bus or cab; how much the entrance ticket costs; whether there are discounts and promotions; what are the opening hours and season; when is the best time to come to see everything interesting without crowds and rushing.

Butterfly Garden park

A large indoor garden with 45 species of butterflies. What is the best way to get there? How much does it cost to get in? Are there ways to buy tickets cheaper? What are the hours of operation and when is the best time to come? Read the answers in our review.

And also the most important: what are the rules and dress-code for visitors; what not to forget to do before visiting, not to stay hungry and successfully leave back; what is the most interesting species of butterflies you must see.


Mall of the Emirates

The second largest mall in Dubai, but some tourists like it even more than the Dubai Mall (the biggest). There are about 250 large stores and about 100 restaurants and cafes. There is a liquor store inside, and we talked about how to find it.

There is lots of entertainment for tourists there - a cinema, the Magic Planet center, a ski slope Ski Dubai, and the largest hypermarket Carrefour in the UAE. Read about all of this in our detailed review.

Ski Dubai

Ice and snow in the Arabian Desert is the Ski Dubai. This indoor ski and snowboard course is now the only one of its kind in the United Arab Emirates and one of only two in the Middle East.

Read in our review - how much does it cost to ski, and what other activities await visitors, how much does it cost to interact with penguins. Also, how to find the discounted tickets and what combo-tickets are available.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Mosque is not the largest in the world, but it's certainly the most chic. There you will find a record-sized carpet, a giant chandelier, and a wall of Kaaba with optical fiberglass.

Read in our review interesting facts and figures, timetable and description of excursions, what to look out for when visiting the mosque. Details about the dress-code, how to dress properly to have no problems to get in.

Sir Bani Yas island

This island near the coast of Abu Dhabi has been entirely designated as a national park where wildlife and mangroves are bred. This is the "ecological reserve" of the UAE country and the entire Arabian Peninsula.

Visiting Sir Bani Yas Island is difficult and expensive for tourists, because you must necessarily book a room in an expensive hotel or villa. In this review, we will detail all the intricacies and complexities of a trip to Sir Bani Yas and what interesting things tourists see there.

Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi

On Al Marina Island in Abu Dhabi City is the largest reconstruction of the traditional way of life of the inhabitants of the UAE. There you can see the life of the inhabitants of the oases, mountains, desert, and coast.

Read in our review. How to get to this Heritage Village, opening hours, ticket prices. We detailed all the areas of the village, what to look for in each of them. What else you can see on Al-Marina Island to spend your time with benefits.

The Corniche beach and promenade

Abu Dhabi's main beach and evening strolls place for residents and visitors. It's all set for enjoying the sea and sun, entertaining children and adults alike.

Read in our review: how to get to the Corniche waterfront, which parts of the beach are paid and which are free, how much the entrance costs. We also talked in detail about the most interesting local attractions, skyscrapers nearby, cafes, restaurants, and stores.

Emirates Palace Hotel

The Emirates Palace Hotel has become synonymous with luxury and gold. It became world famous in 2005 when it opened as the most expensive hotel in the world.

Anyone can see the hotel lobby and see the magnificent marble and gold covered walls. A vacation at Emirates Palace is expensive, but can be affordable due to promotions and discounts. Read about it all in our review.

Observation Deck at 300

The highest observation deck in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. From the height of 300 meters (985 feet) and 54th floor you can see most of the sights of the city. How to get there? How much is the entrance fee? What sites to see? Read the answers in our review.

Also about how to use a gift voucher and what the restaurant prices are. What is an afternoon tea, how to order it, what sweets are included. What sights to see nearby.

Sheikh Zayed Memorial

The memorial complex in downtown Abu Dhabi is dedicated to the founding father of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. There is a majestic 3D art installation, Constellation, which depicts the face of Sheikh Zayed. The memorial opened in 2018 to commemorate his 100th birthday. Admission is free to all.

Read in our review: how to get there, what to see, what time it's best to arrive to see the Constellation at its best moment.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

A museum of art for which they built a dome building 180 meters (590 feet) in diameter. Inside you can see works by Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Monet, and other great masters.

Read in our review: how to get by bus or cab; how much the entrance ticket costs; how to buy tickets cheaper; which masterpieces to see inside; on what day is better to come to avoid the crowds and queues.


Ferrari World theme park

And another world record in the Arab Emirates, the largest indoor amusement park, is Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

Read our review about how to get to the park quickly and comfortably, where and how to buy tickets, and the opening hours. We talked about the most interesting rides, and you can see the biggest one in the video.

Formula Rossa roller coaster

This roller coaster holds the world speed record of 240 km/h (150 mi/h). Formula Rossa is the main attraction at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The main purpose of the ride is to give visitors the full Formula 1 experience.

Read our most valuable tips: when to come to the park to make sure Formula Rossa is running; how to avoid the queues; and how to save money on a visit to Ferrari World. What's true about the Formula Rossa ads and what's fiction.

The Ferrari Museum

Ferrari World Park in Abu Dhabi has an interesting museum of the Ferrari car company. It is not the largest, but the second largest after the Italian Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

There are dozens of elite sports cars on display, including the legendary F40 and F50. You can look at the real Formula 1 cars and trophies of the team.

Yas WaterWorld waterpark

The largest water park in Abu Dhabi. Its construction cost almost a billion dirhams, and the UAE do not waste money - a sea of fun is guaranteed. There you can find unique attractions: water roller coaster, catching real pearls, and much more.

How much does a ticket to Yas WaterWorld cost and how much can you save? How do you get there on your own, or is it easier to book a tour? Read the answers to these important questions for tourists in our review. Also on this page, we've talked about all the slides at Yas WaterWorld water park.

Warner Bros. theme park

One of the largest indoor amusement parks in the Middle East. Warner Bros World is one of the top family attractions in the UAE. The kids are madly entertained there, but how much fun will it be for the adults? Read the answer in our detailed review.

Also: the best way to get from hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; how much the entrance ticket costs, and how you can buy it cheaper; opening hours on weekdays and weekends; description of all the attractions of Warner Bros.

Yas Mall

The largest mall in Abu Dhabi and the second largest in the United Arab Emirates is the Yas Mall on the artificial Yas island. Read our review so you don't get lost among the 400 stores, 100 restaurants, and entertainment venues in this mall.

We paid the most attention to the objects, which are unique to other shopping malls, such as Adventure HQ with a simulated cave system, a flight simulator on a Boeing 737, ROLLERCOASTER restaurant and Geant hypermarket.

Yas Marina racetrack and Formula 1 Grand Prix

The Grand-Prix Abu Dhabi round of the Formula 1 car championship takes place at this circuit on Yas Island. But it's not the only thing that makes it interesting for tourists.

We talked about how to get to Formula 1 as a spectator, how much it costs. But the track is also allowed at other times, you can even ride a bike. How and when you can do it? Read in our review.


Museum of Islamic Civilization

The largest collection of artifacts of ancient Islamic culture in the UAE. The museum has more than 5,000 items, and all significant and interesting even for those tourists who are almost unfamiliar with the culture of Islam.

In our review, we told you how to get there, how much to pay for admission, opening hours, and about all 7 sections of the exhibition.

Sharjah Aquarium

The Sharjah Aquarium is a modest-sized aquarium compared to Dubai's ones. However, the price of admission is not shocking at 25 dirhams only. And the location is very convenient as it is located near the popular Al Khan beach.

You can not only see but also touch and feel the sea animals. A special system in one of the rooms projects a picture of the seabed on the floor, the children are delighted. Read in our review - how to get there and what to see inside.

Fountains of Sharjah

The Emirate of Sharjah has its own dancing fountains. Of course, not as big as in Dubai, but beautiful and interesting in their own way. More attention is paid to the light and laser show than to the dance of the water. You can see the fountains of Sharjah for free.

Read in our review: what show programs are shown and at what time, where it's best to watch from, how to get there and what to do in between shows.

Al Noor Mosque

One of the three mosques in the United Arab Emirates, the prayer hall of which is allowed to non-Muslims. It is designed in the style of an Ottoman mosque with a large central dome and many half-domes.

You can get inside only with a guided tour, only twice a week. Read us on what day you can sign up for a tour, how to get there, and what interesting things to see inside.

Mega Mall

Mega Mall is considered to be the most interesting mall in Sharjah, and it is also the largest in terms of area. It is definitely the most convenient - the shopping galleries are tidy and well organized and there is a free shuttle bus service from the hotels.

Children will love Antic`s Land, a large amusement park, and the whole family will enjoy eating out at one of the 30 local cafes and fast food outlets and strolling around the stores, of which there are about 70.


Ajman Fort and Museum

The fort was once the residence of the emirs of Ajman and has since become a large museum. The museum is quite interesting and you can see a reconstruction of the life of the Emirati people in the old days, historical documents, relics, and antiquities.

Read in our review about how to get to the fort, the best day to schedule a visit, how much an entrance ticket costs, opening hours, and the most curious exhibits.

Ajman Fish Market

The history and culture of the Ajman Emirate is inextricably linked to the sea. Even today, it is common to buy fish and seafood there at the market.

Tourists can see almost all the fish that are found in the Persian Gulf at the Fish Market. The fish you like can be grilled on the spot. Another fun activity is the fish auction. Read about it all in our review.

City Centre Ajman

It is the largest shopping center in the Emirate of Ajman, although by the standards of the UAE it is "medium" in size. For tourists it is a good way to spend an interesting evening.

In a large Carrefour hypermarket you can buy products and popular gifts. For children there is an entertainment Magic Planet center. The whole family will be interested in some local cafes and fast food. Read more in our review.


DreamLand Waterpark

Located in Umm Al Quwain, the smallest emirate in the UAE. However, this is the largest water park in the country. However, it is the largest in terms of area and the set of attractions is very modest, but the price of admission is much lower than in the water parks of Dubai.

Read our review about how to get there, how much to pay for the ticket, on which slides to ride first, where to eat. Separately, we talked about the dress-code and waterpark rules.


Arabian cuisine - the food in the Emirates

What national dishes of the UAE are worth tasting and what is not recommended to be tasted. What to order at restaurants in the United Arab Emirates to get a taste of the country.

Read in our review about the features of national cuisine, ingredients, cooking techniques and culinary traditions of the Arabs.


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