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Page update - Oct 13, 2022

Yas WaterWorld is the only large water park in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The park cost 900 million UAE dirhams (245 million USD) to build, and there is no doubt that the set of slides and attractions is one of the best in the country.

By the situation of October 2022, Yas WaterWorld waterpark is open. Opened on February 13, 2022, after scheduled maintenance. The operating schedule has changed. Tickets have gone up slightly. Read all the details below on this page.

Where is located and how to get there

Yas WaterWorld water park is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, on Yas Island, together with Ferrari World Park, Warner Bros Park, Yas Mall.

The first option is to buy a guided tour. In this case, the tour bus will pick up from the hotel in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or another emirate and bring directly to the water park. It costs 100-120 US dollars for such a tour (ticket cost included).

You can get on your own.

If you stay in a hotel on Yas Island, it is convenient to use the free bus Yas Express. These buses run all over the island and stop right near the water park. The same bus is also a good way to get to other attractions on Yas Island: Ferrari World Park, Warner Bros Park, Yas Mall.

If you are in the city of Abu Dhabi, you can get to the water park by cab, which is quite expensive. It is about 22 miles (35 kilometers) from the city to Yas Island, and the cab ride will cost about 70 dirhams. Read the cab fares in our review "Taxis in UAE - fares and rules".

The cheapest way to get there is by bus. In 2020, there were VERY serious changes in bus routes throughout Abu Dhabi. Previously there were 180 and 190 routes to Yas Island, but now they have been cancelled altogether. But now there are three other buses.

Bus 102. The route is now extended to Yas Island. It passes through the city, then follows Saadiyat Island and then on to Yas Island. Chances are good that the 102 stops close to your hotel. If you don't know for sure, ask at the hotel reception, they usually know. If not, take a cab to Abu Dhabi Bus Station or Zayed Sport City and catch 102.

Bus 216 goes through the eastern part of the city and stops at Yas Island. It is rarely useful for tourists, as there are almost no hotels in the eastern part of the city.

Bus A19 goes from the airport to Yas Island and on to Saadiyat Island. Very useful for transit passengers who want to go to the park between flights. Otherwise, it is useless. As of October 2022, it is temporarily not running yet.

The bus fare is 4 dirhams.

If you go by car, parking is free for visitors of the water park. If you are too lazy to park the car yourself, then the park employee will do it for you for 40 dirhams.

It is not difficult to come from Dubai, but it takes quite a long time. The easiest way is to take the bus from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi Bus Station, then change to the 102 bus to Yas Island. Read the details in our review "From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back".

There are free buses for the Yas WaterWorld visitors. Read the details in our review "Free buses from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi".

From Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah emirates we don't recommend getting there on your own - too expensive and hard. It's easier to pay for a guided tour.

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Ticket price

Children under 4 years old are free of charge. But the proof of child age is required, take his/her ID or passport with you.

The ticket price depends on the height (not age) of the visitor. Child's ticket is for children under 3 ft 7 in (1.1 meters). Those who are over 3 ft 7 in (1.1 meters) need a full ticket.

The ticket can be with exact date (dated) or with open date (flexible). The flexible tickets are valid 6 months from the date of payment. The flexible tickets are not available now (October 2022) due to covid security measures.

Ticket prices (AED) including VAT:

270 dirhams for adults, 220 dirhams for children.

See the current exchange rates of the UAE dirham in our review "The UAE dirham".

Additional options:

Quick Pass - 150 or 200 dirhams (depending of the season). Gives you the right to enter any slide without queuing.

Combo Tickets:

Ticket 2 parks, 1 day - 395 dirhams.

Ticket 2 parks, 2 days - 435 dirhams.

Ticket 3 parks, 3 days - 545 dirhams.

Annual Passes:

In addition to single tickets, you can buy the annual pass for the whole year. But they are not relevant for tourists because they are very expensive. The annual pass to the park is 995 dirhams.

Attention! Tickets are written out strictly to a certain person. Bring your ID or passport.

Attention! Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, transferred to other people or resold. BUT! For now, because of the coronavirus, the practice of exchanging, changing dates or refunding tickets has been introduced. For these purposes, please contact customer service at

Visitors are issued special waterproof wristbands that are used like a debit card. It can be used to pay for food, drinks, and additional services. The same wristband is used as a key to a locker. You credit money to this bracelet at the ticket office and use it. Then exit of the water park, unused money is returned to the visitor.

How to save money

There are many ways to buy tickets cheaper: there are coupon sites, there are SMILE and ENTERTAINER, there are promotions. Read our detailed review "How to buy cheap tickets to water parks in the UAE".

The official website has information that babysitters pass free of charge with children. Some particularly sneaky tourists expect to save money on this by passing off one of the family members as a babysitter. It doesn't work. To pass for free, the babysitters must officially work in the UAE and have a work visa.

Working hours

From 10 am to 6 pm (10-00 to 18-00) on all days.

How much time to plan

Half a day will be enough to ride all the slides. If you want to participate in the activities and ride the slides you like several times, plan for the whole day.

Unique attractions

Yas WaterWorld has two rides that are not available at other water parks, so we recommend you check them out.

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The Pearl Diving Experience

The Pearl Diving Experience is an hour-long activity designed more for children. You learn how to hold your breath, how to dive correctly, and how to look for shellfish on the bottom. Instructors teach how to open the shells correctly, and tell you about pearls.

At the end of the lessons, the visitors can dive to the bottom of the special pool (on the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge) and get a shell with a pearl. Then, for an extra fee, they will make a small piece of jewelry from this pearl and you can bring something unique from the United Arab Emirates.

Arabs still remember the times in the history of the United Arab Emirates when pearls were the main export item and source of the sheikhs wealth. The theme of catching pearls in the Arab Emirates is everywhere, just remember the Waterfall at the Dubai Mall.

The cost of participation in this attraction is NOT included in the price of the ticket to the water park.

Underwater VR Experience

This is a virtual reality experience. It is PAID ADDITIONAL - AED 75 per session per person. You can only sign up at the park, i.e. you cannot pre-book online.

There are 4 programmes. Two of them (Ocean DIVR and Journey to Lost City) focus on the underwater world. Another (Sky DIVR) is about flying over the mountains. And the fourth (Space DIVR) is about space. It's fair to say that the Underwater VR Experience only lives up to its name by 50%.

Slides and attractions

Bandit Bomber

A very rare water ride, in the UAE it is only at Yas WaterWorld. It is a water roller coaster, the longest suspended roller coaster in the UAE with a length of 1,800 feet (550 meters).

The speed is not very high but it is the high altitude of some sections that can scare you. The ride is only designed for 4 riders and the queue can be very long. See the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

There is a special Jabha Zone next to the track where everyone can shoot water cannon at the riders on the Bandit Bomber.

Children under 3 ft 11 in (1.2 meters) must be accompanied by an adult. Pregnant women, sufferers of heart disease or other ailments for which extreme rides are contraindicated are not allowed.


5 parallel slides, where riders glide with special mats.

Slither's Slides

Set of 6 slides - open, closed, with funnel, and thickened. The most common waterpark attractions, but combined in the set. The only interesting thing is the slides ends are decorated with beautiful and scary snake heads with sharp teeth.

Jebel Drop and Hamlool's Humps

Two free-fall slides. Most tourists are used to calling such rides "kamikaze".

Liwa Loop

Quite a scary attraction. The visitor is locked in a capsule, which already causes fear. The floor of the capsule opens and the visitor falls into a long, closed slide.

Falcon's Falaj

A long winding wide slide. The riders slide in a large tubing for up to 6 people. A photo of this slide is at the very beginning of this page.

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Another roller coaster for group riding. Its main "highlight" is a huge funnel into which visitors fall.


This is a 5D cinema with a partially flooded auditorium. There are water special effects. As far as we know, it is the only attraction of its kind in the world.

Water Wars

This is a new ride and we have not yet had the chance to see it in person. You can shoot water balloons with a slingshot-like device. You have to buy the water balloons! How much do they cost? Not sure yet.

Cannon Point

A children's playground with water splashers. There are water cannons that can be used to shoot at the people riding the Bandit Bomber.

Poor people who ride the Bandit Bomber! There are already two places where they can be shot at.

Three wave pools

The simplest such pool - Rush Rider, where even children can ride a board. You can ride there lying down.

The second pool is for experienced surfers. The wave in the pool Bubbles' Barrel reaches a height of 10 feet (3 meters).

The third pool - Amwaj Wave Pool is designed more for relaxation than surfing. There the waves are very small to imitate the surf.

Lazy rivers

There are two man-made rivers at once. Al Raha River is slower, and Yadi Yas is faster with small waves.

Kids zone

There are two groups of slides for the little ones - Tot's Playground and Yehal.

For older children, there is the Marah Fortress complex. There are slides and water cannons. There are vats of water pouring over the visitors.

The organizers of the water park Yas WaterWorld can be given an "A" for the children's area (or rather, the children's areas). It's a great idea to separate the areas for the very young and the older kids so they don't interfere with each other.

What else is in the water park

There are three snack bars and an ice cream shop. Prices are quite high, however, as in the whole Yas Island. Three large souvenir stores and a photo center where visitors can view and print photos taken by local photographers.

A small bungalow can be rented for a fee of 600 dirhams. There are a bed for lounging, TV, and fruit snacks inside. The main advantages of these bungalows are the air conditioning and the ability to comfortably change clothes.

Ladies Night

This is a new trend in UAE water parks, such events have become popular in 2017. The water park chooses one day of the week and in the evening works only for women.

During this time, the staff at the water park is only female and even the video surveillance panels are only female operators.

YAS WaterWorld has developed this idea and now has a Ladies Day. In 2019, as an experiment, they set aside one day a month, on which only women are allowed.

Will they continue to do Ladies Day? Will it become a regular practice? It's not clear yet. Now (October 2022) Ladies Day is NOT conducted, but the administration announced they will do in 2023.

What you can't do at Yas WaterWorld

- Smoking is prohibited in the park except for 4 special areas. Recall that smoking laws are getting stricter in the UAE, read our review "Smoking and Cigarettes in the Arab Emirates".

- It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the water park. Exceptions are made for baby food and pre-packaged baby water.

- It is prohibited to bring and use glass objects.

- Being in a state of intoxication. However, it is strictly prohibited in all public places in the UAE. Read our reviews "Alcohol in the UAE" and "What not to do in the UAE" for more information.

- Pets, except in special cases.

Top important tips

- If your goal is to entertain your child, we recommend splurging and going to Dubai water park LEGOLAND. There are more slides for children, the restrictions are not so strict, the slides are safer. Read our detailed review "LEGOLAND Water Park";

- If you want an adrenaline rush, then take a closer look at Dubai's two water parks, you might like them better. Read our in-depth reviews "Wild Wadi" and "Aquaventure".

Have fun on the Yas WaterWorld slides, and read our interesting pages about the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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