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LEGOLAND Water Park is the only water park in the UAE that is aimed at children of all ages. What makes it the best for kids? What interesting rides and slides are there? How to get there? How much does the ticket cost, and how to get it cheaper? Read the answers on this page.

By the situation of October 2022, LEGOLAND Water Park is open. The schedule has recently changed. As of September 28, 2022, the requirement to wear masks in cafes and restaurants has been eliminated. That is, you can now be everywhere in LEGOLAND Water Park without a mask and without the risk of the fine.

Important points

Attention! LEGOLAND Water Park and LEGOLAND Dubai amusement park are two different parks. You need different tickets, but you can buy the combo-ticket with a discount. There is a direct pass between the parks, which is located near the Joker Soaker children's area, but only combo-ticket holders (or two tickets to both parks) can pass.

Note! This page will only talk about the LEGOLAND Water Park. About the amusement park, read our big review "LEGOLAND Dubai".

Also! Further on this page we will give all the prices in UAE dirhams (AED). To understand how much it is in dollars or other currencies, see the official exchange rate in the review "Money in the UAE".

Brief Description

LEGOLAND Water Park is located in a special area of DPR (Dubai Parks and Resorts). This is a separate area in the west of the city of Dubai, where the amusement parks are concentrated. In Dubai, they have repeated the idea of Abu Dhabi, where Yas Island was allocated specifically for entertainment. DPR also has LEGOLAND, MOTIONGATE, BOLLYWOOD amusement parks.

The water park is stylized in LEGO theme, although the stylization is only present on a few rides. There are currently 4 LEGOLAND water parks in the world.

The park is small - it occupies a rectangle of 820 by 330 feet (250 by 100 meters). There are 8 big water slides and a dozen small rides, a wave pool, and "lazy river". We will tell about all the rides in the second part of this page.

The park is focused primarily on children. And this can be felt in everything.

Most water parks have deep pools at the end of the slides, where visitors land at full speed. There are no such pools in LEGOLAND. There is a decrease in speed at the end of the slides, and the visitor lands in a mini-pool is no more than 8 inches (20 centimeters) deep.

The speeds on the slides are low, and the size of the slides is also modest. A child of 4 feet (122 centimeters) tall (usually 7 years) can go down all the slides there. A child over 3 feet 6 inches (107 centimeters) tall (usually 4.5 years old) can go on all but one of them.

All the 8 slides will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults. Of course, don't expect "adrenaline-pumping fun", but it will be fun without a doubt.

Who would be interested in LEGOLAND Water Park

If you want thrills and adrenaline, then LEGOLAND Water Park will disappoint. Go to Wild Wadi or Aquaventure.

If you are a fan of LEGO, then LEGOLAND Water Park is likely to disappoint. The stylization there can only be felt on three of the rides.

If you want to entertain your kids under the age of 16 and yourself, then LEGOLAND Water Park is the best choice, and not only in Dubai, but in the UAE in general. There is no second water park of this kind there yet, and it is unlikely to appear any time soon.

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Dress code and rules

Women are allowed to swim and slide down the slides in open swimsuits, but not in thongs and without unnecessary eroticism. Men may wear swim trunks, but not thongs. Swimsuits must not have rivets, buckles, zippers.

Read about the dress code in our review "What tourists are not allowed in Dubai and other emirates".

All metal objects: rings, bracelets, watches, piercings must be removed while riding the slides, but security is not strictly enforcing these rules, and tourists ride in wedding rings and earrings.

Children under the age of 3 must wear special diapers for the pool. At the time this page was updated (October 2022), there was a joint LEGOLAND and Pampers promotion - each visitor with a child under 3 is given two of these "Splashers" series diapers for free. The park does not guarantee the availability of all sizes. Even if there isn't a size or promotion, the diaper is available at the local Bricks Beach Shop.

How to get there

Dubai Parks and Resorts is located far to the west of Dubai city center. The subway doesn't go there, neither do regular buses, only the special bus route DPR1.

Option 1 - subway + bus. Take the subway to Ibn Battuta station on the first (red) line. See our page "Dubai Metro" for the subway map with all the latest updates. Then take a bus DPR1, which will bring you directly to the parks. The fare for this bus is 5 dirhams, paid with NOL-card.

To know the exact time, so you don't have to stand and wait for the bus, we give you the exact schedule of DPR1 bus from the RTA. This schedule is current for the year 2022. Recall that as of January 3, 2022, the UAE has changed weekends, and accordingly all bus schedules have changed.

Option 2 - subway + cab. Take the subway to the Ibn Battuta station. Then take a cab to the parks, cab ride costs about 50 dirhams. It is cheaper to go to UAE Exchange station by metro, the cab will cost about 35 dirhams, but it is very difficult to find a cab near the UAE Exchange station.

Option 3 - just a cab. Take a cab directly from the hotel. The fares are hard to predict - it can be anywhere from 60 to 110 dirhams, depending on the location of the hotel. See our detailed review "Taxis in UAE" for the actual cab fares.

Ticket price

Attention! The LEGOLAND park ticket is bought for a certain person, and is valid only for this person. It is mandatory to have an ID or passport.

There are two types of tickets: dated and flexible, which is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Flexible tickets are not available right now due to capacity limitations in the theme parks. All prices below include VAT.

Today's ticket is 330 dirhams at the ticket office;

Ticket for tomorrow and onwards purchased online is 295 dirhams;

Children under 3 years old - free of charge, but you need to prove the age of the child, take their ID or passport with you.

Many tourists think that this is excessively expensive, but by the standards of the UAE such prices are even low. Tickets to the water parks Wild Wadi and Aquaventure are even more expensive. Do you want to buy tickets cheaper? Then carefully read our review "How to save money on amusement parks in Dubai".

Today's LEGOLAND combo-ticket is 395 dirhams.

LEGOLAND combo-ticket (dated) for tomorrow and beyond - 355 dirhams.

Locker rental: 45, 60, 70 dirhams, depending on locker size. Towel rental: 40 dirhams. Sun loungers and umbrellas free of charge.

Hours of operation

The new schedule was implemented in January 2022 due to the new work week:

Thursday through Tuesday: 10 am to 6 pm (10-00 to 18-00).

Wednesdays: closed.

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When to visit

As in all the amusement parks in the UAE, it is better to come only on weekdays. On weekends, public holidays, pre-public holiday days there are always a lot of people, and you will spend a lot of time in queues. For a schedule of public holidays see our review "Holidays in the UAE".

Holidays in the United Arab Emirates since January 3, 2022, are Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday. The country is Islamic, and Friday is the holy day of the week for Muslims. Read our interesting review "Friday and weekend in the UAE". The busiest times at the amusement parks are Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.

Q-Fast and DigiPass

These are two add-ons to the tickets.

Q-Fast allows you to enter the slides without queuing, at a price of 150 dirhams.

The DigiPass allows you to collect all your photos from the local photographers, at a price of 160 dirhams.



Age or height restrictions: none.

This attraction allows you to assemble your own LEGO boat and let it float on a small artificial river. You don't need to assemble the hull, it's monolithic, you just need to build a superstructure on top.

Build-A-Raft River

Age or height restrictions: none.

The usual "lazy river" that every water park has. The special thing there is that there are platforms for large LEGO construction parts on the circle, and you can build something on these platforms. The parts are soft.

This is the only attraction in LEGOLAND Water Park, where there is a relatively large depth, and where a child can theoretically drown. That's why all children should wear life jackets, the service is free.

DUPLO Splash Safari

Age or height restriction: from 2 feet 11 inches (90 centimeters).

This is a playground with splashing animals from the LEGO DUPLO constructor series.

Joker Soaker

Age or height restriction: from 2 feet 11 inches (90 centimeters).

This is a large play maze with slides, sprinklers, and a large bucket on top. The bucket gradually draws water and pours it down. This is what the "kids' areas" in all the water parks usually look like, nothing special except the LEGO styling.

Slide Racers

Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 6 inches (107 centimeters).

This is a multi-slide for 6 people. You have to ride there on a special mat, the edge of which must be lifted up by the handles. In Dubai LEGOLAND this slide is unusual. You start in a closed tube, and then you get to the open multi-slide.

Wave Pool

No age or height restrictions.

Wave pool. The waves come on for 10 minutes, the break between sessions is 15 minutes. You will not have to wait long.

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Red Rush

Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 6 inches (107 centimeters).

This is a "family ride" - a wide and 330 feet (100 meters) long slide. The visitors ride inside a huge circle (10 feet, 3 meters in diameter). Minimum - 3 people, maximum - 6 people, the total weight of participants must not exceed 992 pounds (450 kilos).

Additional entertainment is to see how a special machine lifts these huge circles to the top.


Age or height restriction: from 4 feet (122 centimeters).

The usual slide for modern water parks. First you go through an enclosed tunnel, then into a large bowl, which our tourists like to call the "toilet bowl". In this bowl, they dive into a small tunnel to the exit. On this slide you ride a tubing.

Splash Out

Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 4 inches (102 centimeters).

This is a small slide, you can ride it without tubing. The slide is slow, suitable even for small children.

Tidal Tube

Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 4 inches (102 centimeters).

Long and fairly fast closed slide. Riding in it without a tubing.

Twin Chasers

Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 4 inches (102 centimeters).

Two short indoor slides, racing, no tubing.


Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 6 inches (107 centimeters).

Another closed slide, this time you have to ride the tubing.

Wave Rider

Age or height restriction: from 3 feet 4 inches (102 centimeters).

Long open slide. Riding is required without tubing.

Tips for visitors

- Bringing your own drinks and food to the water park is prohibited. There is the control at the entrance. Exceptions are made for baby food, as well as for diet food, if it is prescribed by a doctor;

- There are two cafes inside, the prices are high, but not astronomical. Unfortunately, the range of food is very limited. We recommend you get something to eat before you go to the water park. If you go from Ibn Battuta metro, go to the large Ibn Battuta Mall;

- The tiles at the water park get hot quickly, especially in the summer. It can be painful to walk on, it is so hot. We recommend bringing slippers;

- To avoid having to pay for beverages every time you want to drink, you can buy a souvenir bottle for 75 dirhams. You can fill it with unlimited soda and water all day long. You can take is as a souvenir;

- You can rent a big tent (cabana) with couches and a fan. Rates are 495, 695, 715 dirhams depending upon size of tent and snacks charged. Price includes unlimited drinks, towels, safe, and lunch for the more expensive versions;

- The park is completely outdoors, and the sun in the UAE is dangerous. Make sure the kids don't get sunburned and don't get sunburned yourself. Don't forget sunscreen. Read our great review "With children in the UAE";

- Smoking is not allowed in the water park. You will have to go outside to smoke. Don't forget to stamp your hand so that they will let you back in;

- Measuring children's height for admission to the attraction only without shoes. Unlike LEGOLAND Dubai where they measure your height with shoes on and you can cheat a little by wearing platform shoes;

- During the month of Ramadan, you can eat and drink inside the water park. And you will not offend anyone by this, because Muslims are not allowed to swim in Ramadan, they do not go to water parks in Ramadan. Read more in our review "Ramadan in the UAE";

- The mother and baby room and first aid room are located to the right of the entrance, next to the Waves Bistro Cafe and the passage to the amusement park;

- It is strictly forbidden to be drunk or consume alcohol (if you can sneak it inside somehow). For this you can not only be expelled from the water park, but also to the police. Read about the responsibility in our review "Alcohol in the UAE".

Have fun at LEGOLAND parks, and read our interesting pages about the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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