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Page update - Oct 25, 2022

LEGOLAND Park is a bestseller among tourists with children in Dubai, and even many adults don't miss a chance to get there. Where is it located? How is it most convenient to get there? How much does it cost to get in, and how to save money? What rides are the most interesting? Read the answers on this page.

By the situation of October 2022, LEGOLAND Park is open to the public. Starting September 28, 2022, mask wearing in the UAE is no longer necessary indoors in cafes and restaurants, hotels, airports, stores, and shopping centers. However, nothing was definitely said about amusement parks. LEGOLAND Park has a small indoor area.

LEGOLAND and DPR park authorities require masks to be worn indoors. However, in fact, not all visitors wear masks indoors and security is not really watching. However! We strongly recommend that you have a mask with you.

Brief description

LEGOLAND Dubai has an area of 69 acres (28 hectares). There are about 40 attractions, playgrounds, and entertainment programs for children. The park is outdoor, but some of the attractions are either indoors within the park, or covered with large tents.

LEGOLAND Dubai opened on October 31, 2016, becoming the seventh LEGOLAND park in the world. There are now (2022) eleven of them. It is located in a special district of Dubai Parks and Resorts along with other theme parks: MOTIONGATE, BOLLYWOOD, LEGOLAND Water Park. Dubai has repeated the idea of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, that is, they have allocated a special "entertainment district" in the west of the city.

An important point! Despite the same style, LEGOLAND Park and LEGOLAND Water Park are different parks that require different tickets. Luckily, you can buy a discounted combo-ticket to both of these parks, and they are very close by. Read our review of the "LEGOLAND Water Park".

LEGOLAND Dubai is divided into 6 zones: FACTORY, MINILAND, KINGDOMS, IMAGINATION, ADVENTURE, LEGO CITY. Each zone is stylized a little bit in its own way, and has its own set of attractions. We will talk about it in detail in the second part of this page.

As in all amusement parks in the UAE, the system of restrictions is organized according to the height of the child. The child must be higher of a certain height for riding certain attractions. We will give the exact numbers below but for now let's say that a child who is 3 feet 5 inches (105 centimeters) tall (commonly 4 years) can ride on almost all attractions. And from the height of 3 feet 11 inches (120 centimeters) tall (commonly 6 years) can ride on all the attractions.

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Who is LEGOLAND aimed for?

If you've been to another LEGOLAND park, there's almost nothing new as the LEGOLAND parks are made to look exactly the same. The exception is the MINILAND miniatures exhibit, which is unique in every LEGOLAND park.

If you are looking for adrenaline, steep turns on the "roller coaster" and thrills, then YOU WOULD NOT come there. This is a children's park where all the rides are rather slow and quiet.

If you want to entertain children from 3 to 10 years old, then this is probably the BEST place in Dubai. Even if they don't like toy constructor things, they will love to go on the rides.

For LEGO lovers it is the MUST VISIT place, even for adults it is not forbidden to fall into childhood there.

How to get there

LEGOLAND and other Dubai Parks and Resorts are located in the westernmost part of the city of Dubai, in the Jebel Ali district, almost on the border with the neighboring Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, it is expensive or long to get there.

The cheapest way to get there is by subway and bus. Take the subway to Ibn Battuta station on the red (first) line. For the fares and the subway map with all the latest updates, read our review "Dubai Metro".

Then you need to take the DPR1 bus to Dubai Parks and Resorts. These buses run from 7-30 am to 11-00 pm. Departures are every 1 hour 15 minutes, the fare is 5 dirhams, pay by a NOL card.

To know the exact time, so you don't have to stand and wait for the bus, we give the exact timetable of the DPR1 bus from the RTA. This timetable is current for the year 2022. Recall that as of January 3, 2022, the UAE has changed weekends, and accordingly the schedules of all buses have changed.

Much easier option is the subway and cab. The trip from Ibn Battuta subway station to LEGOLAND will cost 45-55 dirhams. You can save a little if you take the subway to the end, to the UAE Exchange station, then the cab will cost 35-40 dirhams. However, it can be difficult to catch a cab near the UAE Exchange station, but near Ibn Battuta cabs are always available. See our review "Money in the UAE" for the current exchange rates.

The most comfortable is to take a cab directly from your hotel. The trip will cost from 60 to 100 dirhams, it depends on the location of the hotel, because Dubai is a very big city. See our review "Taxis in the UAE" for the actual fares.

Ticket price

Attention! The online tickets are personal. You need to show your passport or ID at the entrance. Do not forget to take your personal document with you.

You can buy a ticket at the ticket office at the entrance. The ticket office is open now (February 2022). However, the capacity of the park is limited due to covid security measures. The ticket office only sells tickets if there are few visitors to the park. Therefore, we recommend buying tickets in advance on the website to guarantee access to the park.

There are two types of tickets: flexible (with an open date) and dated (with an exact date). Flexible tickets are not available right now.

The price of a dated ticket is 330 dirhams (VAT included). If you buy tickets online 24 hours or earlier, the price is 295 dirhams. Another reason to buy tickets in advance on the website.

Children under 3 years old are free, but you must have the child's passport or ID to prove the age.

Most tourists think it is expensive. However, it is even cheap by the standards of the UAE. The ticket to the similar Warner Bros. park is more expensive. Do you want it cheaper? Then read our review "How to buy tickets to Dubai parks cheaply".

Legoland + Motiongate or Legoland + Legoland WaterPark 1-day combo tickets are on sale now, priced at 395 dirhams (355 dirhams if purchased in advance).

There is also a Legoland pass for the entire current calendar year. The price is 495 dirhams. If you want to visit Legoland at least twice, this ticket is already a bargain.

What is Q-Fast

This is a special addition to the ticket, with which you can pass without queuing for any attraction. On weekdays it is almost useless, but on weekends and holidays you will stand in queues for a very long time without it. The sale of such passes has long been a common practice in amusement parks in the UAE.

The price of Q-Fast in LEGOLAND is 150 dirhams (including VAT). You can buy either on the website in advance or at the ticket office at any time.

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What is DigiPass

This is another addition to the ticket. There are photographers in the park all the time, taking pictures of everyone. With a DigiPass, you can take away all your photos. If you don't have a DigiPass, you have to pay for each photo.

The price of a DigiPass in LEGOLAND is 160 dirhams (including VAT).

Working hours

Every day - from 10 am to 6 pm (from 10-00 to 18-00).

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays - from 10 am to 7 pm (from 10-00 to 19-00).

When is the best time for a tourist to come

Naturally, on a weekday. Never on a weekend or a public holiday, when there will be a lot of people and you can get stuck in queues for the attractions.

For a schedule of public holidays, see our review "Holidays in the UAE".

The official weekends in the UAE from January 3, 2022 are Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday. Recall that Friday is the holy day of the week in Islam, the day of obligatory noon group prayers, as we described in detail in the review "Friday in the UAE". Accordingly, the worst time to visit the amusement parks in the UAE is Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.



This is probably the only zone that differs greatly from one LEGOLAND park to another. There you can find miniatures made of LEGO parts. The zone is completely indoors and is located in the center of the park.

Naturally, the Dubai LEGOLAND has miniatures of all the iconic buildings in Dubai - the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, Deira Clock Tower, there are even working miniatures of the Dubai Fountains and the Dubai Metro. There is even a miniature of the Eye of Dubai Ferris Wheel, which was opened recently.

Twenty million LEGO bricks were used to build this miniature park, with a total of 15,000 models of different sizes.

This is where the light show takes place. The show is 8 minutes long and no extra charge is required. Monday through Thursday at 5:45 pm (17-45) and Friday through Sunday at 6:45 pm (18-45).


This zone is styled after the LEGO Kingdoms series. The three fastest rides of the park are there. You could say that this is the most adult area of the park.

The Dragon

Height limit: 3 feet 11 inches (120 centimeters).

This is the only adrenaline rush ride at LEGOLAND Dubai. It is a roller coaster. For the first minute the visitors are on the way along the fantasy castle scenery, then the swift descent goes off into twists and turns.

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Dragon's Apprentice

Height limit: 3 feet 5 inches (105 centimeters).

This is a very simple and slow roller coaster. Ride time is only 20 seconds. There's not much more to say.

Merlin's Challenge

Height limit: 3 feet 5 inches (105 centimeters).

Another very simple merry-go-round, but quite fast. The LEGO figurine of the wizard Merlin is in the center.


The best zone for kids 3-7 years old, this one contains mostly carousels.

Submarine Adventure

Height limit: 2 feet 7 inches (80 centimeters).

Possibly, it is one of the most interesting rides at LEGOLAND Dubai. It imitates a submarine trip in a real aquarium with sharks and rays. The decor is made of LEGO bricks and the fish love it.

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Height limit: 2 feet 11 inches (90 centimeters).

Visitors board the wagons, get their hands on pistols with laser pointers and ride, trying to hit the lights around them. Each hit triggers some mechanism or special effect.

Beetle Bounce

Height limit: 3 feet 5 inches (105 centimeters).

We often refer to this as the "drop from the tower" where visitors are placed on a platform that rises to a height and then tumbles down. The ride is for children and the height is 16.5 feet (5 meters).

There is the feature. Children who are from 3 ft 5 in (105 cm) to 3 ft 11 in (120 cm) tall can only ride when accompanied by an adult. However, only one adult can be on the ride. In this case you will probably wait more.

Pharaoh's Revenge

Height restriction: none.

It's a play area with air cannons that fire foam balls.

Wave Racers

Height limit: 3 feet 5 inches (105 centimeters).

This is the merry-go-round, but only on water. You won't get wet, as you will be in a model of a boat. You will have to ride this ride standing up.


The zone is stylized as the LEGO CITY series.

Driving School

Height limit: from 3 ft 7 in (110 cm) to 4 ft 11 in (150 cm).

On this attraction, children ride alone - without adults. Riding on small electric cars, styled as LEGO. Children are taught to ride according to simplified traffic rules. After successful completion of the route, the child receives a LEGO driving license - a great souvenir.

Attention! In order for a child to be allowed on the track, he/she must be able to operate the electric car, namely: turn the steering wheel, know how to use the acceleration and brake pedals.

Junior Driving School

Height limit: from 3 ft 1 in (95 cm) to 3 ft 7 in (110 cm).

All the same, but for younger children.

Boating School

No height limit, but children under 3 feet 11 inches (120 centimeters) can ride only with an adult.

The attraction is a boat ride. Either two adults or an adult and two children can sit in the boat. The boat can turn right and left and accelerate. The river to be navigated is not forked.

Tourists of great height or weight are warned. The boats are small and not very stable. Be careful not to capsize.

City Airport

Height limit: from 3 feet 1 inches (95 centimeters).

This is a regular carousel, with children and adults sitting in airplanes styled after the Duplo series. The carousel is slow, suitable even for the very young.

An interesting point is that the airplanes not only fly in a circle, but also move up and down. And the visitors control themselves this movement with the joystick in the cabin.

Police Headquarters

Height restriction: none.

This is an indoor playground, simulating a police station. There you can sit in a police car, be in a detention cell, shoot a gun for fun. Naturally, everything is made out of LEGO bricks.

Rescue Academy

Height limit: from 3 feet 1 inches (95 centimeters).

A similar attraction, but about firefighters. You have to put out the fire with water cannons.


Most of the entertainment in this area are the playgrounds with construction pieces of different sizes and for different ages.

LEGO Studios 4D

No height limitation.

4D movie theater with special effects of splashing water, fog and light. Two animated films are shown that were made specifically for LEGOLAND parks, and can only be seen there. The first film is based on the NINJAGO series, the second is a continuation of the LEGO Movie.

LEGO Technic Twister

Height limit: 3 feet 5 inches (105 centimeters).

This is a large (by LEGOLAND park standards) carousel. Visitors sit in "cups" that are grouped three at a time. The groups spin and the carousel itself spins.

Build & Test

Height restriction: none.

Anyone can assemble a small car from LEGO parts and race it down the slide. Park staff will help the kids assemble it.

You don't have to build cars only. No one forbids building something else, and there are plenty of construction parts.

DUPLO Express

Height limit: 2 feet 7 inches (80 centimeters).

The locomotive goes slowly around LEGO DUPLO figures. Nothing more to add. Children under 3 ft 11 in (120 cm) tall only if accompanied by an adult.

DUPLO Valley

Height restriction: none.

This is a play area for the very young. There are large construction parts, small slides, human and animal figures.

LEGO Master Builder Academy

Height restriction: none.

Large room with tables and plenty of different construction parts. You can build anything and as much as you want.


Height restriction: none.

Similar fun - building your own models from the constructor. There are parts for creating controllable models. The park staff will help you figure it out if you haven't dealt with such LEGO elements before.


This is the first area that visitors enter as soon as they enter the park. There are only two activities in the area.

Factory Tour

Height restriction: none.

There you will be shown and told how LEGO bricks are made. They make a free brick with a child's name on it. A small thing, but nice.

The BIG Shop

This is the largest LEGO branded store in the Middle East. Before, the LEGO store in the Dubai Mall was the largest.

Tips for tourists

- Bringing your own food and drinks inside is prohibited. Exceptions are made only for baby food and diet food, if there is a doctor's prescription. Prices in the snack bars inside are high, but not exorbitant. We still recommend having a snack beforehand. If riding from Ibn Battuta subway station, you can stop by the large local Ibn Battuta Mall, which has a food court and supermarket;

- Items can be stored in the lockers that are located in the FACTORY area;

- For a small child, you can borrow a stroller, rentals are in the FACTORY area;

- Smoking is prohibited in the park. To smoke, you will have to leave the park. Most importantly, don't forget to ask the staff for a hand stamp so that you can come back in without any problems afterwards;

- During the month of Ramadan, cafes and restaurants in the park remain open. But you should only eat and drink inside. Read our review "Ramadan in the UAE - rules for tourists";

- For visitors with very young children, the Baby Care Centre is open and has a changing room and facilities for warming baby food. The center is located in the IMAGINATION area, next to the snack bar;

- Parking near the park is chargeable at 20 dirhams;

- As with all public places in the emirates, it is strictly prohibited to be drunk and drink alcohol in the park (if you manage to sneak it in). You may be refused entry even if you smell like intoxicated, or you may be fined by the police. Read our in-depth reviews "What is not allowed in the UAE" and "Alcohol in the UAE".

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