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Page update - Oct 27, 2022

The Dolphin Bay is located at Atlantis The Palm Hotel on the artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. There is an opportunity for tourists to interact with dolphins. But are these services worth the money they charge at Dolphin Bay?

This page will answer this question, give prices, tell you about the types of programs, and give you all the information you need about Dolphin Bay.

By the situation of October 2022, Dolphin Bay is open to the public. Program prices have recently increased. See the current prices below on this page.

Starting September 28, 2022, all the emirates in the UAE do not require masks to be worn in cafes, restaurants, malls, stores, airports, and hotels. BUT! The authorities have not said exactly about entertainment venues. So, now they are defining the rules themselves. Dolphin Bay dolphinarium now (October 2022) does not require masks.

Remember, however, that masks are still required on public transport. We strongly recommend that you carry a mask with you throughout your visit to the UAE. Just in case. A mask does not take up much space in your pocket.

Important point

There are no dolphin shows in the Dolphin Bay, but only small groups of visitors interacting with dolphins. If you want to see the show, you have to go to the Dubai Dolphinarium in Bur Dubai. Read more about it in our review "Dubai Dolphinarium".

Does it make sense?

Is there any point in paying to contact dolphins in Dubai? Isn't it easier to do it in your home country? There are dolphinariums in almost every country, and almost all of them provide the service of communicating with dolphins.

Let's compare prices. The cheapest program in Dolphin Bay is 725 dirhams - that is almost 200 US dollars. For this money, you will spend 30 minutes in the water, pet the dolphin a few times, toss him a ball, and kiss for a good photo.

For comparison, such a program costs 170 US dollars in SeaWorld at San Diego. At the Dolphin Research Center in Florida it costs 210 US dollars. As you see, the prices at the Dolphin Bay in Dubai are not the cheapests.

Given these figures, think to yourself - is it worthwhile to visit Dolphin Bay or not? Try to find the dolphin interaction service in your home country and compare the prices. Then make your decision.

How to get there

We talked in detail about how to get to the Atlantis Hotel in the main review "Aquaventure Waterpark".

The Dolphin Bay Dolphinarium is located at the eastern end of Aquaventure waterpark. Follow the signs to find.

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Hours of sessions

Sessions of interaction with dolphins take place either in the morning from 9:30 am to 11:30 am or in the afternoon from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

You can choose the exact time of your session on the website when purchasing tickets. It is better to arrive 20 minutes before the time. If you are late by the time indicated in the ticket, the cost of the ticket is not refundable.

Attention - discounts

A discount of 100 dirhams per ticket will be given for reservations made 14 days or more in advance of your visit. We hope that by the time of your visit this discount will not be cancelled.

An important point is that when you buy a ticket through the website, this discount is not given automatically. You have to manually select the discounted package. See the picture to the left, click to enlarge.

Any Dolphin Bay ticket includes free admission to Aquaventure Waterpark and a 25% discount on a ticket to The Lost Chambers aquarium. This discount is substantial and saves 319 dirhams on the Aquaventure ticket. The Lost Chambers oceanarium ticket costs 135 dirhams, saving 28 dirhams.


Dolphin programs prices range from 725 dirhams for a shallow pool to 1,195 dirhams for a dive with dolphins in a three-meter (10-feet) deep pool. See the current exchange rate of the dirham in our review "The UAE dirham".

We will describe each program in detail and give prices below.

Warning! Prices may be higher than listed by us, depending on the season and day of the week.

Buy your tickets online at . After entering the page choose the date of your visit, then the program. Payment is accepted by VISA or MasterCard.

Warning! All tickets with a discount of 100 dirhams are non-refundable! You can only write an email to the administration and change the date or time of the session. In most cases the administration will meet you halfway.

If you buy a full ticket (without the 100 dirhams discount). You may return it with a 100% refund within 72 hours or earlier. In case of refund within 24-72 hours only 50% of the amount will be refunded. No refund within 24 hours or later.

Warning! The Atlantis Palm's official website (where you can purchase tickets) works with problems sometimes. It is very likely that you will see an image like this when you try to buy. Don't be surprised, try again, at the N-th time it will work. We sincerely hope that at the time of your visit the site will be updated to a normal state.

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Dolphin Encounter program

Dolphin Encounter is conducted in a shallow pool about 0.7 meters (2.3 feet) deep.

The price is 745 dirhams per person. The duration of the session is 30 minutes. Up to 10 people in a group. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (up to 3 children per adult).

A group of up to 10 people are led into a shallow pool, where they launch the dolphin. By the command of the trainer, the dolphin swims past people, and at this point you can touch it. And so 5-6 times.

Also give the dolphin a ball or command him to do a few dance moves. How this happens, see the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge. At the end, each visitor kisses the dolphin, and photographers from the shore take a photo.

That's all. What else did you want? Unobstructed interaction with dolphins? No, that is not provided at Dubai Dolphin Bay.

You can buy the photos of local photographers for 100 dirhams a piece.

You can take the picture yourself, but it is forbidden to do it while you are in the pool. That is, someone must take pictures from the shore, while others interact with the dolphin. Some family tourists simply share and buy tickets for different sessions. In the beginning, one parent with the first child interacts with the dolphin, the second parent takes a photo, the next session goes to the second parent with the second child, and the first parent takes a photo.

Included: towels, life jackets, locker, a ticket to the water park, discount to the aquarium, soft drinks without restrictions.

Swim & Explore program

Communicate with a dolphin in a 3-meter (10-feet) deep pool.

The price is 895 dirhams per person. The duration of the session is 30 minutes. Up to 6 people in a group. Children from 8 years old, who can swim, are allowed. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (up to 3 children per adult).

Visitors swim in the pool, a dolphin swims around, pushing to the hands. You can ride once from the center of the pool to the edge by grabbing the dolphin. You can hug and dance with the dolphin, and at the end you can kiss for a good photo.

The rules are the same as in Dolphin Encounter.

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Royal Swim program

This program involves two dolphins at once, at least that's what the official website says. During the Royal Swim session you can swim with dolphins in full, but the price of this program is one of the highest.

The price is 1,175 dirhams per person. The duration of the session is 30 minutes. The group includes up to 6 people. Children from 12 years old, who can swim, are allowed.

The first entertainment is swimming, when the dolphin pushes the visitor's feet. You can also swim by grabbing a dolphin, or even two dolphins. At the end of the program, you can kiss a dolphin in shallow water.

The photo rules are the same as in the previous programs.

Dolphin Scuba Dive program

Scuba diving with dolphins in a pool 3 meters (10 feet) deep.

Attention! This program requires an Open Water diving certificate. Please bring the certificate with you and show it to the park employee before the session.

The price is 1,525 dirhams per person. The session lasts 30 minutes. A group of up to 6 people. Guests over 15 years old with a valid certificate are allowed. Please note: Children's certificates are not accepted.

Dolphinarium provides equipment for diving, it is prohibited to use your own equipment.

During this program, you can pet a dolphin underwater and swim by grabbing the dolphin. This is the most expensive program available.

The photo rules are the same as in the previous programs.

Dolphin Photo Fun program

Attention! This program does not include a 100 dirhams discount for early booking.

The idea is simple. You are standing on the edge of the pool, a dolphin swims up and you can kiss it. The photo can be taken by an attendant or you can buy a photo from local photographers. One photo is included in the ticket price.

The price is 490 dirhams per person. Remember that the ticket to the water park will be included. So the real price is: 490 - 290 = 200 dirhams.

Duration of the session - 10 minutes. Up to 15 people in a group. Children of any age are allowed. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (up to 3 children per adult).

Sea Lion Discovery program

The program is identical to Dolphin Encounter, but not with dolphins, but with sea lions.

The price is 670 dirhams per person. The duration of the session is 30 minutes. Up to 10 people in a group. Children from 6 years old are allowed. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (up to 3 children per adult).

The rules are the same as in the previous programs.

Sea Lion Photo Fun program

This program is identical to Dolphin Photo Fun but with sea lions instead of dolphins. One photo is included in the ticket price.

The price is 495 dirhams per person. The duration of the session is 10 minutes. A group of up to 10 people. Children from 6 years old are allowed. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult (up to 3 children per adult).

Human and Dolphin Safety

- All Swim & Explore and Royal Swim participants must be able to swim, that is, stay in the water without a life jacket. During these programs you will swim with dolphins without lifejacket;

- In case of breaking the rules: you can't swim without a lifejacket for Swim & Explore and Royal Swim or you don't have a diving certificate for Dolphin Scuba Dive, the tickets are non-refundable;

- The following must be removed prior to your session: watches, jewelry including piercings, hats, hairpins, sunglasses. It is forbidden to take any items that a dolphin might swallow;

- No refund if you are late. You must be at check-in by the time indicated on the ticket.

Good to know

- There are several ways to buy tickets cheaper. Read more in our review "How to save on entertainment in Dubai";

- Since Dolphin Bay is expensive to get to, some tourists prefer to buy a tour with a transfer. See if the hotel guide or tour agencies will offer a price even lower than the official price, it happens often. Read our review "Excursions in Dubai";

- If vacationing in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, you need to get to Dubai first. Read our detailed reviews "How to get from Abu Dhabi to Dubai" and "How to get from Sharjah to Dubai".

Have fun with the dolphins in Dubai, and read our interesting and useful pages about the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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