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Page update - Oct 27, 2022

The Lost Chambers aquarium is a part of the aquatic entertainment complex at Atlantis The Palm hotel (The Palm Jumeirah archipelago, Jumeirah district, Dubai, UAE). Together with the aquarium, the complex includes the Aquaventure waterpark and the Dolphin Bay dolphinarium.

By the situation of October 2022, The Lost Chambers is open to the public. Ticket prices have recently increased. See the current prices below on this page.

Starting September 28, 2022, there is no need to wear masks in restaurants, cafes, malls, stores, hotels, and airports in the UAE. BUT! The authorities have definitely not said anything about public aquariums and other entertainment venues. So, now the facilities are making their own rules. Masks are now not required at The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

However, don't forget that masks are still required on public transport. We strongly recommend that you carry a mask with you throughout your visit to the UAE. Just in case. A mask does not take up much space in your pocket.

Facts and figures

The figures are impressive. There are 10 large aquariums with a total volume of 42 million liters (11 million gallons). The largest of them is the Ambassador Lagoon with a volume of 11 million liters (2.9 million gallons). More than 70,000 marine animals of more than 500 species live in the aquariums. It takes more than 220 kilograms (485 pounds) of fish and seafood a day to feed them.

The Lost Chambers aquarium surpasses its main competitor Dubai Mall Aquarium by almost every parameter except the size of the main viewing glass. Recall that the glass in the Dubai Mall Aquarium is the largest not only in Dubai, but in the world.

However, The Lost Chambers aquarium seems small for visitors and can be passed in just 10 minutes, though in this case you will not see much. This feeling is due to the compact organization of the twenty halls of the aquarium.

The Lost Chambers houses a full range of Gulf fauna. Also, there are albino alligators, piranhas, rare arapaimas, jellyfish species and a beautiful surroundings that shows the sunken city of Atlantis. But first things first.

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Important - Mobile app and Map

The Lost Chambers has a great mobile app that includes the map of the halls and stories about the most interesting fish and sea creatures, and even logic puzzles about the sunken city of Atlantis.

You can see a screenshot from this app on the right, click on the picture to enlarge to full screen. At the same time, this screenshot shows the real map. Use it.

With this app, you don't need a guide, and you won't miss anything important inside. The app is available for iOS and Android, and both versions are free. Note: as of this page's update in October 2022, the app is only available for iOS, and it's disappeared from the Play Market for Android for some reason. We hope this is a temporary problem.

In the case of Android, you can download the app from alternative sources in the APK version.

We recommend downloading the app even before you leave for the UAE, as it is voluminous - about 500 megabytes. The only drawback is that the app is only in English.

The app describes in detail the tale of Atlantis, invented especially for The Lost Chambers aquarium. We recall that it is a fairy tale, nothing more.

Entourage and stylization

A great story was composed for visitors that caves with traces of an ancient civilization were found on this site during construction. A theory arose that this was the sunken Atlantis.

In reality, no caves were found there. The Palm Jumeirah islands were created by pouring the sand. The mythical Atlantis has not yet been discovered, and most likely it never existed at all. Of course, there was an ancient civilization, Umm Al-Nar culture, on the territory of the UAE, but this civilization had no written language (read our detailed review "History of the UAE"). That is, Umm Al-Nar culture cannot be associated with the lost Atlantis in any way.

However, the theme of lost civilization of Atlantis gave artists and decorators a huge potential for creativity. And they realized that potential in a splendid way. There are Atlantean diving suits, and the walls are stylized as masonry with large stones, and altars, and some unknown working machines.

There is one extremely curious place for tourists - it is a gilded throne of the King of Atlantis. Everyone can sit on this throne and take a picture.

If The Lost Chambers is not the best in the world in terms of entourage, then it is in the top-ten without a doubt. Do not miss this moment, look not only at the sea inhabitants in the aquariums, but also on the sides.

How to get there

Remember that The Lost Chambers aquarium is located at Atlantis The Palm, together with the Aquaventure waterpark and the Dolphin Bay. We told about how to get there in detail in the review "Aquaventure waterpark".

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Ticket price

In 2022, there was a slight change in the pricing policy. Tickets have gone up in price.

Tickets range from 120 to 140 dirhams, depending on the day of visit and season. Children from 3 to 7 years - 95 dirhams. Children under 3 years old get in for free. For the UAE currency exchange rates against the dollar, euro, pound and other currencies, see our "UAE Dirham" review.

At the moment of this page update (October 2022) combo-tickets to Aquaventure Waterpark + The Lost Chambers Aquarium are available. The combo-tickets are valuable as the money saving is 85 dirhams per person!

Attention! To buy the combo-ticket you DO NOT need to go to the The Lost Chambers ticket page. DO go to the waterpark ticket page. There will be an AQUAVENTURE SUPER PASS ticket for 369 dirhams that is the combo-ticket.


We want to warn you that the site works "intermittently" and often you may see an unpleasant browser message when purchasing tickets (see the picture on the right, click to enlarge). If this happens, try again, it may work at some point. We hope that by the time of your visit the site will work properly, and you will not see such a message.

Please note that the tickets purchased on the site are named. You must have your ID with the photo, otherwise they may not let you in. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years and older).

For guests staying at Atlantis The Palm, unlimited entry to the aquarium is included in the room rate.

Tickets can be purchased not only through the website, but also at the on-site box office. At the moment (October 2022), the box office is open. But the prices at the box office are higher. In addition, the number of visitors is limited by covid-safety measures. If the aquarium will be full, then the ticket will not sell at the box office. It is better to buy online in advance.

Opening hours

The Lost Chambers is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. From 9 am to 10 am it is open to guests of Atlantis The Palm only.

With a regular ticket, you can enter the aquarium at any time during the day of your visit (indicated on the ticket) and you can spend any amount of time inside, but within the limits of the day of your visit.

What to see and do

Of course, you can just walk through the halls of the aquarium and look at the fish. You can read the information on special touch screen panels. But it is much more interesting to find out about the most interesting moments in advance and not to miss any of them.

Read the list of the most interesting things at The Lost Chambers below.

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Ambassador Lagoon

The largest aquarium, whose depths can be viewed through the largest glass panel in The Lost Chambers. The size of the panel is approximately 7x5 meters (23x16.4 feet). Of course, it's far from the record-setting size of the glass at the Dubai Mall Aquarium, but it's still a fascinating sight to behold.

The place in front of this glass is called Poseidon Court. There's a small Poseidon Cafe where you can drink coffee or hot chocolate and eat a croissant or sandwich. Plan for about 75 dirhams per person. Luckily, the cafe's tables are away from the glass and don't disturb the full (or unwilling to pay that much) people to enjoy the view.

With a volume of 11 million liters (2.9 million gallons), this aquarium is the largest in the UAE. The natural flora and fauna of the Persian Gulf are collected inside. And now imagine that a giant whale shark once was swimming in this aquarium, that it was a sight. Its name was Sammy, and in 2010, after a series of protests by Dubai residents, it was released into the ocean.

Albino alligators

This is the almost exclusive sight as there are only about 30 such animals in the world. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is home to two albino alligators, named "Ali" and "Baloo", brought from Florida, USA, in 2015. Don't miss out!

Contact pools

These are small pools where sea animals can be touched. Naturally, only sea creatures that are safe for humans are chosen. You can touch starfish and stingrays in the first of these pools, and crabs in the second.

The Abyss Room

A stunning venue with jellyfish-filled aquariums and color-changing lights. According to the legend of the creators of The Lost Chambers, there is the entrance to the deep mines of Atlantis. Nearby you can find a miner's suit and mining tools.

Seven Sages Chamber

You can watch the huge and very lazy catfish in this aquarium (in the photo on the right, click to enlarge). You won't find a better spectacle for relaxation in the world.

There is another curious element of the stylization of the aquarium. It is the Atlantean computer, created according to legends by the Atlanteans. From time to time it emits a sound to let visitors know it's still in working order.

Shark Lagoon

The second largest aquarium at The Lost Chambers, 6 meters (20 feet) deep. You can even view this aquarium without buying a ticket to the aquarium. Some Aquaventure water park slides end with a tunnel through the Shark Lagoon aquarium.

There are 12 species of sharks and rays. The most dangerous - the great white and tiger sharks, of course, are not there. Inside this aquarium there is shark feeding and "diving with predators".

Aquatheatre Show (fish feeding)

Every day at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm, divers from the staff dive into the aquariums and feed the sea animals. The Lost Chambers management calls this show "interactive," but only they know what's interactive about it.


Every hour from 10 am to 5 pm (except 11 am) there is a "Fish Tales Tour". During the tour, the guide will talk about the behind-the-scenes life of the oceanarium, the legends of Atlantis, and the most interesting marine animals. At the end of the tour, the Fish Hospital, a science lab and hospital for fish, is shown. Fish Hospital cannot be seen by regular visitors, only with a guided tour.

The tour is conducted in English, with a group of up to 10 people, and requires an additional fee of 45 dirhams.

Additional services

Yoga sessions are held Tuesdays and Fridays from 8 am to 9 am. Available to all visitors, even those without any experience in yoga practice. The price is 125 dirhams per person, pre-registration through the official website is required.

An important point to note is that for all these paid programs, it is highly recommended to sign up in advance through the official website.

Ultimate Snorkel is snorkeling in the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium. The age limit is 6 years old and above. The price is 310 dirhams per person.

Atlantis Aquatrek is an Ambassador Lagoon dive in a special diving helmet. You don't even need to know how to swim. Restrictions are from 8 years old and 1.2 meters (3 feet 11 inches) in height. The price is 620 dirhams per person.

Atlantis Dive Discovery is an Ambassador Lagoon dive. The program is for common visitors, no diving certificate is required. You will pass a small training session and swim with the instructor in shallow water. The price is 1,390 dirhams.

Atlantis Dive Exploring is diving in the Ambassador Lagoon, but for certified divers. The equipment is provided by the Aquarium, it takes 30 minutes. A group of up to 4 people, the price is 1,095 dirhams .

Predator Dive, another program for certified divers, but with feeding of predators. The price is 2,650 dirhams.

Good to know

- There are many ways to buy tickets cheaper. Read our detailed review "How to save on entertainment in Dubai" about this;

- If you bought a combo ticket to the aquarium + water park, don't forget that the price includes a visit to the magnificent private Adventure Beach. If you only bought a ticket to the aquarium, a visit to the beach is NOT included.

Have a great experience at The Lost Chambers, and read our interesting pages about the United Arab Emirates (see the list of the pages below).


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