Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai

Page update - Oct 27, 2022

The Aquaventure water park is located on the territory of Atlantis The Palm hotel in the artificial archipelago The Palm Jumeirah in the Emirate of Dubai. There is the single entertainment complex of the Aquaventure water park, The Lost Chambers aquarium, and Dolphin Bay dolphinarium.

Current situation

By the situation of October 2022, the Aquaventure waterpark is operating normally. However, the operation hours have been changed and the ticket prices have increased. Read all the details below on this page.

Facts and figures

The official website states that the Aquaventure waterpark is the largest in the Middle East, covering an area of 42 acres (17 hectares). In fact, the Aquaventure waterpark itself is no more than 22 acres (9 hectares). And 42 acres (17 hectares) covers the whole water amusement complex of the water park, oceanarium, and dolphinarium. However, even 22 acres (9 hectares) is a respectable figure.

Aquaventure water park boasts a very interesting set of slides, and some water activities there are unique. The main disadvantage is that it is difficult and expensive to get there. But, about everything in order.

Aquaventure VS Wild Wadi

There are two large water parks in Dubai. The first is Aquaventure (this page is about it). The second is the Wild Wadi in the Jumeirah area near the Burj Al-Arab hotel. There is also LEGOLAND Water Park, but it is aimed more at children and it is inappropriate to compare.

Of course, we sincerely wish our readers that finances allow to visit both water parks. But water parks in Dubai are an expensive treat, and most tourists have to choose one of them.

The Aquaventure ticket price is now (October 2022) higher than Wild Wadi - 320 dirhams versus 270 for an adult visitor. See the current dirham exchange rates in our review "Money in Dubai and the UAE".

Remember that Aquaventure (Atlantis The Palm Hotel) is quite a long and expensive to get to. It is much cheaper and easier to get to Wild Wadi. But when you visit Aquaventure you will have access to a private beach, which is not the case at Wild Wadi.

The set of the slides is about the same, but Wild Wadi is clearly ahead in the TOP-slides. Its highest and scariest slide Jumeirah Sceirah in the height of 30 meters (100 feet), visitors can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h (50 mi/h). The analogue in the Aquaventure water park is Poseidon's Revenge - 25 meters high (82 feet), speeds up to 60 km/h (37 mi/h).

Wild Wadi has a full-fledged Masters Blasters slide, where visitors ride up on tubing. Aquaventure has a similar slide called Water Coasters where this upward motion is only found in a few places (pictured near, click to enlarge).

Our advice is this. If you only want water slides and nothing more then choose Wild Wadi.

If you are ready to pay an extra 50 dirhams for a private beach then choose Aquaventure. In addition, you can visit The Lost Chambers aquarium with a discounted combo ticket.

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How to get there

If you are in Dubai.

The easiest way to get there is to take a cab from your hotel to the water park. Most tourists stay at budget hotels in Deira or Bur Dubai, which are quite far from the The Palm Jumeirah islands. From Deira, a cab will cost 85-100 dirhams. From Bur Dubai, a cab will cost 75-85 dirhams. From Dubai Marina, a cab will cost 30-35 dirhams.

For the current dirham exchange rates, read our page "Money in Dubai and the UAE". For the cab fares, read our page "Taxis in the UAE".

The cheapest way to get there is to take the Dubai Metro to Dubai Internet City station and take a cab from the station to the water park. For the subway fares and map with all the lastest updates read the page "Dubai Metro - map and fares". A cab will cost 25 dirhams. Catch a cab on the opposite side of Sheikh Zayed Road (opposite from the metro station).

The most interesting way to get there is to take the monorail (pictured right, click to enlarge). First, take the Dubai Metro to Sobha Realty station (before 09/09/21 called Dubai Marina, before 11/25/20 called Damac). Then take the tram (take the tram, which goes to the right, if you stand facing the coast) and go to the Palm Jumeirah station. From there, you can take the monorail to Atlantis station. Read our detailed review "The Dubai Tram".

Instead of taking the tram, you can walk from the metro station to the monorail station. To do this, get off at Al Khail metro station (called Nakheel until 11/25/20) and walk towards the coast. Get to a big street with tram tracks, turn right and walk ahead to the monorail station.

Read more about all the options to get from the subway to the monorail in our review "Monorail in Dubai".

The monorail ticket costs 20 dirhams one-way (30 dirhams for a round-trip ticket). The last price increase was on July 4, 2017, previously tickets cost 15 and 25 dirhams. The trip on the monorail is so expensive that it is already cheaper for two people to take a cab.

The monorail in The Palm Jumeirah is worth talking about separately. Its construction cost Dubai 400 million US dollars (according to unofficial data more than 1 billion). For comparison, the line of Maglev trains in China was built for USD 1 billion.

That said, there is nothing outstanding about the Dubai Monorail. The maximum speed is 70 km/h (43.5 mi/h), the line length is 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles). Nowadays the monorail carries 3,000 passengers a day. Naturally, such a low passenger flow is connected with astronomical ticket prices.

If it goes further whis way then the monorail will pay back its construction in about 100 years. It is believed that Arabian sheikhs are very pragmatic people, who invest their money wisely. But the monorail is just the case, when they clearly miscalculated. However, it is something to be proud of - the first monorail in the Middle East, and probably the last.

If you are in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or another emirate.

From Abu Dhabi, you can get to Dubai by bus or cab, as we talked about in the review "From Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back". After arriving in Dubai, follow the instructions above.

From Sharjah, you can easily and inexpensively take a bus or cab to the nearest Dubai Metro station. Read our review "From Sharjah to Dubai and back". After arriving in Dubai, follow the instructions above.

From Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain emirates, we recommend buying an organized tour. A tour bus will take you to the water park in this case.

Find your hotel

Ticket price

Regular water park tickets:

On the website, such a ticket is called Aquaventure DAY PASS.

Online for adults: 319 dirhams.

Online for kids: 269 dirhams.

Aquapark+Aquarium combo-ticket:

On the website, this combo-ticket is called Aquaventure SUPER PASS.

Online for adults: 369 dirhams.

Online for kids: 319 dirhams.

Kids under 3 years old: free of charge. Proof of age is required so bring your child's ID or passport.

A nice bonus is that Aquaventure water park visitors are free to use the private Adventure Beach.

Beach towel rental is 35 dirhams.

Small locker rental is 50 dirhams.

Small locker + beach towel rental is 75 dirhams.

Large locker rental is 80 dirhams.

For the current UAE dirham exchange rates, see our page "Money in Dubai and the UAE".

Where and how to buy tickets

Tickets can be purchased from the Atlantis The Palm's official website or from the box office upon arrival at the waterpark. The ticket office is now open (October 2022).

We strongly recommend that you buy your tickets online. First, the tickets on the website are cheaper. Second, the water park capacity is limited for covid-safety reasons. If the park is full of people with pre-purchased tickets, the box office will no longer sell the ticket.

How to save money

The first way to save money is to stay at Atlantis The Palm. Admission to the Aquaventure water park is free and unlimited for the hotel guests.

Unfortunately, staying at Atlantis The Palm is expensive. Usually it is USD 500 per night. Free admission to the aquapark and aquarium is given to guests even with a one-day booking.

Complimentary water park admission is included with the purchase of any Atlantis Dolphin Bay interaction program.

There are several other ways to buy tickets cheaper. Read our detailed review "How to save money on entertainment in Dubai".

Operating hours

From 9-30 am to 6-00 pm (9-30 to 18-00). Daily.

In the winter season the park is open until 17-30 and in the summer until 18-30. Working hours on weekdays and weekends are the same. Recall that as of January 3, 2022, the United Arab Emirates switched to a 4½-day work week. Read more in our review "Fridays and weekends in the UAE".

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Height restrictions

All Neptune Tower and Poseidon Tower slides have a height limit of 1.2 meters (3 feet 11 inches). For The Rapids and The Torrent, the same restriction applies.

As a result, only the children's area is available for children below 1.2 meters (3 feet 11 inches). That said, the ticket is slightly cheaper at 269 dirhams (adult ticket costs 319 dirhams). For what to pay 269 dirhams? It is not clear!

Entourage and stylization

There are two towers with slides, they are the Tower of Neptune and the Tower of Poseidon. Probably the creators of the water park were not well versed in the ancient gods. Neptune and Poseidon - the same god in charge of the seas and oceans. Just in Greece he was called Poseidon, in Rome - Neptune.

The towers does not resemble Roman or Greek architecture. As conceived by the creators of the water park, these are ziggurats (ritual temples-pyramids) of Babylon. For a complete picture of the ancient jumble lacks more Egyptian pyramids.

The two Babylonian ziggurats, named after the gods of Greece and Rome, are a firm "fail" for stylization.

Slides and activities

Aquaventure waterpark's 7 main slides start at two towers - the Neptune Tower and the Poseidon Tower.

Poseidon Tower

Aquaconda slide

The management of the Aquaventure waterpark claims it is the largest waterslide in the world. Only it is not clear by what parameter they judge?

The height of 25 meters (82 feet) is clearly not a record. At the moment the record height for water slides is 50 meters (164 feet) from the Kilimanjaro slide in Brazil. The length of 210 meters (690 feet) is far from a record, the current record is 602 meters (1,975 feet) for the Jimi Hunt waterslide in the United States.

The only parameter by which the Aquaconda slide is the biggest in the world - the width of the tube is 9.2 meters (30.2 feet). And there you can see a truly unique solution! Inside the big tube of Aquaconda slide is a small tube of another Slitherine slide. When riding Aquaconda, be sure to lift your head up, you can not see this anywhere else.

The riders sit in a large tubing that can hold up to 6 people. See the presentation video below.

Height - 25 meters (82 feet);

Length - 210 meters (690 feet);

Tube width - 9.2 meters (30.2 feet);

Max speed - 33 km/h (20.5 mi/h);

Ride time - about 50s.

Zoomerango slide

This is a "canyon" slide. Up to 6 visitors on a large tubing start at one edge, then climb the almost vertical wall of the second edge and go down. Almost every water park has such slides.

See the presentation video below.

The height is 25 meters (82 feet);

The height of the opposite edge - 14 meters (46 feet);

Ride time - about 15s.

Poseidon's Revenge slide

This is probably the most frightening slide at Aquaventure waterpark. The visitor stands on a special platform, and he/she is closed by a glass half-cylinder. Then the trapdoor under his feet opens, and the visitor falls down into the closed slide.

The slide consists of two tubes for two riders. Two of you are not so scared to fall into the unknown.

See the presentation video below.

Height - 25 meters (82 feet);

Length - 116 meters (380 feet);

Max speed - 60 km/h (37 mi/h);

Ride time - about 12s.

Slitherine slide

This is a regular enclosed slide. The only thing that makes it different is that the tube runs inside the tube of another Aquaconda slide. What good is this fact to a visitor who can't see it inside an enclosed slide? The answer is none.

The walls of the tube of the Slitherine slides partially let in light, which means that there is no total darkness inside. A timer works, and at the end you can tell which of the two visitors went through faster.

See the presentation video below.

Height - 31 meters (101 feet);

Length - 182 meters (597 feet);

Max speed - 33 km/h (20.5 mi/h);

Ride time - about 22 seconds.

Neptune Tower

The Leap Of Faith slide

This slide is the "calling card" of Aquaventure waterpark. The visitor falls down almost vertically and ends up in a tunnel in an aquarium with sharks and stingrays.

We will not call it the scariest. The thing is that the speed is high and the visitors simply do not have time to notice the sharks.

It is not clear who is experiencing more emotions on this slide? Put yourself in the shoes of the shark. Food flies by you several times per minute at a speed of 40 km/h (25 mi/h). What are your feelings? What do you feel? Disappointment, anger, hope that the next time you still catch it!

Watch the presentation video below.

Height - 27.5 meters (90 feet);

Length - 61 meters (200 feet);

Max speed - 40 km/h (25 mi/h);

Ride time - about 10s.

Shark Attack slide

Roll down an enclosed slide, it's dark inside. Then you suddenly fly into a tunnel in an aquarium with sharks and stingrays. Unlike The Leap Of Faith slide, visitors swim slowly, and have time to see the sharks.

See the presentation video below.

The height is 13 meters (43 feet).

Be careful inside the tube as it is dark and it is possible to hit the walls with your foot or hand and get injured.

Water Coasters slide

Slide with a series of lifts up and down, hence the name "Water roller coaster". The slide is long, perhaps we will call it the most interesting in the Aquaventure water park.

When moving up, tubing with visitors is pushed by jets of water. There are even slides in the world (called Master Blasters), where visitors with the help of this technology are going up through pipes, rather than coming down. And one of these slides is in Dubai, but in a different water park, Wild Wadi.

The Water Coasters slide does go downhill, but with occasional climbs. You could say that this is a cheaper version of Master Blasters.

See the presentation video below.

There are alternating climbs, descents and quiet pools. There are almost never any lines on this slide, as visitors ride it like a "lazy river."

Despite the simplicity of the Water Coasters slide, children under 1.2 meters tall are not allowed on it.

"Lazy" rivers

Artificial rivers in water parks are commonly called "lazy" because visitors float on them leisurely in most cases. Aquaventure has two "lazy" rivers, but they are not lazy at all.

The Rapids is an artificial river of 1.6 kilometers long (1 mile). Much of it resembles a fast mountain river.

The Torrent is a fast river with artificial waves over a meter (3 feet) high.

Splashers Kids Zone

It is large if you compare it to other water parks. There is a big castle, water cannons, and slides of different sizes. For the children's zone you can give it a solid "A".

Good and important to know

- If you are going to the water park with children, read our review "To the UAE with children - important points";

- As in any amusement park in the UAE, it is better to come to Aquaventure on weekdays in order to avoid standing in queues. Keep in mind that starting from January 3, 2022, weekends in the UAE are Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday. See the calendar of holidays in the review "Public holidays in the UAE";

- In addition to water parks in Dubai, there is a large water park in neighboring Abu Dhabi. Take a closer look, maybe you'll like it better. Read our page "YAS WaterWorld".

Have fun at Aquaventure water park, and read our pages about vacations in the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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