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Page update - Sep 29, 2022

The Mall of the Emirates in Dubai is not considered as interesting in terms of entertainment for tourists as the Dubai Mall. However, the Mall of the Emirates is considered even better for shopping as many stores have lower prices, more promotions and discounts.

This page will tell you everything interesting about the Mall of the Emirates - shopping, entertainment, eateries, how to get there, operating hours, e.t.c.

As of September 2022, Mall of the Emirates is open and operating as usual. Starting September 28, 2022, the requirement to wear masks in malls, stores, restaurants, and cafes has been removed throughout the UAE. But don't forget that the requirement of the social distance 1 meter is still in force.

Facts and figures

The Mall of the Emirates has a total retail area of 255,500 square meters (2,750,000 square feet). It is the second largest in the Emirate of Dubai and in the UAE. Only the Dubai Mall (350,000 square meters, 3,767,000 square feet) is larger, followed by Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi (232,000 square meters, 2,500,000 square feet).

After opening in autumn 2005, the Mall of the Emirates was the largest in the UAE, but lost first place in 2008 after the opening of Dubai Mall.

Construction began in 2003 ordered by Majid Al Futtaim, and they now own the Mall of the Emirates. The construction cost 800 million dirhams (218 million USD), the first stores opened in September 2005, the official opening was held in November 2005.

From 2013 to 2015, Evolution 2015 was held. It was the major reconstruction and completion of the Mall of the Emirates, which cost even more than its construction - 1 billion dirhams (USD 275 million). The retail area increased by 26,000 square meters (280,000 square feet), the Fashion Dome gallery was added, and the number of parking spaces increased. On September 30, 2015, David Beckham came there to inaugurate the new Adidas store in the new section of the mall.

The Mall of the Emirates now has about 630 retail outlets, including 250 large stores, about 100 restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets. The rest are kiosks, stalls and the like.

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Where is and how to get

The Mall of the Emirates is located on Sheikh Zayed road at Junction 4. It is almost in the center of Dubai city.

Free Bus. Unfortunately now (September 2022), free buses are not operational. The service stopped in 2020 because of the coronavirus and hasn't re-started yet . As soon as it re-starts running again, we will be sure to write.

Guests of some hotels can take the free bus. Look for the schedule at the hotel's front desk. A list of these hotels: Dusit Thani, Ritz Carlton, Warwick, Rose Rayhaan, Emirates Grand, IBIS WTC, Novotel, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi, Amwaj Rotana, Le Royal Meridien Hotel, Habtoor Grand Hotel, Sheraton Jumeirah Hotel, Hawthorn Suites, Tamani Marina Hotel, Ritz Carlton JBR, The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi, JA Oasis Beach Tower, Movenpick JBR, Kempinski The Palm, Atlantis, Hilton Jumeirah, Fairmount The Palm, Rixos The Palm.

Dubai Metro (subway). If your hotel is not on the list, the easiest way to get there is to take the subway. Take the Mall of the Emirates Station on the first (red) line. For the subway map and fares see our review "Dubai Metro". The indoor and air-conditioned passage (Metro Link) connects the subway station and the mall.

Taxi. The price of the trip will depend on the location of the hotel (or the point from where you go to the mall). Dubai is very big right now, and the trip cost can range from 12 to 60 dirhams. See our review "UAE currency" for the current exchange rates.

If travelling by car, finding the Mall of the Emirates is easy. Take Sheikh Zayed Highway towards the center, exit at Interchange 4 following the signs.

The Mall of the Emirates parking lots can accommodate up to 8,000 cars. It is always free on weekdays, but may take a while to find a free space on weekends. Parking is free at the weekend. On weekdays only 4 hours free, then 20 dirhams per hour. If you use VOX cinema or Ski Dubai, then 2 free hours are added.

Attention! You have to validate your parking ticket in the parking machine before you leave. This must be done even if you have only stayed for free hours. Without a validated ticket you will not be released from the parking lot.

Opening hours

Shopping and entertainment:

From Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 11 pm;

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 am to midnight;

Carrefour hypermarket: daily from 9 am to midnight.

A common question among tourists: where to buy alcohol?

There is an MMI liquor store in the Mall of Emirates. It is located on the ground floor (GF), near the southeast entrance (where the food court is). The entrance to the store is from the outside, on the parking lot D side. There is a big MMI sign at the entrance, you can't go wrong.

Now alcohol in Dubai is sold to tourists on a free tourist license, which will be issued in the same store. Just show your passport. The new amendments to the laws on November 8, 2020 abolished liability for drinking alcohol without a license, so you can not worry. However, drinking in a public place or being drunk in a public place is still a crime in the UAE. See our review "Alcohol in the UAE" for more details.

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The second common question: where to buy a SIM card?

In the Mall of Emirates, there are sales offices of both UAE operators (Etisalat and DU). Read our reviews "Internet in the UAE" and "Calls from the UAE" about which SIM-card is better to buy.

The Etisalat sales office is located on floor 1, near the southeast entrance. This is where the food court is, only one floor higher.

The DU sales office is on floor 1, at the north end of the mall, near the entrance from Metro Bridge.


Ski Dubai

A ski resort in the UAE is a reality! Ski Dubai has become the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. Ski Dubai has five ski slopes of varying complexity.

Even if you are not keen on mountain skiing or snowboarding you will find entertainment in Ski Dubai. You can communicate with penguins and ride snow slides at the Snow Park amusement park.

We won't talk about the Ski Dubai complex in detail on this page, but we suggest you read our large and detailed page "Ski Dubai".

VOX Cinema

The VOX Cinema is the biggest cinema with 24 auditoriums. Movies in dozens of languages were shown there before the pandemic. If your native language is not English then check the schedule, and there are large chances you will find some movie in your language.

Most movies at VOX Mall of the Emirates are in Arabic and English. This is unlike other VOXs in the UAE, where they like to screen in Hindi, Malay and other Oriental languages.

This VOX is famous for the only VOX Laser auditorium in the UAE - an IMAX-format auditorium with a FULL4K laser projector and 12-channel sound. The ticket prices range from 50 to 110 dirhams, depending on the location of the seats in the hall.

There is a VOX KIDS hall with colorful chairs. Ranging from 40 to 45 dirhams.

There is a VOX 4DX hall with moving chairs and additional special effects of water spray, smoke and the like. The price ranges from 120 to 150 dirhams.

And the chicest room is the Theatre by Rhodes, a dining room with a menu by chef Gary Rhodes. There are chic leather chairs with footstools and you can order at the touch of a button on the seat. Tickets cost from 170 to 270 dirhams with a small selection of snacks included.

For a schedule of sessions, visit

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Magic Planet

The largest Magic Planet entertainment center in the UAE. Most of the Magic Planet centers have a set of attractions oriented only for the little ones, but there the situation is better:

Gravity is a large trampoline center. 45 dirhams for 30 minutes, 80 dirhams for 60 minutes, 120 dirhams for the whole day.

Astro Blasters is a large area for a game of nurf. 60 dirhams per player per session.

Yalla Bowling is a bowling center, aimed at children. 30 dirhams per player on weekdays, 35 dirhams on weekends.

SoftPlay Area is a soft maze. 45 dirhams per hour or 60 dirhams for the whole day.

There are also several rides: carousel, bumper cars, "capsule", 4D cinema and others, several dozens of gaming machines. We recommend preparing about 200 dirhams per child.


These are virtual reality rides, but not the usual ones. It's more correct to call it a VR cinema. The duration of the session (movie) is 20-30 minutes. The price is AED 78.75 (75 excluding VAT). Children are allowed from the age of 10 years.

The repertoire changes from time to time. Currently (September 2022) three films are available. MIB First Assignment is a journey to the base of the Men in Black. THE BLU Deep Rescue is a journey into the depths of the ocean with whales. CURSE OF THE LOST PEARL Magic Projector Adventure - a journey through an ancient city and temple.

The number of people in each session is limited to a maximum of 6. Luckily though, the Dreamscape attraction hasn't proved very popular and there are no queues on weekdays. If you want to reserve seats for a specific time you can pay in advance at the official site

The Theatre

It is a cultural and leisure center. There are concerts, comedy shows, exhibitions, workshops for children and much more. For an up-to-date schedule of events, see their official website at

Where to eat and what to eat

The Mall of the Emirates has more than 100 restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, ice cream and candy stalls. All of them would not fit into any single area of the building, so there are two food courts at once. The first one is on the ground floor (GF) in the eastern part of the building, the second one is on the first floor (F1) in the western part (next to Ski Dubai).

Among the familiar to most tourists are Burger King, KFC (two, one for each food court), McDonald's (two, one for each food court), Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Texas Chicken, Charley's Philly Steak, TGI Friday's.

For the sweet tooth, we recommend Cinnabon, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme. There are four Starbucks coffee shops.

There is no point in describing all the other places in detail. We will focus only on the most interesting and unusual ones:

Mashakeek is a fast food place based on Omani and Emirati cuisine. They make rectangular Arab flatbreads, put the filling on them, and fold them in two. It's delicious and unusual, a kind of mixture of shawarma and sandwich. They are sold in various lengths: 26, 34 and 40 cm. The smallest one costs only 7 dirhams, so why not try it if it's not so expensive? See how these flatbreads look like in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Chowking is Chinese-style fried chicken, a kind of cross between KFC and Chinese food. Fans of fried chicken are a must-visit.

Bombay Chowpatty is one of the world's best fast food restaurants with adapted Indian food.

Hatam is a fast food adapted meat Persian cuisine. Highly recommended for lovers of kebabs and any meat in general. The portions are huge and the prices are reasonable.

The Mall of the Emirates has a Bateel store with elite varieties of dates and specialty date candies. Dates are the most popular gift from the UAE, we talked about them in the review "Dates in the Arab Emirates". But we do not advise to run to buy dates immediately in Bateel. First, go to Carrefour, where the range of dates is very decent and the price for the same variety can be several times lower.

Carrefour hypermarket

The Mall of the Emirates is home to Carrefour, the largest hypermarket in the UAE, with a shopping area of 13,400 square meters (145,000 square feet). In 2005, when it opened, it was the largest in the Middle East. Of course, now it is no longer a record.

The assortment of this Carrefour is 100,000 items. As a gift, we recommend buying camel's milk and products made of it. There are even camel's milk cheeses available. Read more in our review "Camel Milk".

We've already talked about dates. There are dozens of varieties in Carrefour, from cheap ones from Iran to elite ones from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.


It is impossible to list them all. And is it really necessary? Just a few.

In the Mall of the Emirates there is a huge three-storey Harvey Nichols store, the largest outside of Britain.

The Fashion Dome is the pride of the administration of the mall, and they talk about it in every advertisement. Nearby there are Bottega Veneta, Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Canali, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors, CH Carolina Herrera.

Another part of the mall on the first floor (F1) is called "The Luxury Wing" and is also mentioned in advertisements. There you will find Boucheron, MCM, Etro, Brunello Cucinelli, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier, Alexander McQueen.

Mall of the Emirates has large stores such as Debenhams, Zara, H&M, Centrepoint, Marks & Spencer.

Shopping lovers may well "hang" in the Mall of the Emirates for the entire vacation, especially if you try on all the things you like. The average tourist will have to spend half a day just to look at all the stores.

Tips for visitors

- At the "Customer service" counters you can get a free guide with a map. Do not hesitate to come and take it;

- There are special small cars-strollers for children. You do not need to bring your own stroller;

- There are changing rooms in all the women's restrooms;

- There are 20 currency exchange offices and bank branches scattered throughout the floors, you won't have to look far. Read our review "How to exchange money in the UAE";

- The Mall of the Emirates offers a "Hands Free" service. Items can be deposited for the duration of your stay in the mall, the service is free. The same service can be used to drop off your purchases for delivery to your hotel or any address in Dubai. Same day delivery costs 30 dirhams, next day delivery is 18 dirhams;

- If you're going to Carrefour for groceries, read our in-depth review "Grocery prices in the UAE";

- There is a tobacco store Smokers Center opposite the Carrefour Hypermarket. The range is excellent. Read about the prices in our review "Cigarettes in the UAE - prices and rules".

Have fun shopping at the Mall of the Emirates, and read our interesting pages about the UAE (see the list of the pages below).


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