Miracle Garden in Dubai

Page update - Oct 15, 2022

The Miracle Garden of Flowers claims to be the "Cutest Landmark" in the Emirate of Dubai. Topiaries, floral sculptures, large-scale installations are designed using 50 million flowers. The garden has three world records and a fourth record is on the way. But first things first.

The Miracle Garden Park opened on October 10, 2022, after a summer pause. The 2022/2023 season has begun. Read about the new additions in the season below on this page. Ticket prices have gone up! Read more details later on this page.

The important point

Miracle Garden and Butterfly Garden are in the same area, but they are completely different attractions. You need different tickets and enter through different gates. Unfortunately, there are no discounted combo tickets to these two places yet. Read our detailed review "Butterfly Garden".

What is the Miracle Garden?

It is a garden of flowers. The area is about 14 acres (5.7 hectares). In the form of a circle with a diameter of 850 feet (260 meters).

You can meet the figure of 17.8 acres (7.2 hectares) in travel guides and advertisements. But that includes household, administrative and other buildings, and the garden itself is less.

Flowers there are not only planted in flowerbeds, but also cover the buildings and figures. You can say that the flowers paint the houses, cartoon characters, and statues.

The exposition changes every year. The additions and changes in the 2022/2023 season are described later on this page. The 2021/2022 season featured a Smurf Village, a three-dimensional clock, a sunken rock fountain and topiary garden, large statues of Disney characters, a life-size model of an Airbus A380, naturally covered in flowers and with the Emirates Airline logo.

An important point! Flowers do not bloom all year round by order. Some statues may be covered in flowers on a given day, some are just green. There's no way to predict. However, the just-green arrangements are also very beautiful.

The important thing - season!

Unfortunately, flowers can't stand the Dubai summer heat. Read the weather statistics in our review "Weather in the UAE". Therefore, the Miracle Garden is closed during the summer season.

It usually opens on November 1 and closes usually on May 1. Dates are subject to change at the decision of the administration, depending on the weather.

The 2022/2023 season is now open!

The 11th season opened on October 10, 2022. Closing is anticipated on May 31, but the exact date has not yet been announced.

What new was in the 2022/2023 season?

The Smurfs, already beloved by the visitors, have been transformed for the new season. In honor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in November 2022, they are dressed in the T-shirts of the participating teams.

Not far from the fairytale castle, there is an installation in the form of hands forming a heart shape. If you choose the right angle, you can make a photo so that the frame will include you, and the hands in the shape of a heart, and the castle and the gin in the background. Park organizers hope the place will be a hit.

Floating beds and hammocks in Caribbean and Asian styles have appeared. New lighting has also been installed.

And of course, Miracle Garden's major hits are in their place. First of all it was a flower model of Emirates Airline A380 plane, a huge topiary in the Mickey shape, and teddy bear-shaped topiary that became famous.

Let's be honest, let's not lie. There are very few new things in the 2022/2023 season. If you've ALREADY BEEN to the Miracle Garden, you won't see anything radically new and there's probably no point in going again. If you HAVE NOT BEEN, you're welcome, it will be interesting.

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Guinness records

Miracle Garden holds two official Guinness Book records.

In 2016, a model Airbus A380 aircraft became the world's largest floral installation. See a photo of this installation near, click on the photo to enlarge to full screen.

In 2018, the topiary (supported) with Mickey Mouse was the largest in the world. The height is 59 feet (18 meters), the weight is 35 tons, and consists of 100 thousand flowers and other plants. The figure was created in honor of the character's 90th anniversary.

The official website and media speak of another record as "the largest vertical garden" or "the largest flower garden". However, there is no record of this in the Guinness Book. And the Miracle Garden is far from being the largest in the world, not compared to Keukenhof (Netherlands) with 79 acres (32 hectares).

Although the number of flowers Miracle Garden can claim to be the leader. There are about 50 million flowers of 120 species. It takes 757 tons of water daily to irrigate these flowers.

In 2019, it was announced before it opened that Miracle Garden would set a 4th world record, but no details were given. As a result, there was no record either, and it never became clear what the record was expected to be.

Where is located and how to get there?

The Miracle Garden is located in the very south of the Al Barsha district in the southeast of the city and is a long way from the main public transport routes. Luckily, the RTA (Dubai Transport Authority) has arranged for a direct bus route.

It's easy and inexpensive to get there (by Dubai standards).

Option 1 - subway + bus 105. First of all you need to get to the Mall of the Emirates subway station on the red (first) line. For the subway map with all the latest updates see our review "Dubai Metro".

The 105 bus stop is located in front of the main entrance to the mall. In 20-30 minutes, the bus will take you straight to the Miracle Garden. The interval of movement is 30 minutes.

The bus ride price on the 105 is fixed at 5 dirhams. Pay with your NOL card. See our review "Money in Dubai and the UAE" for current exchange rates.

Attention! There is no "30 minute rule" at the 105 bus, so you can't save money. If you do not know what this rule is, then read the review "NOL cards - rates and features".

Attention! Note that in the Miracle Garden area, there is no place to recharge your NOL card. You can only do it online. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you recharge your card for the return trip in advance.

The bus runs from 9-30 am to 8-30 pm (Monday through Friday) or 9-30 am to 10-30 pm (Saturday and Sunday). To know the exact times so you don't have to stand and wait for the bus, here's the exact schedule of 105 buses from the RTA in 2022. As of January 3, 2022, the UAE has a new work week and all buses have changed schedules.

Option 2 - subway + cab. Go to the Mall of the Emirates subway station, which is the closest to Miracle Garden.

It is about 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) from there to the garden. There are usually free cab cars near the mall. The cab ride will cost between 25-35 dirhams, depending on whether the cab driver takes the direct or roundabout route.

Option 3 - a cab from the hotel. You can take a cab directly from your hotel or other point in Dubai. Since Dubai is a big city, it's hard to predict the cost of the trip - it can be from 20 to 100 dirhams, depending on the distance. See our detailed review "Taxis in the UAE" for rates.

If you are vacationing in Abu Dhabi, you need to get to Dubai first. See our review "From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back".

If you're vacationing in Sharjah, you also need to get to Dubai. Read our review "From Sharjah to Dubai and back".

Opening hours

From 9 am to 9 pm (9-00 to 21-00) - weekdays (Monday to Friday).

From 9 am to 11 pm (9-00 to 23-00) - Saturday, Sunday, public holidays.

Please note that the United Arab Emirates have adopted a new working week format as of January 3, 2022. Weekends are now Friday from noon, Saturday, and Sunday. We talked about this in detail in the review "Friday and weekends in the UAE". For a schedule of public holidays, see the review "Holidays in the UAE".

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Ticket price

For adults (12 years and older) - 75 dirhams.

For children (3 to 11 years) - 60 dirhams.

Children under 3 years old and disabled - free of charge.

All tickets are non-refundable. Above prices include VAT tax. In the previous 2021/2022 season the price was 55 dirhams.

At the moment (October 2022), tickets can already be purchased through the official website , but registration is required. Ticket sales through the site began recently, in April 2021. There are no significant discounts through Klook or Entertainer yet. That is, there are no options to buy tickets cheaper yet.

When to arrive and how much time to plan

You can see the entire exhibit and take photos in an hour and a half. If you want to see the Butterfly Garden as well, plan on 2.5 hours for everything.

It is best to arrive 2 hours before sunset. First, visit the Butterfly Garden as it works till 6 pm, then go to Miracle Garden in the daylight, and then wait for darkness and look at it for the second time with the highlight. The main thing is not to miss the last bus, the schedule was given above.

Tips for tourists

- Picking flowers, walking on the lawns, littering is strictly prohibited! Keep a close eye on your children. Garden security has the right to expel violators without refund of the ticket price;

- The ticket is valid only for entrance. That is, you can not go out and then enter again with this ticket. But there is not much sense to go out;

- It is prohibited to bring food and drinks inside, though the security guards usually do not search belongings. Therefore we recommend you to eat in advance at the Mall of the Emirates, thanks to the excellent food court there. Baby food can be brought in;

- There are 8 restaurants and snack bars inside the garden, with snacks, ice-cream, and sweets. But the prices are quite high;

- There is a dress-code in the park, although not strict at all. Even short skirts and shorts are allowed without problems. But do not "go too much" with the frankness of the attire. Read about the dress-code and rules of conduct in our review "What you can't do in Dubai and the UAE";

- If you go with children, do not miss the trampoline park inside the garden. Also highly recommend our review "Vacationing in the UAE with kids";

- Two attractions in the same area are the Global Village (4.5 mi, 7.5 km from the garden) and IMG World Park (6 mi, 9.5 km from the garden). You can combine them on the same day if you wish.

Have a nice walk around Miracle Garden and read our interesting pages about the UAE (find the list of the pages below).


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