Map of ancient Side ruins (2020)

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Map of ancient Side ruins

Greek and later Roman ancient city Side was located at the small Peninsula (neary 1000x400 meters) near modern resort Side at Mediterrian coast of Turkey. In it`s best years Side`s population reached 60 000 inhabitants.

Now Side ruins are the most popular attraction for tourists visiting Side resort. Amphitheatre is the most impressive firstly because of size. Near the amphitheatre there is a commercial square (agora) with Temple of Tyche (Fortuna, goddess of luck) at the center. Another agora (state) located in the south.

Ruins for Apollo Temple became one of the symbols for Side resort. Now only 5 columns rest in good condition. Athena Temple near was even larger, but no one column survived. Near there are Byzantine Basilica and god Men Temple. And on the site there are Dionysus Temple and Nymphaeum. © 2020-2024