Map of Kemer, Turkey (2020)

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Map of Kemer, Turkey

Kemer is one of the largest resort regions in Turkey at Mediterrian coast. Kemer located in Antalya provinces, to the south from Antalya City and Antalya International Airport (code: AYT). The city and the airport are shown on the map.

Kemer contains a few large coastal resort areas (from south to north): Cirali, Tekirova, Camyuva, Kiris, Kemer, Goynuk, Beldibi Bahcecik, Beldibi Ciftecesmeler. All the areas are shown on the map. Also we indicated distances from Antalya Airport to hotels in every resort area.

The main attraction of Kemer is Tahtali (Olympos) Mountain with Cable Car (Teleferik) leading to the peak. The location of the mountain and the cable car station can also be found on the map. Other attractions of Kemer also include: Olympos Ruins, Yanartas (Chimaera) Mount, Phaselis Ruins, Dolusu Water Park, Dinopark, Goynuk Canyon. In addition, watch for the location of McDonald's and Burger King. © 2020-2024