Map of Kekova Island (2020)

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Map of Kekova Island

Kekova Island is situated at Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Antalya province, between Demre and Kash towns, near Kaleuchagiz village. Island is famous because of half-flooded ruins of Lycian and Bizantine settlements. Now it is a very popular destination for excursions by boat.

But you will never see everything interesting here with excursions. This map is useful for tourists who want to explore Kekova and around in all details. On the map we showed all ruins and the castle with the amphitheatre inside. Castle can be reached only by foot.

It is easy to hire a boat at Kaleuchagiz and sail to the shore of the Kekova Island and watch all the ruins. Don`t miss the famous sarcophagus in the water. The sarcophagus already became a symbol of Kekova. © 2020-2024