Map of Izmir resorts (2020)

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Map of Izmir resorts

Izmir City at Aegean coast of Turkey is well-known as a center of education and the most young city in the country. Izmir is also a famous resort destination. You will not find convenient beaches or beach hotels inside the city. But there are many beach areas outside, in Izmir province. They are: Dikili, Aliaga, Foca, Cesme, Karaburun, Cesmealti, Urla, Sigacik, Akarca, Gumuldur.

On our map we show all the beach areas and resorts in Izmir province. Also you will find ride times and distances (in miles and kilometers) from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (code: ADB) to all of the areas.

The largest resort areas in Izmir province are Cesme (real pronounce: Cheshme) and Gumuldur (real pronounce: Giyliydiyr). In these areas there are many hotels, restaurants, and attractions. Other areas are convenient only for the tourists who need only a good beach. © 2020-2024