Map of Didim, Turkey (2020)

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Map of Didim

Didim is a small resort town at Aegean coast, located in 90 miles (150 kilometers) south from Izmir City and Izmir Airport (code: ADB) and 50 miles (80 kilometers) north from Bodrum town and Milas-Bodrum Airport (code: BJV).

Popular beaches and beach hotels are situated in the south and north from Didim town centre. The southern area, called Altinkum (Golden sand), is much larger and populare. Most attractions and D-Marin (marina) are located here. The northern area is called Gumuskum (Silver sand). Here you can find Didim Aquapark.

We also have shown on our map important and popular among tourists objects: Didim Central Bus Station, Apollo Temple, Central Mosque, Republic Square, Ataturk Memorial, Lunapark, D-Marin (marina), McDonald's, Burger King, Pirate Ship Cruise, three large Carrefour (CarrefourSA) supermarkets. Main beaches are also shown: 1st Beach, 2nd Beach, 3rd Beach, Manastir beach. Also the directions and distances to Kusadasi and Miletus. © 2020-2024