Map of Demre (2020)

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Map of Demre

Demre is a town in Antalya province, at Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 95 miles (150 kilometers) south-west of Antalya City and Antalya International Airport (AYT code). Demre is famous as a place of living Saint Nickolas. There are four main resort areas here: Adrasan, Yesilkoy, Finike, Demre Town.

Demre is a small resort district by number of hotels and rooms. We can say Demre has a great potential of growing in future. There are many magnificent beaches here: Adrasan, Yesilkoy, Finike, Tasdibi, Suluklu (Leech), Andriake. Some beaches are sandy, some are pebble. All the best beaches are shown on our map.

Also we have shown main attractions such as: Kekova, St. Nicholas Church, Finike Park, Gunay Sahil Park. Unfortunately there are no large water parks or amusement parks here. Demre is a good place for beach and history lovers, but not a good place for fun. © 2020-2024