Map of Antalya resort (2020)

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Map of Antalya resort

Antalya resort is located in Antalya City and nearby neighborhoods like Lara. The two main beaches and beach areas in Antalya resort are Lara and Konyaalti. Lara is a sand beach, Konyaalti is a pebble beach. Also there are many terrace beaches inside the borders of Antalya City.

The distances inside the Antakya resort are short so we have not shown any distances on the map. The distance from Antalya Airport (code: AYT) to any hotel is not more than 15 miles (25 kilometers), it is not more than 15-20 minutes of ride.

Also we have shown most popular attractions like Antakya Waterpark and Aquarium, SandLand park, Antalya Archeological Museum, Hadrian's Gate and of course Duden Waterfalls. All the attractions are easily reachable by bus KL from any beach hotel. © 2020-2024