Vape & iQos in Turkey

Page update - Apr 4, 2023

Are vaping, iQos, GLO and similar tobacco heating systems banned in Turkey? Can you bring your own devices, liquids and sticks (heets)? Can you buy locally? What are the laws, rules and fines for violators? Read the answers on this page.

The prices and legal information on this page were updated in April 2023.

Is it legal to vape or consume iQos in Turkey?

It is allowed. There is no law banning vaping or iQos usage yet, and it is unlikely that such a law will appear any time soon.

If you have already searched on the internet for information on this subject, you has probably come across news headlines screaming "Turkey bans e-cigarettes" or similar. This is not true!

There was a ban on imports of e-cigarettes by Presidential Decree 2149 of 25 February 2020. But it was a ban on imports into the country only. Decree 2149 actually does NOT prohibit usage. The decree does NOT prohibit sale.

Decree 2149 is quite small in size, you can see it for yourself.

At the time this page was updated (April 2023), no new laws on this subject had been issued. So the situation remains the same.

Is it allowed to import your own vape or iQos device?

It is allowed, despite Decree 2149.

Decree 2149 banned all imports of e-cigarettes and similar devices in Article 1.1. However, in Article 1.2, the President directs the Ministry of Commerce to form a special permit for the importation of devices by passengers.

Such a decision appeared in July 2020. Circular 2020/7 (number 18723479-153.16) allows individuals to import for personal use:

- Up to 10 single-use e-cigarettes;

- OR 1 reusable device + up to 30 ml of vape e-liquid or up to 200 sticks (disposable elements).

Turkey has become one of the first countries in the world to have clear import regulations for vaping and HnB devices and materials. Congratulations to the country on its undoubted legislative progress!


If you are bringing your own device, it is highly recommended you download Circular 2020/7 to your phone and have it with you.

What are the rules and penalties?

The rules and penalties for vaping (using iQos) in wrong places are exactly the same as for smoking regular cigarettes.

In June 2013, amendments to Act 4207 was passed. These amendments made e-cigarettes, vape, iQos and similar systems the same as regular tobacco products. The rules, penalties and age restrictions are exactly the same. For rules and penalties, see our in-depth review "Smoking in Turkey - Rules and Prices".

An important point! It doesn't matter if the liquid contains nicotine or not. In any case, vaping is subject to restrictions.

Is it possible to buy liquids or sticks in Turkey?

You can, but it's complicated. So far, no law has banned the sale of vape or IQOS accessories.

In October 2019, Health Minister Fahrettin Koça announced an imminent ban on vaping. These threats have only materialized in the form of an import ban, but nothing more. Consumption and trade have not yet been banned.

However, a funny situation has developed in Turkey. Imports of devices and accessories are banned. The country does not and will not manufacture its own. Where, then, do the traders get their goods from?

But they buy them somewhere and sell them. Most of the trade is carried out via the Internet. Stationary outlets do exist, but they are very few. There are only two dozen vape shops even in Istanbul.

Hence the conclusion! Take a supply of liquids and sticks with you when you go on vacation. Or you can try to look around. Many of these shops are on google.maps. But it's easier to take everything with you.

Prices in Turkey

The prices are very high. This is not surprising, as devices and sticks are now only smuggled into the country. To give you an example. The iQos 3 DUO at the official website in the UK now costs 39 UK pounds. In Turkey, it costs 1300-1600 Turkish Lira! For the current lira exchange rate, see our review "Money in Turkey". At the time this page was updated (April 2023) the difference in price was almost 1.5 times! A pack of sticks costs 80-100 lira.

Things are much better with vape liquids. The price for a 30ml bottle starts at 50 lira. The prices are, on average, similar to those in other countries. Turks probably produce the liquids themselves, hence the affordable prices.

Important and useful to know

- Smoking in hotel rooms is forbidden by law. It is NOT forbidden on balconies unless the hotel management objects. The rules regarding vape and iQos in hotels are exactly the same as those regarding smoking;

- For more information on what else you can and can't bring into Turkey, please see our review "What you can and can't bring into Turkey";

- For more on what other expenses await you on vacation apart from smoking and vaping, see our in-depth review "How much money to take to Turkey".

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