Tahtali Mountain in Kemer

Page update - Apr 5, 2023

What do tourists see and do at the top of Mount Tahtali? How to get there on your own? Or is it more convenient to book a tour? Read the answers to these questions on our page, as well as the ticket prices, the cable car opening hours, and the tips for tourists.

The prices and timetable on this page were updated in April 2023. All the prices have gone up as the Turkish currency has almost halved in the last year. Naturally, only prices expressed in Turkish liras have increased. Prices in dollars have remained almost the same.

Brief description

Tahtali (Olympos) Mountain is located in the Kemer region near Antalya. A cableway to the top of the mountain and an observation point have been organized there due to its proximity to Antalya and its hotels (demand creates supply).

The Tahtali Mountain is 2,365 meters (7,760 feet) high. The mountain is not the highest in Turkey, but only the 66th highest. The guides say that the ancient Greeks called it 'Olympus' and believed that the gods live on top of it. And it's true. The ancient Greeks had no consensus about which mountain the gods lived on. This is why there are several mountains in the world that are called 'Olympus', all claiming the right to be considered the home of the gods.

There are two attractions for tourists. The first is a cable car ride to a height of 2,365 meters (7,760 feet), and the line is 4,360 meters (14,300 feet) long. The second is the observation platform at the top, offering breathtaking views of the coast and mountains. Both attractions will be discussed in detail in the second part of this page.

Tour or self-guided?

The price of an organized tour from tour operators or street agencies is 50-60 USD. This is quite advantageous, as only the cable car ticket costs 44 USD (round trip). In many cases, a tour is even cheaper than on your own!

However, the excursion has its big disadvantages. Firstly, you will arrive at the peak during rush hour and it will be very crowded in the cable car and at the top. Secondly, the time at the top will be limited. Thirdly, you will be waiting in queues.

We recommend you to read the next section of our review and understand how convenient it will be for you to get on your own. And then decide what is best for you personally.

How to get there

If you stay in a hotel near Kemer (Beldibi, Goynuk, Kemer, Kiris, Camyuva, Tekirova).

You can get there by taxi for a reasonable price. The trip cost ranges from 250 to 650 Turkish liras, depending on your location. See our review "What money in Turkey" for the current exchange rates of the lira to US dollar, UK pound, Euro. Read our review "Taxis in Turkey" for the current cab fares.

It's possible to get cheaper by public transport. To get there, find the D400 highway and take a bus or minibus (dolmush). From Tekirova, take a bus heading TO the city of Antalya. From Beldibi, Göynük, Kemer, Kiriş or Çamyuva, take the bus heading FROM the city of Antalya.

The ride will cost 10 to 20 Turkish liras. You need to get off at the turn to the cable car station. Usually you can just tell the driver the phrase "tahtali teleferik" or "olimpus teleferik", he will understand for sure.

From there, you can take the local shuttle to the station for 100 Turkish liras per person or a taxi for 120 liras. Mentally prepare, you will have to wait for the shuttle (runs once an hour) or wait for a taxi to pass by.

If you stay in a hotel in Antalya (Lara, Konyaalti, Kaleici).

You'll need to get to Antalya Otogar (Antalya Bus Station). From there, take any bus to Tekirova or thereafter. When getting your bus ticket, it is best to ask with the phrase "tahtali teleferik". Buses to Kemer do not fit, as they do not reach the turn to Tahtali.

Ask the driver to stop at the Tahtali turnoff with the phrase "tahtali teleferik" or "olimpus teleferik", he will understand for sure.

You can then take the local shuttle from the turn to the cable car station for 100 Turkish liras per person or a taxi for 120 liras. Mentally prepare yourself that you will have to wait for the shuttle (runs once an hour) or wait for a taxi to pass by.

If you're staying at a hotel in Kas or Demre.

Catch any bus or shuttle bus to Antalya on the D400. Ask the driver to stop at the turn to Tahtali Mountain with the phrase "tahtali teleferik". Then from the turn, you can take a local shuttle (runs once an hour) for 100 Turkish liras per person or a taxi for 120 liras.

If you stay in Alanya, Side or Belek, take a bus to Antalya. You will get to Antalya Otogar (Antalya Bus Station). How to get there is explained above.

There is another way to get there

The Olympos Teleferik shuttle service is available.

Price from Kemer hotels: 10 USD for adults, 5 USD for children (7-12 years old), under 7 years old free of charge.

Price from Antalya hotels: 20 USD for adult, 10 USD for child (7-12 years old), under 7 years old free of charge.

If this option and these prices suit you, please call +90 541 814 30 21 or +90 242 242 22 52 or WhatsApp +90 541 814 30 21 or e-mail

And there are two more special morning shuttle services on Wednesdays and Saturdays from hotels in Belek, Lara, Konyaalti, and Kemer. However, their timetables are subject to change and may have been canceled by the time you read this. Please refer to the telephone numbers above for further details.

Ticket price

Being on top of the mountain is free, but you have to pay for the cable car ride.

The round-trip ticket costs: 44 USD for an adult, 22 USD for a child (7-12 years old), children under 7 years old are free.

Parking at the station is free.

Opening hours

The cable car operating hours are in the table below:

First run Last run
January, February, March 10 am (10-00) 5 pm (17-00)
April 10 am (10-00) 5 pm (17-00)
May 10 am (10-00) 6 pm (18-00)
June, July, August, September 10 am (10-00) 7 pm (19-00)
October 10 am (10-00) 7 pm (19-00)
November, December 10 am (10-00) 5 pm (17-00)

Attention! In case of bad weather conditions, the timetable may change and the cable car may stop operating.

Olympos Aerial Tram cable car

It is called Olympos Teleferik (Olympos Cable Car) in Turkish. The cable car has a total length of 4,360 meters (14,300 feet) and an elevation of 1,639 meters (5,380 feet), from 726 to 2,365 meters (from 2,380 to 7,760 feet) above sea level. When it opened in 2006, it was one of the longest in the world, but is no longer even in the top ten.

An interesting feature of the cable car to the Tahtali Mountain is that it has very large cabins, with a capacity of up to 80 people. In the summer months (peak season), the cabins are packed to capacity and it is almost impossible to move around inside and see the view in all directions. Hence the conclusion: in the case of the summer months, it's better to arrive for the first runs at 9-30 or 10-00 am. Otherwise you will end up in a situation like the people in the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

The passengers spend the first part of the trip looking at tree-covered mountains. At the altitude of 1,900 meters (6,230 feet) one can already see the bare rocks and the majestic views of the Taurus Mountains. The ride time is 10 minutes. The speed is 36 kilometers an hour (22 miles an hour).

The cable car was the pinnacle of engineering when it was launched. The rope is 38 millimeters (1.5 inches) thick and is pulled by an electric motor of 1 megawatt. The main carrying cables are 51 millimeters (2 inches) thick.

Along the way, you will see four support towers that do not look interesting at first glance. In fact, they are the "highlight" of the construction. The towers are mounted on massive foundations. It took 3,700 cubic meters (977,000 gallons) of concrete, 420 tons of steel, and 8,600 tons of gravel to build them.

But few tourists are interested in technical details. Most just look out the windows and take pictures.

At the top

At the top, tourists will find an observation platform about 100x120 meters (330x400 feet) in size. The main part of the platform is enclosed by a fence about 1.2 meters (4 feet) high, so you don't have to worry too much about children, but we don't recommend letting them out of your sight either.

In addition to the main observation platform, there is a second observation platform for paragliders, but tourists are also allowed to use it. By the way, if you are not afraid, you can order a paraglider flight from the Tahtali Mountain at a price of 250 USD. Naturally, you will fly in tandem with a professional glider.

The main activity for ordinary tourists is to enjoy the views and take pictures. The city of Kemer and the resort areas of Kirish, Chamyuva, and Tekirova are all visible from there. If you look in the opposite direction, there are picturesque views of the Taurus Mountains.

There are fixed binoculars and you can see the town and the resort areas. But the main attraction for tourists is finding their hotel, and many success. There are a few sun loungers at the top and people sunbathe there. But we recommend being careful not to get sunburned.

There's a gift shop upstairs, a mini photo shop, and Shakespeare Coffee&Bistro snack bar. Food and drink prices are about 2 times higher than even in resort areas. Second courses are 120-200 Turkish liras, burgers and sandwiches are 120-160 liras, a bottle of beer is 100-120 liras, soda 50-60 is liras, coffee is 50-60 liras, tea is 30-40 liras.

Tips for tourists

- Toilets are located in the cable car station building;

- Be sure to look at the sky before your trip! If it is cloudy, there is no point in going to the top of Tahtali. That is another disadvantage of the excursion, as you can't postpone;

- The sun burns more at higher altitudes, so it is highly recommended that you wear hats and cover your shoulders. If you feel burned, you can cover inside the station;

- It is forbidden to take food and drinks to the top;

- Temperatures at the top are usually about 10 Celsius (20 Fahrenheit) degrees lower than at the coastal resorts. You may need a jumper to stay warm. Read our review "Weather in Turkey's resorts by month";

- In April and May there may be snow at the top, wear closed shoes;

- If you want to grab a bite to eat in a cafe or buy drinks, it is highly recommended to have Turkish liras. Dollars and Euros are taken there, but they round up the exchange rate and often there is no change. Read our in-depth review "How to change money in Turkey";

- The best time to visit Tahtali is on weekdays and NOT on holidays, as there are no crowds in cabins and at the top. See our page "Calendar of Turkish Holidays".

One more thing. Many tourists refer to the cable car to Mount Tahtali as a "funicular". This is incorrect, as a funicular is a railroad, and the carriages to Mount Tahtali do not have wheels, and the rails on the mountain are not laid.

Have fun at the top, and read our interesting pages about Turkey (find the pages list below). © 2020-2024