Map of Suez resorts - Ain Sokhna (2020)

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Map of Suez resorts - Ain Sokhna

Red sea coast east of Cairo City (capital of Egypt) is very convenient for tourists. The main benefit is an opportunity to visit Cairo in one day. Only 1,5 hours of ride and 80 miles (130 kilometers) to the Great Pyramids, Great Sphinx, Cairo museum, Cairo Citadel, and Mohammed Ali Mosque.

The main beach area here is Ain Sokhna. Sometimes all the resorts are named Ain Sokhna, because most of the hotels are located north and south from the town. The two other areas are Zaafarana and Suez. Zaafarana is the farest - 135 miles (220 kilometers) from Cairo airport.

Also we have shown the directions and distances to two main resort towns in Egypt - Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. This was made to give you an understanding of the location of Ain Sokhna relatively main resorts of the country. Ain Sokhna is the best Red Sea resort for visiting Alexandria attractions. Unfortunately, Alexandria is out our map. The distance to Alexandria is 220 miles (350 kilometers) and 3,5-4 hours drive. © 2020-2024