Map of Sinai peninsula (2020)

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Map of Sinai peninsula

Sinai Peninsula is located in the east part of Egypt. The peninsula is famous because it's resort towns: Sharm El-Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba,Taba. Sinay has two international airports that are shown on our map.

On the map we have shown all distances from Sharm El-Sheikh Airport (code SSH) to all resort towns. We also have shown the distance to Cairo (capital of Egypt) by road and ferry to Hurghada. In the place of Taba there is a border with Israel with Eilat resort town on the opposite side. Aqaba resort town in Jordan is located just a little further.

Also we have shown the main attractions of the Sinai peninsula: Ras Mohammed National Reserve, Colored Canyon, Moses Mountain (Sinai Mount), Saint Catherine's Monastery. Unfortunately we cannot write distances from Sharm El-Sheikh to the attraction because of lack of free space on the map. © 2020-2024