Map of Sharm el-Sheikh (2020)

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Map of Sharm el-Sheikh

This map was created for tourists who want to choose the best beach zone in Sharm el-Sheikh resort town. Map shows 8 main beach zones that are shown in orange color. These zones are: Nabq Bay, Ras Nasrani, Sharks Bay, Coral Bay (aka Tigers Bay), Gardens Bay, Naama Bay, Al-Fanar (aka Ras Um Sid, aka Hadaba), Sharm al-Maya. Also you can find Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (code: SSH) and understand the distance from airport to hotel.

Main attractions of Sharm el-Sheikh are shown on our map by blue circles with marks, the list of attractions can be found at the left part. Distances to main attraction sites and to other resort towns of Sinai peninsula are also shown. Distances and direction to Cairo (capital of Egypt) and Hurghada (largest resort in Egypt) also. © 2020-2024