Map of Mediterranean coast of Egypt (2020)

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Map of Mediterranean coast of Egypt

The Mediterranean coast is not as popular among tourists as the Red sea coast. Mediterranean resorts work only in summer but not all the year like Red sea resorts. This is why Mediterranean resorts are popular mostly among egyptian tourists.

The main destination here is Alexandria city with many beaches and hotels. Alexandria International Airport is a main air gateway for all the coast. Also Marsa Matrouh International Airport acts as additional for tourists, mostly for charter flights.

All resort areas are small, they are: Fuka, El Dabaa, Sidi Abd El-Rahman, El-Alamein, Marsa Matrouh. There are only a few large hotels at the coast. But there is a wide variety of apartments and villas for hire.

Many tourists are afraid of nearby Libya. But these fears are insignificant because of the large distance of 150 miles (240 kilometers) to Libyan border. All the distances and driving times are shown on our map. © 2020-2024