Map of Hurghada (2020)

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Map of Hurghada

This map was designed for visitors of Hurghada resort city at Red Sea in Egypt. In the map the main beach zones are shown, there are: Sakala, Al-Mamsha, El-dahar, Al-Ahia, Al-Helal, northern and southern hotels. These zones are marked in orange. Also you can find the location of Hurghada International Airport (code: HRG), port and ferry to Sharm El-Sheikh.

Main tourist attractions are shown also. Three largest water parks, new Hurghada museum of ancient art, new Grand Aquarium, main Al-Dahar Square and others. Attractions are marked as the blue circles. The distance from the airport to any hotel are not more than 25 kilometers (25 minutes of driving), that is why we did not show distances in this map. © 2020-2024