From Cairo to Ain Sokhna & Back

Page update - Aug 31, 2023

How to get from the Cairo International Airport to a hotel in Ain Sokhna? How to get from your hotel to Cairo to see the Great Pyramids or the Cairo Citadel? Which option is faster and cheaper - bus, taxi, transfer? Read the answers on this page.

The prices, timetables, and other information on this page were updated in August 2023. Bus tickets in Egypt have recently increased in price. Find the current prices below on this page.

Option 1 - the most affordable - buses

The main carrier on the Cairo-Ain-Sokhna route is Go-Bus. And that's great, because they have an English-language website where you can see the exact timetable and ticket prices, and even buy your ticket in advance. And their advertising is cheerful, see the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

The ticket price ranges from 105 to 210 Egyptian pounds, depending on the class of the bus. For the current exchange rates of the Egyptian pound, see our in-depth review "Money in Egypt".

The travel time is 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic and departure (arrival) station in Cairo.

The official website is The website is available in Arabic and English.

There are many nuances to this trip! Here are just the major ones, but for the rest read our detailed review "How to travel by bus in Egypt".

The first point is the three bus stations in Cairo

Buses leave from different bus stations in Cairo. You have to choose one of them. From each bus station, there are four or five trips a day at different times. You need to choose where to leave from thoughtfully.

The first bus station is Tahrir, located across the road to the north of Cairo Museum. It is about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from the airport.

The second bus station is Kolaly (aka Ramses) next to the Ramses train station. It is about 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) from the airport.

The third bus station is Nasr City, in the Nasr City area. This bus station is the closest to the airport, about 13 kilometers (8 miles) away.

Check the official website for the trip times to match with your arrival to Cairo. Then choose the right bus station. Buses from Tahrir go to Nasr City and then to Ain Sokhna.

The second point is the tricky route

The buses do not ride to the town of Ain Sokhna as the terminus, but they ride to Hurghada. The buses stop in Ain Sokhna town (on demand), then go to Porto El Sokhna resort area (stop on demand), 35 kilometers (21 miles) south of the town. Then the buses continue to Hurghada.

First thing! Don't miss your stop! Porto El Sokhna is hard to miss as Porto Sokhna Pyramids complex is well recognizable, see photo near, click on photo to enlarge.

And a second important point! Not all buses to Hurghada stop at Ain Sokhna! Look only for the runs to Porto El Sokhna (NOT to Hurghada) on the website.

If your hotel is in Porto El Sokhna, that's great - ride to Porto by bus and walk to your hotel or take a short cab ride.

If your hotel is somewhere else, it's more difficult. If it is somewhere on the road between Ain Sokhna and Porto El Sokhna, you can tell the driver your hotel and the driver will stop you there (don't forget about tips). If the hotel is not on the road, you should get out either in the town or in Porto, then catch a taxi to the hotel. For the taxi fares, see our detailed review "Taxis in Egypt".

Go-Bus company has 14-seater shuttles to Ain Sokhna. They are referred to as "GoMini" on the website. These buses go to Porto, but do not go to Hurghada.

The third point is don't buy tickets in advance

We strongly advise against buying tickets online in advance. Anything can happen: the plane may be late, you may get stuck at customs control, a taxi may be stuck in traffic. The bus to Ain Sokhna will leave without you and the money for the unused ticket will not be refunded.

It is easier to buy tickets at a ticket office. There is no shortage of seats on the buses right now. Only on Thursday (the day before the weekend) and on the day before the holiday, you can have problems getting the ticket. For the holidays calendar, please see our in-depth review "Holidays in Egypt".

If you don't want to miss your trip, you can buy tickets online just after you land. Then you can be sure that you will get to the bus at the right time. For more information on whether it's more convenient to buy a local SIM, see our review "Internet in Egypt".

How to get back (from Ain Sokhna to Cairo)

It's a little more complicated. Hurghada-Cairo buses don't have to stop near the town of Ain Sokhna, nor in Porto, nor at El Galala resort.

Of course, you can stand on the highway and catch the bus. Some tourists claim to have left for Cairo this way successfully. But we don't recommend this way.

You're better taking the Go Bus minibus. The timetable can be found at The mini-busses are referred to as "GoMini".

It is best to buy the tickets in advance through the website. You are then guaranteed to get a taxi from the hotel at the right time, so there is no risk of missing the minibus. However, the minibus only carries 14 passengers, so it's better to make sure and buy your tickets in advance.

Option 2 - expensive - taxi

If you ride by metered taxi, the trip cost is between 450 and 600 Egyptian pounds, depending on the hotel location. Naturally, no taxi driver at Cairo airport will drive for such money, don't get your hopes up.

Taxi drivers usually want a fixed fee. The fee is negotiable. If you get a taxi for 50 US dollars, you are very lucky. Taxi drivers ask for 100 US dollars and more. Tourists are usually able to bargain for 70-80 US dollars.

Option 3 - ordering a transfer on the internet

There are a lot of websites offering shuttle services on the internet. The standard cost of a trip is 100 US dollars.

We give this figure so that our readers can be guided through the prices. We do not sell our own transfers. Search on the internet on the relevant websites.

Useful and important to know

- Don't forget that Cairo is not Hurghada or Sharm. Not many people speak English there. Communicating with taxi drivers, even if you know English, can be difficult. It might be worth stocking up on a translator on your smartphone. Read our review "What language the Egyptians speak";

- If you arrive at the bus station in advance, you can have a bite to eat, as there are always places to eat around the stations. But be careful! It's not safe to eat everywhere in Egypt. See details in our review "What not to eat in Egypt";

- If you will be using the subway in Cairo, read our review "Cairo Metro - prices and rules".

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