Vape and iQos in Egypt

Page update - Aug 28, 2023

Is vape banned or allowed in Egypt? Are iQos, GLOs and similar tobacco heating systems banned? Can you import the devices, liquids or sticks? Read the answers on this page.

The prices and legal information on this page were updated in August 2023.

Is vaping and using iQos allowed in Egypt?

It is allowed. There is no law banning use yet, and it is unlikely there will be one.

There WAS the import and sale of vape liquids and devices ban. In 2015, the Egyptian Ministry of Health banned the import and sale of e-cigarettes and any such items in a very interesting way.

The Ministry of Health did not promote a new banning law, but simply stated that devices and liquids, iQos and all such things are now covered by the 2011 Special Technical Committee on Medicines (STCD) Decision. And the 2011 STCD Decision prohibits the "import and sale of harmful and potentially hazardous substances".

However! The 2011 STCD decision does NOT prohibit the use of vape, iQos and similar devices.

In 2022, this legal provision was abolished. Now vaping is fully legalised in Egypt.

What are the rules for vapers and iQos smokers?

Egypt has Law 52 of 1981 on Preventing the Harm of Smoking. This law has already been amended and supplemented many times.

The most recent amendments have corrected the definition of the word "tobacco". We won't bore you with the legal details, but let's just say that vape and iQos are now fully equated with tobacco.

Accordingly, vapers and iQos users are now subject to the same restrictions and potential fines as regular smokers. See our review "Cigarettes and smoking in Egypt" for all the details.

If you wish, you can check out these latest changes to the law.

Are devices, liquids and sticks allowed to be brought in?

By law, you can. However, the quantities must comply with the concept of "for personal consumption".

What exactly are these quantities? No law specifies this, so Customs officers will determine this for themselves based on their own concepts. Usually, at all customs offices around the world - 30 millilitres is definitely considered for personal consumption.

Theoretically, you can import a lot of liquid by paying duty, which at the time of updating this page (August 2023) is 2 Egyptian pounds per 1 millilitre of liquid. Plus VAT - 14%. Plus a special medical tax - 10% (by the logic of the law, this tax should not be paid by tourists, but it can).

Our advice is as follows. If you're bringing a lot, you don't need to go straight through the green corridor at customs. Ask the officer at the red corridor to clarify whether you have to pay duties or not and you can go through the green corridor.

Can you buy liquids and sticks on the spot?

You can, but it's complicated. They mostly sell on the internet, and delivery is usually by post, which is extremely inconvenient for tourists.

Stationary vape and iQos outlets do exist, but they are few. There are only two dozen in Cairo. In Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh, there are only a dozen each. If you want to find these shops, ask taxi drivers, they usually know. Or try searching on google.maps.

Given the difficult availability of sticks and liquids, we highly recommend taking the supply with you.

Prices in Egypt

The prices are good

For example, an iQos 3 Duo kit costs 1,000 Egyptian pounds in the Egyptian official online store. For the current exchange rates, see our detailed page "Money in Egypt".

For comparison, in the official online shop, iQos 3 Duo now (September 2023) costs 39 UK pounds (GBP), equaled to 1,520 Egyptian pounds (EGP). Almost no difference. Sticks for iQos cost 60-80 Egyptian pounds per pack. If you want, you can find sticks for 50 Egyptian pounds a pack.

Vape liquids cost between 30 and 60 Egyptian pounds for 10ml. That is, the prices of liquids in Egypt are comparable to other countries. However, there is an important nuance: only locally produced liquids are cheap. If the liquid is imported, the price starts at 50 pounds per 10 ml.

Given the prices, we strongly recommend taking a supply with you.

Useful and important to know

- In Egypt, liquids, sticks, devices are mostly sold online. If you decide to order, it's best to have a local SIM card. Read more about them in our review "Internet in Egypt";

- What else can and can't be brought in through Egyptian customs, read our review "What you can and can't bring into Egypt";

- On what other expenses await on vacation apart from smoking and vaping, read our detailed review "How much money to take to Egypt".

Enjoy your vacation in Egyptian resorts, and read our interesting and useful pages for tourists about this wonderful country (find the list of the pages below).


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