Cairo Tower - Guide for Tourists

Page update - Aug 13, 2023

How is the Cairo Tower interesting for tourists? How to get there by subway or taxi? How much are the tickets to the observation deck? What else to see nearby? Read the answers on this page.

Prices, timings and other information on this page were updated in August 2023.

Important to know!

We want to warn you right away that you should think a few times before going to the Cairo Tower. Tickets for the observation deck are expensive. The height of 470 feet (143 meters) is clearly not outstanding. Apart from the observation deck, there is not much to see inside.

It does not make a strong impression from the outside. As the Cairo Tower looks close up, see the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge to full screen.

Read this page to the end and decide for yourself whether Cairo Tower is worth your time and money.

Where is located and how to get there

Cairo Tower is located in Cairo, near the city center, at the southern end of Gezira Island (an island in the Nile River). It can be reached by taxi or subway.

By taxi

You can take a cab directly to the entrance of the Cairo Tower. It's easy and simple - tell the taxi driver the phrase 'Cairo Tower', they all know the place.

We can't predict the ride cost, as the cost depends on the distance between your hotel (or other place you ride from) and the Cairo Tower. It could be anywhere from 20 to 200 Egyptian pounds. For the current exchange rates of the Egyptian pound, see our review "Money in Egypt".

You can learn this distance by Google.Maps and calculate the cost based on the fares. For the current taxi fares in Cairo and Giza see our review "Taxis in Egypt".

By subway

The Opera (aka Gezira) Metro station on Line 2 (Orange) is a 10-15 minute walk from the Cairo Tower. For how to use the subway and how much the ride costs, see our review "Cairo Metro". But it's quite difficult to get there on foot. But there's a bonus! You will see a few more sights along the way.

If you use a navigator, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NAVIGATOR. It takes you down a very dangerous path. You have to cross three busy roads, including Tahrir Street after the Kasr Bridge, one of the busiest places in Cairo. Crossing roads in Cairo is very dangerous.Why? Read the answer in our in-depth review "What not to do in Egypt".

It is better to read and follow our instructions.

It is possible to walk so that only one small road is crossed. After exiting the subway station, you will find yourself on Tahrir Street. You need to look around and see the Cairo Tower. You need to go to the side of the road on which the Cairo Tower is located. If you are on the opposite side then cross the street using the underground pass.

Then go right (if you are looking at the Cairo Tower). After 650 feet (200 meters), you will come to a roundabout with a statue of Saad Zaghloul, one of the leaders of Egypt's independence movement from the British Empire. By the way, one additional landmark has already been seen.

Turn left. Pass the main entrance to the Park of Arts (there's the Cairo Opera House inside). By the way, if you have time and wish then you can go and see the Cairo Opera building, visit the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art and the Palace of Arts.

Cross the road (Mahmoud Mukhtar Street). You must cross this street but do NOT turn onto it. Turn off at the next Gezira Street. Continue straight ahead, past the Novotel Hotel for another 650 feet (200 meters). When you see the park on your left, turn left to Cairo Tower.

By the way, there is the Gezira Tree on the way which is another attraction. But we will tell you about this tree a little later. After another 650 feet (200 meters), you'll find yourself at the entrance to the Cairo Tower.

Ticket price

225 Egyptian pounds. See the photo below for how the tickets look like, click on the photo to enlarge to full screen. For the current exchange rates of the Egyptian pound, see our review "Money in Egypt".

Children under 6 years old are free. All others are at full price. This is a clear disadvantage of Cairo Tower - you have to pay full price for children over the age of 5. Usually at Cairo sights, children from 5 years old get in for half price.

Taking photos by smartphone is free.

There is a fee of 300 Egyptian pounds for photos on camera. If you don't want to pay, you can leave your camera in the locker and you will get a number badge. You will get your camera back on your way out.

It turns out that the Cairo Tower is one of the most expensive attractions in Cairo and all of Egypt.

The interesting thing is that you will get two sets of tickets at the entrance. Don't be surprised. The first is a full colored ticket. The second is a white paper slip with a number on it. See the photo near how the second tickets look like, click on the photo to enlarge to fool screen.

You can't buy tickets online because the official website no longer exists now (2023).

Opening hours

Every day.

9 am to 1 am (9-00 to 01-00) during the summer season.

9 am to midnight (9-00 to 00-00) during the winter season.

How much time to plan

Half an hour. It's unlikely you'll find anything so interesting that you'll need to stay longer.

How does the visit go

You walk up the steps to the tower entrance. Go inside and give the security guard the receipts (white paper). Come to the elevator and wait.

While you wait, you can see the beautiful circular mosaic around the elevator shaft. See the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge. The mosaic reminds the Soviet Union arts of the Socialist Realism style (do not confuse it with Social Realism). No wonder!

The Cairo Tower was built in 1961, during the reign of President Nasser. Recall that Nasser worked closely with the USSR and even received a Star of Hero of the Soviet Union for this collaboration. Not surprisingly, Egyptian state art at the time gravitated towards socialist realism.

The elevator arrives and takes you to the top. The elevator is ordinary. It has no glass floors or walls. The elevator ride time to the top is 45 seconds. At the top, you will find yourself at the circular observation deck.

You have an excellent view of downtown Cairo from the observation deck. All of Gezira Island is visible, best of all the Park of Arts and the Cairo Opera House. To the east, you can see Tahrir Square and the Cairo Museum, its pink building can't be mistaken for anything else. Farther east, in good weather, you can see the Cairo Citadel and the Mohammed Ali Mosque.

Can you see the Great Pyramids in Giza? Yes, you can, but you need to know where to look and you need to keep your eyes open. And the weather needs to be nice. If you take binoculars with you, you will see the Great Pyramids for sure (if the weather is good).

What do the views from the Cairo Tower observation deck look like, see the mini photo gallery below. Click on the photos to enlarge to full screen.

That's the end. What did you expect? The deck is only 470 feet (143 meters) high, it's not the Burj Khalifa. The total height of the Cairo Tower is 613.5 feet (187 meters) and 62 storeys. The building is made of Aswan granite, which is quite unusual, but tourists usually do not notice this fact. According to the architects' idea, the shape of the building resembles an opening lotus flower.

Those willing to spend their money can sit in a local cafe, which is located one floor down from the observation deck. Drinks cost about 100 Egyptian pounds, and simple sandwiches range from 100 to 200. President Gamal Abdel Nasser himself liked to eat in this cafe.

WARNING! We strongly advise against taking a seat at the tables as you wait for the elevator down. The staff actively offer to sit down, but it is best not to do so. We have had several stories of tourists sitting down at a table and being served drinks without their order and demanding payment.

The editor-in-chief of our website checked these facts personally in October 2021. He sat down at a table and they actually brought him a beer. He simply said "no" and made an appropriate gesture. Next he went to the elevator. And who's going to stop him? 6 feet 6 inches (2 meters) tall and over 220 pounds (100 kilo) weight. But it's better just to NOT sit at the table.

What else to see - Khedive Tree

A large banyan tree located on the way to Cairo Tower. It is also known as the 'Zamalek tree', 'Gezira tree', or the 'Roots of Cairo'. The tree was ordered to be brought from India and planted by Khedive Ishmael in 1868. See the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

Banyan trees take roots straight down from their branches. This is how the tree extends its root system into neighboring areas. The downward-dropping roots form fancy waterfalls. It is very colorful and beautiful. Almost all the tourists take photos in front of the Khedive Tree.

The Khedive Tree is small when compared to other record breaking banyan trees. The record belongs to the banyan tree in Howrah, India. Its crown measures 3.7 acres (1.5 hectares) and is 1,150 feet (350 meters) in circle.

By the way, the banyan tree blooms, it also looks beautiful. And it even grows berries - not eatable, but not poisonous either.

Important and useful to know

- Ticket counter accepts dollars or euros, but we recommend using Egyptian pounds for payment everywhere in Cairo. It's more convenient and often more profitable that way. Read our detailed review "Where and how to exchange money in Egypt";

- There is a souvenir shop by the tower, which is often closed. But even if it is open, we don't recommend buying anything there. The prices are clearly high. For adequate prices on gifts and souvenirs see our review "What to bring from Egypt";

- Cairo Tower is not part of the Cairo Pass programme. Consequently, the Cairo Pass is not accepted there. But at other points of interest, they do. See our review "Cairo Pass" for details.

Enjoy your visit to Cairo Tower, and read our helpful for tourists pages about Cairo and Egypt (see the list of the pages below).


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