Grand Egyptian Museum

Page update - Sep 2, 2023

What's so interesting about the Grand Museum in Egypt? What are the most interesting exhibits not to be missed? How to get there? What are the ticket prices and how to save money? Read the answers on this page.

Current situation (September 2023)

The main part of the Grand Museum has already been completed. Many important exhibits are already inside. The Haram Street (Pyramids Street) leading to the museum has undergone renovation. There is no news yet about the Grand Museum subway station.

The grand opening has been postponed to 2023. It was announced earlier the museum will open in November 2022, but no. The exact date has not yet been announced. But all indications are that the opening is soon.

As soon as there is any new news or an exact date appears we will write on this page be sure. We are waiting.

For now, you can only see the building from afar.

Brief description

It has long been obvious that the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square was too small for the entire collection of antiquities. In 2002, during the reign of President Mubarak, the decision was made to build a new, larger museum in Giza, next to the Great Pyramids. The design competition was won by Heneghan Peng Architects (Dublin, Ireland).

Twenty years have passed since then. President Mubarak was overthrown, replaced by Morsi who was also overthrown, Al-Sisi came to power. The museum has still not been opened, although it has cost (according to a report published by The Japan Times) USD 1 billion.

The total display area inside is 81,000 square meters or more. It is likely to become the largest indoor museum in the world. We'll see. There will be around 100,000 exhibits inside. We'll talk about the most interesting ones later on this page.

The name is Grand Egyptian Museum, abbreviated as GEM. This is a play on words.

Besides exhibition halls, there will be 17 laboratories and research centers inside. Will tourists be allowed inside? It is not yet known.

How to get there

Option 1 - taxi.

Taxis are inexpensive in Egypt - EGP 7.50 for boarding, EGP 3.50 per kilometer. However, Cairo is a big city, and the Cairo-Giza agglomeration is even twice as big. A taxi to the Grand Museum will cost between 30 and 300 EGP (Egyptian pounds), depending on where you ride from. For example, it will cost between EGP 150-200 from Cairo Airport.

See the current exchange rates in our review "Money in Egypt". For the current fares in Cairo, Sharm, Hurghada, see our review "Taxis in Egypt".

Option 2 - subway.

The Grand Egyptian Museum station on Metro Line 4 will be right next to the Grand Museum. It will be convenient. The question remains: when will it be? No answer yet. The station is still under construction. Not only that, but not even ONE station on Line 4 has opened, and not even ONE span is operational yet.

Option 3 - subway+taxi.

Take the metro to Giza station on the 2nd (orange) line. See our review "Cairo Metro" for the subway map, fares and how to use it. From there, take a taxi to the Grand Museum. A metered ride will cost EGP 70-80.

Option 4 - metro+shuttle.

The most economical option, but very inconvenient. The same way, get to the Giza station on the 2nd (orange) line. Then get off at Haram street (Pyramids street). You have to cross the street. This is dangerous, because Egyptians are chronically ignorant of traffic rules, and the death rate on Egypt's roads is record breaking. See our review "What not to do in Egypt" for details.

If you manage to cross the road well, then take any mini-bus. You can get there for EGP 6. Unfortunately the mini-buses don't reach the Grand Museum and you'll have to walk about 1 mile (1.5 kilometers). For all these reasons, we recommend this way only for the furious money savers.

Ticket price

No exact information available yet.

There have been claims that they will sell "Grand Museum + Great Pyramids" combo-tickets. It is likely that the Grand Museum will be part of the Cairo Pass programme. And it could be that the Cairo Pass will become very profitable. See our review "Cairo Pass" for more details.

Opening hours

Not yet announced.

Most interesting exhibits

Let's tell you first what won't be at the Grand Museum. There are no plans to bring the New Kingdom mummy collection there. This collection will remain at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat (a suburb of Cairo).

The collection from Tutankhamun's tomb will be displayed in its entirety. The Cairo Museum in Tahrir Square did not display all the objects because there was not enough space for them. Now there is definitely enough space.

A 40 feet (12 meters) statue of Pharaoh Ramses II, weighing 80 tonnes, which previously stood in the square near Cairo Rail Station (Ramses Station), has already been installed at the entrance. Incidentally, this statue was installed inside the building during its construction precisely because of its huge size.

Pharaoh Cheops' (Khufu) Solar Boat, 138 feet (42 meters) long and 20 tons, will be on display. It used to be displayed in a separate small building near the pyramid of Cheops, but was moved in 2021. It was transported in a special container and on a special platform. See the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

Recall that several such boats have been found. No word yet on the rest of them.

Another insanely interesting exhibit is the hanging obelisk. This obelisk was created at the behest of Ramses II and his name is embossed in a cartouche on the bottom. So that visitors can see it, the obelisk is suspended above the floor.

Important and interesting

- Egyptian authorities claim that the Grand Museum will receive 6-7 million visitors a year. Considering that Egypt's population is already over 100 million, the figure is quite realistic, there will be more;

- There is a website, which pretends to be the official website of the Grand Museum. But NO! It is NOT an official site, it is a private site. Be aware.

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