Aqua Blu (Albatros) Water Park

Page update - Jun 7, 2023

Is the Aqua Blu (Albatros) water park in Sharm El Sheikh interesting for tourists? What slides are there? How much does the ticket cost? How to get there by cab? Is it better to buy a tour or go on your own? Read the answers on this page.

Prices, schedules, and other information on this page were updated in June 2023.

Two great news about Aqua Blu

For many years, the Aqua Blu Aqua Park (at Aqua Blu Sharm El Sheikh 4* hotel) was the largest water park not only in Sharm, but also in all of Egypt. Five years ago a new hotel Albatros Aqua Park Sharm El Sheikh 4*, also with a large water park, opened nearby.

The first super news! Now (June 2023) both of these water parks are united into one, and you can get into both of them with one ticket.

The second super news! The price has not changed. For 30 dollars you get: 4 huge adult slides in Albatros water park, 19 adult water slides in Aqua Blu, artificial waves pool, 17 children's areas and attractions. And the bonus is that non-alcoholic beverages are included.

Aqua Blu and Albatros aquaparks definitely get the grand prize in the category "Most Wise Spending of 30 US dollars in Sharm El Sheikh". Not quite 30, though, because it costs money to get there, too. But let's go over everything in order.

Aqua Blu (Albatros) greatly surpasses Sharm's second largest water park, Cleo Park, in size. However, the stylization of Aqua Blu is worse, or rather, there is no stylization. Cleo Park has great stylization. Read our detailed review "Cleo Park Waterpark". Tickets to water parks in Egypt are inexpensive, so you can afford to go to both.

Where is it located and how to get there?

The aquapark (or rather aquaparkS, in fact, two) is located in the south of Sharm El Sheikh, in Maya Bay (aka Sharm el Maya). For the detailed map of Sharm El Sheikh with the beaches, districts, and tourist attractions, see our review "Sharm El Sheikh".

Take a common white-blue cab. You can catch it on any busy street, and there is no need to call a taxi. Look at the photo near to see what it looks like, click on the photo to enlarge it to full screen.

It's easy to explain to the cab driver your destination. Say the phrase "aqua blue albatros aquapark". All cab drivers know this water park.

The cheapest way is to ride by meter, and it's better to stock up on Egyptian pounds not to overpay. See our review "Taxis in Egypt" for the current cab fares in Sharm.

By the way, Egyptian pounds will be useful inside the water park to pay for a locker and/or towel rental. Or stock up on small dollar or euro banknotes for this purpose. Read about how and where to change currency in the review "Currency exchange in Egypt".

See approximate cab ride prices by the meter from different areas in the table below:

From where Price in Egyptian pounds Price in US dollars (Euros)
Nabq Bay 150 to 180 6 to 8
Ras Nasrani 140 6
Sharks Bay 120 5
Coral Bay 110 5
Gardens Bay 100 4
Naama Bay 70 3
Al Fanar and Maya Bay 40 1.5

Once again, we underline that you need to ride by the meter. Some tourists negotiate a fixed price without knowing the fares and distances. As a result, they ride for three times the price, or even more. Don't do that.

200 Egyptian pounds (8 US dollars) is the maximum price of the trip by the meter. It is to get to the water park from the farthest hotel in Nabq Bay. However, some tourists manage to get there for 10 USD from Naama Bay or 20 USD from Sharks Bay. Save your money!

It is better to have a navigator app and the Internet in your smartphone. Practice shows that a navigator app greatly disciplines cab drivers, discouraging them from taking detours to increase the trip costs. A navigator app requires the Internet, but there are no problems with it in Egypt, as we told in the review "Internet in Egypt".

Ticket price

There are two types of tickets: "Aquapark + Soft drinks" and "Aquapark + Soft All Inclusive". Depending on the ticket, you will receive the appropriate wristband at the entrance. Children under the age of 6 (0-5 years) are always free.

Aquapark + Soft drinks. This is access to the water park + soft drinks included. As the wristband with this ticket looks like, see the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

The price: 900 Egyptian pounds (29 US dollars) for an adult, 450 pounds (15 US dollars) for a child (ages 6-12).

Aquapark + Soft All Inclusive. This is access to the water park + included soft drinks + lunch.

The price: 1250 Egyptian pounds (40 US dollars) for an adult, 625 pounds (20 US dollars) for a child (ages 6-12).

Note: The base price is the price in US dollars, not Egyptian pounds. In this case there is no need to recalculate, just have either US dollars, or Euros, UK pounds ready.

You can have lunch at the buffet - burgers, pasta, pizza, salads, chicken, side dishes. Back in 2022, they would just give you a burger and fries for lunch, and It used to be unprofitable to take lunch. Now, in 2023, it has become very profitable.

In addition, lunch will be a waste of time which is EXTREMELY lacking there. Therefore, in our opinion it is better to have a solid breakfast at the hotel before leaving and be patient until dinner. Especially, that on the water slides you probably will not even think about food.

Tickets with alcohol included do NOT exist at all.

How the tickets look like, see the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

There is no ticket for children under 6 years old. A child's age is usually not required to be confirmed. However, we strongly recommend having the child's passport or better the hotel voucher (if it has a date of birth) to be able to confirm the age.

You can pay at the cashier's desk in Egyptian pounds, US dollars, Euros, UK pounds. The cards are accepted, but we heard tourists complain that the system did not work on the day of their visit. We strongly recommend having cash!

Working hours

From 10 am to 5 pm (from 10-00 to 17-00). Presently (June 2023), the schedule is the same for summer and winter seasons.

Tour or on your own?

Is it better to go on your own or with a tour through your hotel guide or a tour agency?

The answer to this question depends on the price. The cost of the trip consists of the price of the ticket + transfer price.

For example. They are asking you USD 60 for the tour. That means they want USD 31 just for the TRANSFER. This is terrible! For USD 30, Go Bus will take you from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo on the most fancy AERO class bus. Expensive!

But if a ticket with lunch costs USD 40, and they ask USD 50 or less for an excursion, that's okay. It's worth considering.

The excursion has its big disadvantages. As we said, while having fun at the Aqua Blu (Albatros) water park, you will have an EXTREMELY shortage of time. If you go on your own, you can come to the opening (10 am). With the tour you come later - when it will be more convenient for the tour conductor. And you'll arrive at the time of the longest lines for Roller Coaster and other big slides (we will talk about these slides later).

Best and worst days for visit

Even on weekdays, there are huge lines for the big slides (we will talk about these slides later). And on weekends and holidays tourists are also joined by Egyptians who came to the resort for the weekend.

Come only on weekdays - Sunday to Thursday. Recall that the weekends in Egypt are Friday and Saturday, as we described in detail in the review "Friday in Egypt". For the list and calendar of the public holidays, see the review "Holidays in Egypt".

Map of Aqua Blu and Albatros aquaparks

See the map of the water parks near. Click on the map to enlarge to full screen.

Aqua Blu and Albatros together occupy a huge area - 24 hectares (60 acres). It is a rectangle of 1,200x200 meters (4,000x650 feet). You will have to walk a lot. The main two groups of adult slides are 15 minutes walk from each other.

Wasting time for walking and standing in lines is huge. So, another time, we focus on the fact that there is a catastrophic shortage of time. It's important.

And once again, pay attention! There are two groups of adult slides. The second group (Aqua Blu) is not visible from the entrance at all. Therefore, some tourists do not go there at all, because they do not know, and the guide on the bus did not bother to tell them.

Question. Where is the dressing room?

The answer. There is no separate dressing room as such. The dressing room is combined with lockers, luggage room, and toilets in one small building to the left from the entrance. See the map above on this page.

Question. Where is the luggage room and how to use it?

The answer. The luggage room is located 30 meters (100 feet) to the left of the entrance. See the map above on this page.

It costs 50 Egyptian pounds (USD 2) to store your belongings and another 50 pounds (USD 2) must be paid as a deposit.

In exchange for the 50 pounds you will be given a special deposit ticket. See the photo near for what it looks like, click on the photo to enlarge it.

DO NOT LOSE this ticket. When you pick up your belongings and turn in your locker key, this ticket will give you your 50 pounds (USD 2) back.

Beach towel rental is 30 pounds (USD 1) and another 50 pounds (USD 2) must be paid as a deposit. The rules are similar. Don't lose the ticket.

If you lose your key or towel, the deposit is NOT refundable.

Slides and attractions

There are 23 large adult slides and 17 children's areas! We are not going to tell you in detail about all the slides and attractions. It is too long and does not make much sense. Let's talk about the best ones.

And let's start with Albatros, which you get right after entering.

4 big slides in Albatros water park

Attention! There are ALWAYS queues for these slides. Only the Magic Loop has often only a few people in the line, as the slide is very scary. The Roller Coaster usually has the longest queue. So if you come to the water park early (for example to the opening at 10 am), then go straight to the Roller Coaster.

You will have time to ride a few times. Then a crowd of tourists from the organized tours will come, and queues will be very large. That's a nice advantage of coming on your own - you can get there right before it opens and you don't have to wait in line at least the first few times.


A slide for a group ride. The winding gutter ends in a large funnel. See photos nearby, click on photo to enlarge.

Roller Coaster

This slide is really like a roller coaster. There are descents and ascents. Part of the slide is open, but most of it is closed. In the closed part of the slide there is light (the walls are partially transparent).

The length of the slide is 460 meters (1,500 feet). It's a very long slide, but of course far from the world record (1,111 meters, 3,645 feet). Ride time is approximately 2 minutes.

The Magic Loop

This is a long closed slide. The ride starts with a fall, and then comes the real loop. The slide is very extreme and quite scary.


Another slide for a group ride. There is a large "canyon" in the middle of the track and the slide ends with a similar "canyon" at the end.

Aqua Blu and Albatros are perfect for children

There are 17 children's areas equipped with 55 children's slides and 35 other attractions. There are two of the most interesting attractions for children from 6 years old.

The Small Tornado is a fun slide. Children ride in pairs on a double tubing. First there is a small slide, followed by a horizontally sloping funnel that leads to a pool.

According to our observations, this slide is the most interesting. But there is one problem. Kids don't always find pairs to ride. If you don't have a partner, go to the lifeguard downstairs. He/she is the one who takes care of the tubings and pairs for kids. DO NOT stand near the lifeguard at the top (at the start of the slide), he/she will not find you a pair.

The second attraction is a large children's area nearby. This area is stylized under the theme of the Aladdin fairy tale. There is a great set of slides for children of all ages.

The other children's areas are also interesting. There is a castle with splash cannons, animal figures with fountains and much more. There are a lot of lounge chairs in the children's area, which are always free. You can relax while your kids have fun.

Aqua Blu water park

It is located on the territory of the neighboring Aqua Blu hotel. After the entrance, go left to the end. After 600 meters (2,000 feet) there is the exit of the hotel Albatros, behind it is the road and the entrance to the Aqua Blu hotel.

You can use your wristband (you received it at the entrance) to pass through both checkpoints. Attention! The road is full-fledged. Watch out for children when crossing the road. It is also advised to have flip-flops, as there are nasty rocks on the road. During the summer months, the road gets very hot from the sun.

With a wristband (you received this wristband at the entrance) you can take free drinks in the bars of the Aqua Blu hotel.

Slides at Aqua Blu

There are 19 slides. All of them are good and interesting, but there are no extreme or unique slides there. Therefore, we will not describe it, but just publish a small gallery of photos, so you can get a visual idea.

There is a pool with artificial waves about in the center of the Aqua Blu. There is also a "lazy river" on which you have to ride in a rubber boat with oars.

Warning! Sun loungers in Aqua Blu are always busy. There's often nowhere to even leave your belongings. If you want to relax, it's easier to go to the neighboring Albatros, where the sun loungers are always free.

Important and useful to know

- Entry with your own food and drink is prohibited. Exceptions are made for baby food and baby drinks;

- Some slides have a technical break. This break usually lasts one hour;

- If you vacation in other resorts in Sinai (not Sharm) - Dahab, Nuweiba, or Taba, then going on your own will be expensive, difficult, and long. In this case, it is better to pay for an excursion;

- The slides are fun, but while fun, some tourists forget about the dangers of the sun. This is especially true in the summer months. Do not forget the risks of sunburn, which we told in detail in the reviews "What you should not do in Egypt" and "What to take on vacation in Egypt";

- If you are traveling with children, read our interesting review "To Egypt with children".

Have fun at Aqua Blu and Albatros water parks, and read our interesting and useful pages about Egypt for tourists (find the list of the pages below).


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