The Cairo Pass - what is it

Page update - Sep 3, 2023

What is the Cairo Pass? How is it useful for tourists? Where and how to buy it? And is it worth it at all? Read the answers on this page. Prices and other information on this page updated in September 2023.

What is the Cairo Pass?

It is a special combo-ticket for tourists in Cairo and Giza. The Cairo Pass includes admission to many (not all) of the city's attractions.

What sights are included and not?

The included list is long: Giza Pyramids, Cairo Egyptian Museum, Saqqara, Dahshur, Cairo Citadel and Mohammed Ali Mosque, Memphis (Mit Rahina), Museum of Islamic Art, Coptic Museum, and several others.

At first glance, the list is long. However, some significant places are not in it. For example, the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is not included. Now 22 mummies of pharaohs of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt are exhibited there. And the ticket is not cheap - 240 Egyptian pounds.

For the current exchange rates of the Egyptian pound, see our review "Money in Egypt".

In July 2021, there was news that the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization was discussing with the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism the possibility of inclusion in the Cairo Pass program. But it seems that these talks ended in nothing.

In addition, it is not yet clear whether the Grand Museum will be included when it will open in late 2023 (or maybe it will open in 2024). In addition, the program does not yet include the Al-Azhar Park, the Cairo Tower, and the Museum of Modern Art on Gezira Island. And these are all quite popular tourist destinations.

How much is the Cairo Pass?

Right now (September 2023) the price is 100 US dollars (or 90 Euros).

When the Cairo Pass came out in 2017, the price was 80 US dollars. Now it's gone up in price.

Where to buy the Cairo Pass?

At the office of the Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism of Egypt. The office is located in the Zamalek district (in the northern part of Gezira Island). The address is El-Malek El-Fadl, 2.

Also, the Ministry's website says that you can buy it at the ticket offices on the Giza Plateau, Cairo Museum, and the Cairo Citadel. However, we asked at the museum box office in October 2021 and were told that they do not sell the Cairo Pass. Mentally prepare to go to Zamalek.

You will need to show your passport or other photo ID when you purchase.

Does the Cairo Pass give a free public transport ride?

No, it doesn't.

And even if the Cairo Pass could be used in the subway, it would be of little use. All significant attractions in Cairo are far from the subway stations. You have to take a cab everywhere.

However, cabs are cheap in Egypt. See the current fares in our detailed review "Taxis in Egypt". For the subway map and fares, see the review "Cairo Metro".

What is the expiration date?

5 days.

How much can you save?

Let's do the math!

Let's take the program for 5 days:

Day 1: Giza Pyramids, including a hike inside Khufu (Cheops) pyramid and Khafre (Chephren) pyramid. The price is 360+600+150=1,110 Egyptian pounds.

Day 2: Cairo Citadel + Mosque of Muhammad Ali. The price is 300 pounds.

Day 3: Dahshur + Saqqara, including the Imhotep Museum and Djoser's Pyramid. The price is 100+300+150=550 pounds.

Day 4: Cairo Egyptian Museum. The price is 300 pounds.

Day 5: Museum of Islamic Art + Coptic Museum. The price is 50+40=90 pounds.

Total: 2,350 Egyptian pounds.

The Cairo Pass price: 3,090 Egyptian pounds (that's 100 US dollars for September 2023).


You can hardly save money with the Cairo Pass. To benefit from it, you have to run around Cairo's museums like a madman. And not all museums, but only the ones on the list. Is that what you want?

And on top of that, you have to go to Zamalek to get the Cairo Pass. And that costs time and money for a cab. Do you need that?

In general, the Cairo Pass is useless to the average tourist.

And how can you really save money in Cairo?

There are many ways.

First, do not overpay for a cab. After all, tourists in Cairo have to go everywhere only by cab. Always demand to pay only on the meter. Know the fares, and keep track of the route, so that the cab driver does not take a detour. Read about all this in our review "Taxis in Egypt".

Second, eat right based on your preferences and don't overpay. To plan the right type of meal, read our review "How much money to take to Egypt".

Third, do not overpay for souvenirs. See the current prices for popular souvenirs and gifts in our review "What to bring from Egypt".

Fourth, don't overpay for calls and the Internet. Read our detailed review "Cheap Internet in Egypt".

Fifth, take everything you need with you, so that you don't have to buy something on the spot during the vacation. Read our review "What to take with you to Egypt".

Have a good sightseeing in Cairo, and read our interesting and useful pages about Egypt (see the list of the pages below).


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