Map of Vienna Metro (2020)

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Map of Vienna Metro

Metro (U-Bahn) in Vienna is the best way for tourists to reach attractions or train/bus stations. Vienna Metro consists of 52 miles (83 kilometers) in five lines: U1 (red), U2 (violet), U3 (yellow), U4 (green), U6 (brown). All the lines are shown on our map.

We will give few translations for the tourists who don`t know the basics of german language. The letter like large B is spoken as double s. Letter o with two points at the top is spoken as yo. Platz is square, strasse and gasse mean street.

Payment system for riding Vienna metro is simple. You need to buy and validate a ticket entering the metro station. After you can ride to any station with the ticket. And you also can change to a bus or a tram with the ticket. The main thing - do not forget to validate your ticket. © 2020-2024